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Seversin Episode 15: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Seversin Episode 15 is about to fall! How badly are you excited? For the ones who aren’t aware, Seversin is a Turkish romantic comedy series, directed by Serdar Gözelekli. Talking about its plot, it focuses on Tolga and Asya. Tola is a young actor who is quite successful yet unsatisfied. On the other hand, Asya works as a clerk in a mall and aspires to study at a university. When they cross each other’s paths, the duo embark on a life journey as Prince & Pauper.

The series made its debut with Episode 1 on 1 June 2022. Each of the episodes has been very much intriguing, making the viewers impatient about the fall of the next ones. Now, it’s time for Seversin Episode 15. Let’s dig in for the details.

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Seversin Episode 15: Release Date

When will Seversin Episode 15 released? It is set to premiere on 7 September 2022 at 8:00 p.m. Yes, it’s today itself! 

Seversin Episode 15

A scene from Seversin Episode 15

Seversin Episode 15: Preview

Tolga and Asya fall into trouble. The former one loses his job one by one and Asya on the other hand gets distant. This is the time when both needed each other. Eventually, Tolga gets depressed. The rift between the two of them, anyway makes some people around them happy. At this time, the secret that Asya has been hiding for quite a long time gets revealed and catches everyone’s attention. She is unaware of how risky things will be while trying to make her false partner happy. 

Following the previous episodes, Seversin Episode 15  is believed to be very much intriguing too. 

Seversin Episode 15

Seversin Episode 15 Preview

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Seversin Episode 15: Streaming Guide

Worrying about where to watch Seversin Episode 15? There is nothing to be tensed about. You can watch Seversin Episode 15 on its official network, Kanal D. However, not everyone, especially the ones outside Turkey, has the access to this channel. What can they do? For this, you have to wait for this Turkish drama to get aired on any OTT platforms. We aren’t sure if it’s already streaming on any. We will update it real soon. Without wasting further time, go and watch Seversin Episode 15. Happy Streaming! 

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