Who Does Olivia Pope End Up With At The Season Finale?

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Who Does Olivia Pope End Up With At The Season Finale?
Olivia Pope

As its season concluded, the Scandal television series created quite a stir. It was as mysterious as the show could manage. However, there is only one query we can put to you if you are unfamiliar with the scandal series. Why did you not watch it yet? But if you are an avid fan, feel at ease as we get into the juicy details. 

It is a magnificent series that provides you with insight into both internal critical situations that take place behind closed doors and life in the White House. It raises concerns about the power and endurance of love as well as how far someone will go to be with the person they care about. This series is fantastic and will undoubtedly alter your worldview in many ways. Give it a chance to see how well-directed it is, then, please.

It discussed several problems that still exist in our world, including racism, hemophilia, interracial relationships, and more. More importantly, it showed that some people are forced to do awful things rather than being innately evil. They did such an amazing job with this concept and took care to avoid any plot gaps.

The plot of Olivia and her love affair with another prominent character, however, captured viewers’ interest even more than the narrative. The president has been the focus of the series from the start, but will Olivia still love him at the end? Or has she given her heart to someone else? As the season comes to an end, let’s delve into the specifics to learn who her love is.

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Who Is Olivia In The Scandal Series?

The star of this series is Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope, a character who is loosely based on the late George H. W. She was a communications director at the White House. However, she left the position and started her own consulting business, Olivia Pope & Associates. Washington’s top fixer is Olivia Pope. A name she initially acquired from Fitz, an underdog presidential contender who was elected.

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Who Does Olivia Pope End Up With At The Season Finale?
Olivia And Fitz

She soon takes on the greatest controversies of the day while attempting to keep her role as one of the major characters at the center of these scandals hidden. When Olivia learns that her closest friends have planned a persistent intervention, she decides to support the president in this endeavor.

Although Olivia finally prevailed in defending the Republic from the dishonest Cyrus, her narrative was unresolved. Although she constantly excels in her position, some viewers have become disappointed with her decisions since they feel that her desire to act morally is sometimes overridden by her personal interests.

The National Portrait Gallery is generally home to photographs of presidents and their first ladies, but the concluding scenes of the series finale showed two young women from the far future gazing in amazement at Olivia’s painting there. Does this imply that Olivia will marry Fitz or that Olivia will take over as president? Will we know what actually took place?

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Who Does Olivia Pope End Up With?

As you would have guessed from the information above, it is indeed Fitz. We knew that not everyone would survive at the conclusion of the series, including Rosen, but Fitz and Olivia were the real love finale all along. Scandal rushed ahead after the completion of the B613 trial, and Rhimes, the director, cautioned that the finale would leave this romance and a few other stories open for viewers to interpret on their own.

Who Does Olivia Pope End Up With At The Season Finale?
Olivia And Fitz

But, as we said earlier, the picture shoot scenario may serve as confirmation that Olivia will indeed be appointed Fitz’s first lady. No matter how unpredictable Rhimes made the tale, we always knew who she was going to wind up with, much like in romantic comedies from the 1990s. Fitz would undoubtedly be her lover no matter what.

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The viewers, though, are still left wondering whether Olivia and Fitz had a nice outcome and a lifetime of jam-making amid Vermont’s green pastures. The former president still has his base, and Olivia, his true love, is undoubtedly on his way to a happy future together.

However, Rhimes seems to be illustrating through Olivia that women may be content without a man. Despite the distant potential that they won’t end up together, they are still a sailing ship for the time being.

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