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15 Musical Chinese Drama To Watch Right Now

15 Musical Chinese Drama To Watch Right Now
15 Musical Chinese Drama To Watch Right Now

Here are 15 Musical Chinese Drama To Watch Right Now. These Chinese plays would be helpful if you like to learn about other cultures through entertainment. The new Chinese dramas will provide you with a slice of life type of experience of contemporary Chinese daily life while also educating you about Chinese culture, its history, stories, and myths.

You can even gain some fundamental Chinese language skills while studying Chinese culture, which may even motivate you to visit China and fully immerse yourself in the local way of life.

Do you enjoy musical dramas? Some of these series are available in China and are ideal for you. Some fantastic musical tales will make you sing. We know that the appeal of dramas has drawn an increasing number of viewers. To view these programs on Asian TV. There are excellent series produced in Korea and Japan, and China that have won over viewers.

This time, we’ll focus more on Chinese plays, which contain a variety of stories that the rest of the world finds to be quite fascinating. Well, China has started airing all different kinds of series, in all different genres, with incredibly interesting stories and people. Perhaps you’ve previously watched a few Chinese television programs.

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The best part is that there are C-Dramas of every genre, including the beloved romance classics we all love, BL tales, historical dramas, and even some science fiction with captivating tales for every fan. However, for now, we wish to suggest a few musical Chinese dramas.

Do you desire to watch these musical C-Dramas, given that they offer wonderful melodies that we genuinely love? Then continue reading our suggestions. So Let’s see 15 Musical Chinese Drama To Watch Right Now.

1. Where The Lost Ones Go

The story of a young art student’s first love, which led to a lifetime of enduring love, is told in Where the Lost Ones Go. Ye Zi, who was majoring in oil painting, and Xiang Ze Yi, who was majoring in Chinese art, met each other at college and fell in love.

Ye Zi was devastated when Xiang Ze Yi abruptly went without saying anything. Ye Zi rose to fame as a manga artist in subsequent years. Xiang Ze Yi returned with a confession of what happened and the reason he had to leave in the hopes of reuniting with his girlfriend. How will Ye Zi arrive at a decision?

This is a melodrama, a love story between a freshman and a sophomore, and how their story develops when they are both adults, as you may have inferred from the synopsis above. If you have a soft heart, you may need to get your tissue and your heart ready since this is a melodrama. It follows a typical general melodrama plot: first meeting, in love, in a relationship, break up, years pass, and reunion.

Where The Lost Ones Go

Where The Lost Ones Go

2. Last Friend

In Last Friends, problems affecting the current generation are addressed. Michiru’s mother has taken a man back to their house, and the assistant at the beauty parlor where she works is mistreated there. She begins living with her boyfriend, a decent young guy who works for the Child Welfare Division and is the only one who can provide her with emotional support, but she becomes the victim of domestic abuse and develops a fear of romantic relationships as a result.

Ruka, a boyishly endearing student, was a junior high school classmate of Michiru’s. She has excelled as a motocross racer since high school and wants to win the national title. But as the narrative goes on, it becomes clear that she is deeply concerned about not being able to confide in her parents or any of her close friends.

Takeru knows Ruka as a hair and cosmetics artist. His warmth and insight make him an excellent confidant for women. Despite having a hatred of sex as a result of a prior experience, he finds himself attracted to Ruka. The three of them move in together as housemates, and through their relationships with other people, they begin to develop the ability to be optimistic about life.

Last Friend

Last Friend

3. Love Scenery

The new Chinese drama centers on Liang Chen, a stunning and well-liked singer who succeeds on stage but is a poor online player who needs to improve to better serve as a model for a gaming company. Enter Lu Jing, a charming and intelligent university student who enjoys playing video games. He unintentionally runs with his favorite musician online and has to deal with her intolerable gaming prowess. You have to discover how their paths will collide and how their trip will proceed. The journey will be enjoyable!

The fans were instantly hooked once the first few episodes were aired! Why not, then? It has just enough intrigue-arousing plot, and the romance and comedy are a *chef’s kiss*, making it difficult to limit oneself to just one or two episodes. Individually, Lin Yi and Xu Lu are both attractive, but when they are together? It’s fun to watch them!

Liang Chen is committed to providing listeners with high-quality musical works representing the idea of being kind, sincere, and faultless. Lu Jing adores big data analysis and technology. Because of his extensive knowledge of difficult human behavior and psychology and his strong specialization in literacy, he is widely respected in the academic community.

Love Scenery

Love Scenery

4. The Oath Of Love

Young cellist Lin Zhi Xiao is set to receive her degree from the university. She strives to get over her youthful flatteries and wants to pursue a profession as a cellist. But after learning that her father had cancer, she puts everything on hold to spend time at the hospital taking care of him. His surgical doctor is Gu Wei. Although there are occasional flashes of his loving heart, he is exceedingly somber and almost chilly. As Zhi Xiao’s father receives treatment, she and Dr. Gu get close. She teaches him how to appreciate life, and he assists her in focusing on her true priorities.

Young cellist Lin Zhi Xiao, a junior in the university’s music program, is motivated to follow her aspirations. When her father is hospitalized and given a cancer diagnosis, her world comes to a grinding halt, and she and her mother must deal with numerous uncertainty.

Gu Wei, the medical professional in charge of her father’s care who has also been going through a difficult time, first enters her life in a very unpleasant and unanticipated way. But as they become acquainted, they start to come to an understanding. They begin to get closer to one another as time goes on. But will love follow, and will they finally be able to find the happiness they both so desperately need?

The Oath Of Love

The Oath Of Love

5. The Brightest Star In The Sky

Yang Zhen Zhen (Wu Qian), a young woman who enjoys music, is hired by Star Entertainment, one of China’s premier talent agencies, for what she believes to be her dream position. Her first job, however, as the personal assistant of Zheng Bo Xu (Huang Zi Tao), a hugely successful but extremely demanding Chinese music artist who once auditioned with her, presents an even greater challenge.

Zheng Bo Xu frequently scolds Star Entertainment employees and disparages his helpers in front of the public. But in the end, he is won over by Yang Zhen Zhen’s abilities and charisma. After some time, the two develop a strong bond; she helps the pop singer smooth out some of his rough edges, and Yang Zhen Zhen can develop into a skilled manager thanks to her work with Zheng Bo Xu.

The two also start to feel things for one another along the road. But when the agency’s co-owner supports an aspiring young singer named Yu Zi Rui, things get challenging for both parties (Niu Jun Feng). This emerging talent has the potential to surpass Zheng Bo Xu and become Star Entertainment’s next great thing.

Things get especially uncomfortable for everyone concerned when a dangerous international crime gang crosses contact with the teenage musicians and manager. Who will emerge as the Chinese music industry’s biggest star? Will Yang Zhen Zhen become the next Zheng Bo Xu? Will they be able to avoid the clutches of the evil crime lords? Teng Zhen Zi is the producer of the 2019 Chinese drama series “The Brightest Star in the Sky.”

The Brightest Star in the Sky

The Brightest Star in the Sky

6. I Hear You

Bei Er Duo, a young girl with ordinary hopes of becoming a professional voice actor, is introduced to us in “I Hear You.” But for her to settle down with a wealthy man, her unyielding mother makes her go on numerous blind dates. But Duo is steadfast, and she does not complain or stress despite her financial difficulties. Instead, she participates in a dating reality show to raise money for her international studies. Here she meets the cold, austere, and enigmatic genius violin maker Ye Shu Wei. Because he lost a wager to his nephew Yu Sheng, he is forced to appear on the program.

They end up living together after a chance encounter, which quickly develops into a great, loving relationship.

The best on-screen chemistry in “I Hear You” demonstrates how these two have a good influence on one another’s life. Shu Wei Yet, for instance, is initially inflexible. But when Duo introduces him to fresh viewpoints, he is eager to pick things up and adopt new opinions. For the first time in his life, he becomes aware that his emotions might be affected by another person’s feelings. He still manages to deal with his growing emotions in a responsible and adult manner, though. Duo, on the other hand, is a well-written character as well. She immediately instills a new breath of air with her consistently upbeat disposition.

Each episode of the show shows their unique dreams and nuanced personalities in a naturally paced and thoughtful manner. A very tasty and delightful presentation, we must say!

I Hear You

I Hear You

7. First Romance

Yan Ke and Xiong Yi Fan were classmates in school many years ago. But when she was younger, she was unaware that Yan Ke, who kept his crush a secret and loved her from a distance, was a hidden admirer of hers. Now that Yan Ke is in college and one of the most well-liked kids in school, things are quite different for both of them.

He has developed into a promising young pianist in addition to being dashing, sensitive, popular with female students, and invariably charming. However, he secretly feels unfulfilled and without a sense of direction.

When a strange series of events brings him back into contact with Xiong Yi Fan, she too experiences love at first sight. Will they still be unable to find love? Or perhaps this pair will be reunited by Cupid?

First Romance

First Romance

8. Symphony’s Romance

The entire globe was at the feet of the gifted musician Li Zhen Yan. Zhen Yan should not have been hesitant to venture into a larger world when offers to study abroad under some of the greatest musical geniuses of the contemporary era began to stream in. But his previous haunts won’t let him leave. Zhen Yan, who experienced tremendous childhood trauma, is stranded in a demonic realm with no way out. At least until he meets Fang Xiao Wo.

Xiao Wo is an incredibly talented pianist, even more so than Zhen Yan, but she isn’t exactly liked by people around her due to her strange conduct and eccentric attitude. Zhen Yan can’t help but be a little intrigued by Xiao Wo even though she is such an oddball, especially given the fact that they both have an unshakeable love for music.

After some time, the two start to spend more time together, and Zhen Yan gradually gains the courage to keep following his own goals. The scars from Zhen Yan’s past start to close up with Xiao Wo by his side, allowing him to dream as he’s never imagined before. Zhen Yan and Xiao Wo bravely forge forth into a promising new future together now that he is finally free from the demons of his past.

Symphony's Romance

Symphony’s Romance

9. The Big Band

An original music variety show called “The Big Band” is produced by iQiyi and Miwei Media in collaboration with Wu Qingfeng, Ouyang Nana, Zhang Yadong, Gao Xiaosong, Qiao Shan, Ma Dong, Pu Shu, Da Zhangwei, and Zhou Xun Wait as a super fan.
31 prominent and famous Chinese youth bands, such as Mirror, Sorrow, New Pants, Tour Group, Lu Xiansen, etc., are included in “The Big Band.” Through the creation of various themed units’ content and musical performances, they showcase the band. Original music’s appeal and inventiveness compete for the HOT 5 band spot. There is 31 bands total, including both seasoned bands who have been around for more than 20 years and up-and-coming fresh bands formed in 1995.

On the show, they discuss a variety of musical genres, such as punk, metal, funk, folk, reggae, rock, electronic, etc. One by one, they are shown here. In the show, visitors assume the role of super fans. Like other music fans, they watch the performance with the audience, interact with the band, and learn about the band’s culture from the audience. However, they are neither instructors nor competition leaders.

The Big Band

The Big Band

10. Childhood Sweethearts Pianist

Yang Chu Mo, a confident and outgoing young woman, had tremendous luck in getting accepted into Xingchen Music College, a prestigious institution of higher learning. She also ran upon Mu Liu Nian, a well-known student, at that location. He is the young guy next door who she had been pursuing as a child, she realized. She was so ecstatic after that that she played piano music to remind him of it. Mu Liu Nian thought it was too awful to listen to, nevertheless. The piano talents of Yang Chu Mo were quite poor. But Mu Liu Nian had such high musical standards. It is such a pain to get along with each other.

Yang Chu Mo, who placed last in the class, wanted to be Mu Liu Nian, the piano prodigy, to win the 10,000 yuan first prize in the school piano competition. She received an unexpected rejection. Yang Chu Mo decided to convey her feelings through piano playing to win her childhood sweetheart’s heart again.

Childhood Sweethearts Pianist

Childhood Sweethearts Pianist

11. Accidentally in Love 

A young, well-known singer named Si Tu Feng (Guo Fiction) returns to school and discovers that he is the center of attention. He is pursued and followed everywhere he goes by his classmates, admirers, and the media.

Chen Qing Qing, a fairly unremarkable female, is his seatmate (Sun Yi Ning). But nothing is exactly what it seems. Chen Qing Qing is two people. Si Tu Feng, meantime, quickly discovers to his shock and dismay that education is far harder than he had ever expected.

The series promises to be an unpredictable, crazy, joyous, and emotional ride! The performances of the actors are also nothing short of amazing. Guo Fiction and Sun Yi Ning play the series’ two main characters, Si Tu Feng and Chen Qing Qing, respectively.

Zhao Yi Qin, Cheng Mu Xuan, Ma Li, and Zhao Mo are additional cast members that have significant parts in the series. There is never a dull moment for viewers because of the ensemble members’ youthful sincerity and ability to dominate the screen with their vibrancy, passion, and vitality.

Accidentally in Love

Accidentally in Love

12. A Little Reunion

Tuesday saw the airing of the final episode of a Chinese drama that has generated a lot of conversation on current societal issues since it aired just over a month ago.

The film “A Little Reunion” follows three Beijing high school students as they and their families get ready for the gaokao, China’s infamously challenging and crucial college entrance exams. In China, the gaokao is frequently a family affair, with parents going to great, and occasionally ludicrous, efforts to make sure their kids are well-prepared to succeed on the exams and land sought-after slots at elite colleges.

Three high school seniors and their families are followed as they navigate the highs and lows of their lives as they get ready for this exam, which they believe will determine the direction of the remaining years of their lives.

A Little Reunion

A Little Reunion

13. Le Coup deFoudre

Even though Zhao Qiao Yi (Wu Qian) and Yan Mo (Zhang Yu Jian) were classmates in high school, their only shared experience was a desk. These two could not have been more dissimilar—one excelling in school while the other was failing miserably—yet it didn’t take long for a close relationship to develop between them.

This unusual pair seemed to have the world ahead of them as they make plans to study abroad together after high school. However, when a sudden family emergency compels Qiao Yi to cancel their plans, the two start to drift apart and eventually stop speaking.

The long-lost pals are reunited four years later, and the old flames are swiftly reignited. Qiao Yi moves to the city after deciding to finally admit she has feelings for Yan Mo. She is determined to continue their relationship where they left off all those years ago, but since Yan Mo is already in a relationship, Qiao Yi’s love seems destined to fail. Is it true, though?

Yan Mo hasn’t forgotten his old friend or his affection for her, which Qiao Yi is unaware of. Yan Mo decides to conceal both his acts and his feelings because he is unable to articulate them. He works tirelessly to care for his high school friend while always remaining in the background, but how long can he maintain this until she knows the truth?

Le Coup deFoudre

Le Coup deFoudre

14. Love is Sweet 

Jiang Jun is an intelligent woman with a dual degree in psychology and economics. Her liberal upbringing by her parents shaped her into a strong, independent, and romantic woman. She starts working for a non-profit organization after graduating from college to pursue her dream of assisting people. But the sudden death of her father puts her at a critical turning point in her life. To learn the cause of her father’s death, she decides to join MH, a reputable investing firm. Jiang

Jun reconnects with Yuan Shuai, a childhood friend from whom she had been estranged for ten years as a result of an unhappy circumstance. He works to prevent her from going into MH. She has a strong affection for people yet is allergic to tears.

With Du Lei and Lin Taimo’s assistance, she eventually succeeds in getting a job at MH as an intern and gradually begins to change the opinions of her coworkers who had been hostile toward her. It is made known that Yuan Shuai had a crush on Jiang Jun for many years before Jiang Jun finally acknowledged his feelings and the two began dating.

After accepting their relationship and moving on, Qiao Na, who had a crush on Yuan Shuai, was pursued by the son of GE’s chairman. In addition, Jiang Jun’s best buddy Xu Li and Yuan Shuai’s cousin Li Xiaochuan fall in love. It is clear that Du Lei had feelings for Jiang Jun and tried to approach her but was turned down.

Love is Sweet

Love is Sweet

15. Put Your Head on My Shoulder 

Starring Xing Fei, Lin Yi, and Tang Xiaotian, the Chinese television series Put Your Head on My Shoulder. The drama, which had a six-episode head start for VIP members, was broadcast on Tencent Video from April 10 until May 16, 2019, and it is based on the same-titled novel by Zhao Qianqian. In 2021, the same name was given to a Thai remake of the series starring Thitipoom Tachaapaikun and Nilawan Iamchuasawad.

As the graduation date approaches, Si Tu Mo, an accounting student who hopes to work in advertising, is unsure of her future goals. Although Si Tu Mo likes her childhood pal Fu Pei, she is frequently let down by his impulsivity and instability. Si Tu Mo, on the other hand, experiments constantly but is unable to come to her conclusions.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

When she first meets Gu Wei Yi, a physics student, her routine is abruptly disrupted. She is coerced by her mother to leave the hostel and move into Gu Wei Yi’s mother’s apartment, which is ironic. Unbeknownst to them both, their mothers were classmates who arranged for them to meet because they thought their two kids would get along. The matched couple starts to fall in love before they even realize it.

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