Grey’s Anatomy Review: Is This Medical Drama Worth A Watch?

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This American TV series is all about the ongoings that happen in a hospital. Grey’s Anatomy has been going on since 2005 and is still being produced! Currently, the series has launched its 19th season, and fans are eager to know if this is the last or if there are more juicy infirmary incidents yet to come.

The entire show was based on a book written by Henry Gray called Gray’s Anatomy. There are many revised editions to the original book, but the first published version was in London in 1858 and has been deemed as the “doctor’s bible.”

The show has been rated 14+. There are some mild inappropriate references throughout the show, and most scenes are cut off before it gets explicit, but the parents are asked to revise the episode before letting the kids watch. There are lots of blood and gory images, which may scare the younger ones. Also, some profanities are used for a while.

Grey's Anatomy
Grey’s Anatomy- Credits: Hulu

Ellen Pompeo plays Meredith Grey, the main character of the show. You would not expect it, but a lot of love can happen at unexpected places like the medical-smelling halls of Seattle Grace Hospital! 

Grey’s Anatomy has a total of 409 episodes and is currently on season 19. The show has won 85 awards, the Primetime Emmy, AFI Awards, BMI film awards, and many more, and has also been nominated for 244 awards.

Grey’s Anatomy Review

The main characters + love interests are Meredith and Derek. Derek had actually left New York City as he caught his wife, Addison, cheating on him with another man. Meredith and Derek fall in love, but unfortunately, to their dismay, Addison makes a reappearance. Derek decides to go back to Addison, even though he still has feelings for Meredith, as he wants to try to revive his 11-year marriage.

In season 2, Denny Duquette, who is a long-term patient of Dr. Burke’s and has been waiting for a heart transplant, also the love interest of Izzie, dies tragically after proposing to her an hour before. This most certainly brought tears to our lovely audience.

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More tragic deaths happen in season 3. Meredith’s mother dies, and this has scared her for life, and George’s father dies, and he goes into a self-depressing spiral, which sucks. Also, Derek and Meredith break up, and Derek starts to date a pretty little nurse named Rose.

There is also a lot of drama present. Derek ruins his relationship with Meredith when he takes all the credit for a very risky and worthwhile operation, and it further deteriorates as Derek overthinks and states that he has killed more people than saved them and has been a poor example of a medical worker.

In the season 5 finale, George gets killed as he steps before a bus. The deaths keep on coming. But thank god Izzie survives her brain tumor and gets married to Alex! Yay! Also, Seattle Grace gets together with Mercy West. And Season 6 just brought more scary close-calls to death when the husband of a now-dead wife gets mad and starts shooting.

greys anatomy
Grey’s Anatomy

And things go downhill when season 8 ends with a charter plane crash. My god, could there be any more accidents in one show?! This time Lexie dies, and the others are deeply injured. They sue the hospital, causing it to go bankrupt, then they buy it. Was that their plan all along??? But the good news is Meredith and Derek are back together!

We have an eloping couple in season 9. Jackson profusely professes his love at April’s WEDDING, and they run off together and get hitched. Is that all? NOPE. April get’s pregnant! When everything goes well, something has to go wrong. Jackson and April discover that their baby has a fatal disease and a very low chance of survival.

When the child is brought into the world, their son Samuel dies within minutes, leaving them scarred and broken. In season 11, Derek dies. He gets hit by a truck, and his life is ended abruptly. Meredith goes missing for a year in season 12 and returns carrying a baby in her womb. April and Jackson get divorced, and that’s when April discovers that she is pregnant.

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She delivers her baby to Meredith’s kitchen table while Ben helps her out. Then all of Harper Avery’s wrongdoings come to light. Turns out she was a wolf in sheep’s clothing after all. He turns out to be a very disgusting sexual abuser and has had 37 reported cases of sexual harassment and misconduct buried and hidden, all because of his money.

This makes Meredith disgusted at even receiving the award and returning both her and her mother’s awards. Then comes episode 19 of season 15, which you may have seen in various rape and sexual abuse, overcoming videos, shorts, or reels.

Jo finds that she was actually the result of a rape, and while processing this information, she has to treat a sexually abused patient, which takes a toll on her mental health. She decides the only proper solution is to seek help, so she takes leave and goes to get some proper help.

grey's anatomy
Rape Victim Emotional Scene In Grey’s Anatomy

Meredith tries to help a patient and commits insurance fraud, but Deluca is sent to jail as he heroically takes the blame. Bailey finds out that Meredith, Webber, and Alex also played a part in this and fires all of them.

After being fired, Alex and Richard decide to pair up and take revenge by working at Pac-North hospital, but to both their dismays, Catherine buys the hospital and shuts it down, hence forcing them to go back to Grey Sloan.

The pandemic did nothing to dampen the shows. Instead, it just brought more concepts to bring into play! Meredith gets COVID-19 and struggles to overcome it, but she finally does, and she still has lingering side effects.

Deluca sees child trafficking and tries to tell everyone about it but ends up a blabbering and sobbing mess, and thus no one believes him. He then recovers and begins to repursue the case and gets stabbed, and dies.

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By the start of season 18, Miranda Bailey has had enough of all the drama and also lost hope as many of the residents, doctors, and nurses had quit or left, so she hands the responsibilities of Chief to Meredith! And now season 19 is on board and is successfully going on. The viewers have also gotten info that season 20 will also be expected!

Our Verdict

The show may seem a little bland or just ‘meh,’ but when you start watching it, it can be pretty addictive, to be honest. You may even shock yourself! Grey’s Anatomy is 18 years old now and is the longest going medical-drama show that has been produced.

That’s when everything seems to go a little bit dull and repetitive. There are loads of deaths and twists and turns for sure, but most of them just seem to be repeated but with a few minor tweaks.

The series seems to keep going and going, and suddenly it seems as though all the loose ends are tied, and the show has come to a conclusion, but actually, that’s when something goes really downhill, or someone dies or gets murdered or sometime equally tragic happens.

Then the next few episodes following seems to try to solve all the mishaps and bring a common ground or solution to the problems that have been faced. This just seems to go on and on, episode after episode.

Season 1-10 was the only season that had actually captivated us and made us watch the episodes intrigued and eager, but now as the seasons progress that the only thing that is gonna happen is someone dies, leaves, or falls in love.

Our Rating: ⭐ (3.7/5).

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