Alaska Daily Episode 9: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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Alaska Daily Episode 9
Alaska Daily Episode 9 Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

Alaska Daily Episode 9’s release date is here. We will recap the last episode before moving on with the recap of the last episode before we get into Alaska Daily Episode 9’s release date and streaming guide. Except for Gabriel and Eileen, every employee of The Daily Alaskan is returning to work.

Eileen enters the room when Claire, Yuna, and Austin are conversing, sounding just as calm and arrogant as usual. She is in therapy, but neither her actions nor her face show signs of it. She is asked to continue her counseling by Stanley.

Later, after updating herself on Gloria’s situation, she sits down at the table with Roz. According to Roz, Reed Gallahorn is the preacher at the New Zion Church. He was detained for a crime six years ago, but unlike Gloria Nanmac’s DNA, it wasn’t collected.

While they’re talking about it, Max Hansen, one of Roz’s sources and a journalist who covered the discovery of a young teenager’s corpse at the Nebraska church where Gallahorn previously served, sends Roz a video that shows Randy Martin murdering Reed Gallahorn. Once Max’s informant, Randy, learned that Gallahorn engaged in physical violence, Gallahorn murdered him.

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A quick recap

The coroner, however, determined that the death was unintentional. Roz has not heard back from Alice, Gloria’s spiritual buddy, so Eileen advises them to see Alice before going to Gallahorn. Roz advises her to split up the tasks. Roz will head to Meade to speak with Alice while Eileen researches the DNA system.

Alaska Daily Episode 9
A still from the show. Credits: Hulu

When Roz gets to Meade, her brother, with whom she’s become closer, drives her to Sylvie Nanmac, Gloria’s mom. Gloria wasn’t a member of Gallahorn’s church, as she explains to Roz. Claire asks Bob to phone Gabriel and inquire about his well-being at home. When Bob contacts Gabriel, it sounds like he is going through a traumatic event. Gabriel is instructed to call if he has any questions.

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We can only respect Gabriel’s privacy as they wait for his call. When Eileen contacts the Public Health Services division, she learns that the state only chooses to conduct a DNA test when the death is a homicide. There is no DNA test available if the cause of death is unclear. Only the public safety inspector can categorize a case as a homicide in the event of additional evidence.

Afterward, Eileen goes with Public Safety Commissioner Haynes. She informs her that she has new information on Gloria Nanmac’s situation and requests that she label Gloria’s demise as a murder so that her DNA and Gallahorn’s can be analyzed.

Haynes warns Eileen that she has little time left to resolve the matter since Conrad Pritchard is buying The Daily Alaskan, even if she ignores the decreased funds for the DNA tests. Aaron Pritchard informs Stanley that they should fire all the journalists or, at the very least, consider furloughs.

It’s necessary to reduce the budget. In Stanley’s opinion, any such action will lower the reporters’ spirits. Eileen then phones Stanley and inquires about what she has overheard. Stanley ignores it and hangs up the phone. Next, Eileen calls Aaron, who announces her over the loudspeaker. He replies that it is untrue because she asked him the same question.

Then Stanley mutes the phone and informs Aaron that reducing the spending will increase the paper’s value to a buyer. When Stanley speaks again, Eileen advises speaking with Conrad. Stanley terminates the phone call.

Although his father disapproved of how Eileen surprised him at the cultural gala and the publication of Austin’s piece about Senator Frank Moses’ campaigns, Aaron informs Stanley that he doesn’t want to confront his father with merely hearsay. While at New Zion Church, Eileen runs into Alice and Papa Gallahorn. She receives nothing from Alice.

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Alaska Daily Episode 9
A still from the show. Credits: Hulu

When Roz questions Gallahorn regarding Gloria, he responds that Gloria had a fight with her mom on the day of her death. She had intended to flee but was unsuccessful. Then Roz mentions Randy Martin and queries Gallahorn whether the same thing transpired in Martin’s case.

Did Randy attempt to flee as well but fail? She then asks him directly if he murdered Randy. As he requests Roz to go, Gallahorn’s countenance briefly changes before reverting to a smile.

Alaska Daily Episode 9 Release Date

Alaska Daily Episode 9’s release date is March 16, 2023. Alaska Daily Episode 9 will be broadcast via ABC in the USA around 10 pm. Audiences around the world can stream the show at:

  • For the viewers in Britain (17th march): 3 AM Greenwich Mean Time
  • For the viewers in Australia: (17th march): 2 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time
  • For the viewers in India: (17th march): 8.30 AM Indian Standard Time
  • For the viewers in the Pacific region (16th march): 7 PM Pacific Time 

Alaska Daily Episode 9: How to watch

If you’re viewing it outside of the US, episode 9 of Alaska Daily may occasionally be accessed via streaming via Hulu, the ABC app, Directv, or Fubo TV. The show’s followers must cross-check their local area times with the ones listed here.

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