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10 Reasons Why Haikyuu Is The Best Sports Anime

10 Reasons Why Haikyuu Is The Best Sports Anime Cr: OtakuKart

Last Updated on March 25, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Have you ever started playing a sport after watching a sports anime? If yes, then Haikyuu has to be one of the sports anime that made you want to play the game. Who would have thought a sport like volleyball involves this much emotion in it? None of us could have imagined the pressure the players go through during the game if Haikyuu did not show us. None of us could have understood the feelings of each player if Haikyuu did not make us feel that way. Who would have imagined that a game of volleyball would affect our lives this much? Haikyuu is not just a volleyball anime to us. It has become the ‘Rolling Thunder’ of our lives. Haikyuu lifts us when we are down.

It has that much impact on our lives. Whatever we all are going through in our lives, the kind of motivation we all need is all in Haikyuu. Those who are new must be thinking, “Is Haikyuu that great?” Well, here is why you should watch Haikyuu without any delay. Here are the ten reasons why Haikyuu is the best sports anime.

1. The Story Line Of Haikyuu

Does someone need a reason to start playing any kind of sports? You just watch a game, fall in love with it, and then you just want to be a part of that amazing sport. This is exactly what happened in Haikyuu. Hinata Shouyou, an ordinary short kid, was one day passing by. He happened to watch the little giant play and fell in love with the game instantly. What he saw in that game was magic. When someone looks at a short kid, no one even imagines him to be a part of any sports team. But what Hinata saw the little giant do in that game made him realize that he can be extraordinary too. From that moment onwards, Hinata was not an ordinary kid anymore.

Even though he was short, he worked his way to the same team the little giant used to play in. In this anime, there is no enemy. Everyone is either a friend that lifts you or a rival who will help you improve.


Karasuno High

2. The Kind Of Friendship We All Wish To Have

Don’t we all need friends who genuinely care about us, support us, and be there for us? The kind of friends who feel more like a family. Haikyuu gives us that friendship. Daichi Sawamura, the captain of the Karasuno High volleyball team, is like the father of the team who is strict when the situation requires him to be. But he will do anything to be there for his team. If Daichi is the father of the team, then Koshi Sugawara is the mother of the team. The way he cares and supports his team gives us the mother vibes. Ryunosuke Tanaka and Yu Nishinoya are like one unit. Their craziness feels like they both share the same brain cells. Kei Tsukishima and Tadashi Yamaguchi are like the salt and sugar of the team. Asahi Azumane is the childish grandfather of the team. Tobio Kageyama and Hinata Shouyou are the strong links that keep the family together.

This team is the squad goal of every otaku group. Whether they are in-game or outside, the support they have for each other makes us want to be part of their team more and more.


The Karasuno Bond

3. A Story To Connect With

It does not matter if you are a part of a sports team or not. No matter which field of work you are in, you can always relate your life to these Karasuno boys. At some point in life, haven’t you all gone the extra mile for what you want? Gave your best because you did not want to lose that thing or certain someone you hold dear? When you face failure, haven’t you felt the excruciating pain inside you? Feelings can’t be seen but felt, right? But we have seen and felt all these feelings in Haikyuu. Whenever our Karasuno boys win their games, we all jump with joy. And whenever they cried, we cried with them. Is not this what we call relatable?


Team Karasuno High

4. Haikyuu Humour Never Fails To Make Us Laugh

In this black and white reality, Haikyuu humor adds color to our lives. This series is not only known for its strong bond between the team but also the jokes they crack. The dumb and funny facial expressions make their jokes even funnier. The dramatic crying on dumb reasons cracks us up. Where there are jokes and humor among a team, it shows a strong bond. If there is no fun among a team, it results in poor teamwork. And the way we saw Karasuno go all the way up proves how good their teamwork must be.

Funny Moments

Karasuno Funny Moments

5. Character Development

We have seen these boys grow throughout the entire series. When they realize their flaws and mistakes and the way they overcome them, it helps us overcome our shortcomings. In the beginning, whenever an opponent team would appear, such as Nekoma High, Aoba Johsai High, Date Tech High, the opponent member would seem like an enemy. But throughout the game, it turns out to be that they feel their opponents be worthy rivals. That’s why they behave the way they do. Watching them grow like that helps us grow in real life too. The way they become friends from being rivals helps us see others with a different point of view.


Karasuno Character Development

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6. Haikyuu Visualizes The Unnoticed Feelings Of A Live Game

We all have seen a real volleyball match. But we never understood what the players on the field were feeling and how they were communicating without words. We got to understand that all because of Haikyuu. They showed us the pressure each player feels during the game. They showed us what passion and dedication are through the thoughts each player has during the game. When we get to see what each player is thinking, it makes us want to change ourselves for the better. It connects us to each and every player. By the end of the game, there is no favorite team.


The Unnoticed Feelings

7. There Are No Enemies In The Game, Only Rivals

Whenever there is a competition in real life, we start looking at our opponents as enemies. But Haikyuu gave us a different point of view. It helped us look at our opponents as rivals who helped us improve our skills and become better versions of ourselves. We have seen the Karasuno boys make friends out of the opponents. We have seen these boys train together with the opponents and share funny moments. Everyone has seen the opponents help these boys improve their game. Did you forget how everyone danced when they came to know that we would be having a barbeque party? We sure had not forgotten when Kuro and Bokuto helped Tsukishima realize what it feels like to love this amazing game.


Rivals Having A Friendly Moment

8. Inspiration To Get Us Moving

There were times when we all were not motivated enough to do anything. Even if we realize that we need to do something but still can’t. Haikyuu gives us the inspiration to get up and be productive. Watching the Karasuno Boys handle their failures by working even harder gives us the inspiration to never give up. Life has ups and downs, and Haikyuu taught us how to handle our downs. It got us motivated when Hinata said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.


Failure Helps To Grow

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9. Amazing Animation Got Us Hooked

What makes an anime even more engaging is the animation. And the way Haikyuu is animated is no doubt one of the best animations ever. We could see every little detail, such as when a server serves the ball, we could see the vibration when the ball is hit. We could feel the power server put on that ball. Any sudden movement, when shown in slow motion, we could see what we all have been missing in a live game. The animators did a great job working on these minute details. Every single detail got us stuck to our chairs and beds throughout the entire series.


Karasuno Vs Shiratorizawa

10. The Perfect Background Music And OST Gave Us Chills And Thrills

Music is supposed to be listened to. But what if we say Haikyuu can help you visualize through music? When music is added to any action, it makes it even more interesting. The perfect music selection and the OSTs made us feel the situations these boys were in.

Haikyuu Music

Fly High

None of us deny how much we enjoyed it when we first heard Fly High by Burnout Syndromes and Imagination by SPYAIR. Haikyuu also has soundtracks composed by Yuki Hayashi and Tachibana Asami that got us dumbstruck.

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