How Did Cocaine Bear Die? Everything To Know

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cocaine bear death
Cocaine Bear, credits: Variety

Cocaine Bear was one of the very tragic cases within America, and the fact that the sad and misfortunate Bear had to go through all of this because of that one drugged person was something that was very terrible.

But here, the question actually is who was the Bear, and how did he die? Did the Bear actually consume wards of Cocaine? Therefore, what was the whole case? This article will take a look at each and every detail and thus will explore the movie that is currently surrounding the whole case.

Well, before starting everything, we will be exploring who this Bear that popularized huge news, the cocaine bear was. Which was the name given by name. This Bear had her real name Pablo Eskobear. The Bear was a very heavy bear weighing 175 pounds and eventually overdosed on Cocaine in 1985.

The reason behind his drug overdose was the drug overdose that was actually hugely immersed within his body. Let us take a look at this article in order to get some insights and each and every detail regarding Cocaine Bear and the recent movie regarding that.

cocaine bear death
Cocaine Bear, Credits: People

How did Cocaine Bear die?

Cocaine Bear was a very insane and a very amusing plus crazy case of the 1980s, but what led to this was what made the Bear called Pablo Eskobear to consume wards of Cocaine which ultimately led to his death. But all of this started when drug smuggler Andrew Thornton was parachuting, and therefore he died at that time.

He was traveling carrying 880 pounds of Cocaine with him and thereafter decided to throw some out of the plane and take some of them with him, but all of the things went upside down when most of the Cocaine that he had went out of the plane and that began the point when he found the Bear consuming the Cocaine and the body of the dead Bear.

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Although the drug smuggler was dead after that, the news regarding the Bear wasn’t opened until when The New York Times put forward the news regarding the Bear stating the Bear had died due to an overdose of cocaine consumption which entirely shocked the whole when the news came out that a bear consumed wards of Cocaine. And thereafter, the Bear died of an overdose because of consuming too much Cocaine, and therefore his body was found dead in Chattahoochee National Forest. 

Is there any film related to Cocaine Bear? What’s it all about?

Yes, there is a film that is related to Cocaine Bear, which entirely captures this whole story of how the drug smuggler was the reason behind the death of the Bear who consumed wards of Cocaine. Therefore the film captures this whole issue, disclosing the case and signifying all the events that led to the Bear’s death. Also, in the film, there are various findings that were initially revealed within the story itself.

The Associated Press even reported with their findings that the doctor that was there at that time performed an autopsy on the Bear, and thereafter it was found out that the Bear consumed at least three or four grams of Cocaine in its bloodstream and thus, therefore the movie titled ‘Cocaine Bear’ signifies these whole events.

It is actually a black-horror comedy that showcases to us what’s the truth regarding the Cocaine Bear case and how it all went to the innocent Bear and led to his death. 

cocaine bear death
Cocaine Bear, Credits: Deadline

How to watch Cocaine Bear Online Free?

Cocaine Bear, a film that has already been released on screens via a theatrical release, can be watched online for free. You can therefore watch the film on various digital platforms like Vudu, Amazon Prime, Apple, and even YouTube to catch and capture the film online.

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But the fact that the film essentially captures the truth of what all the details were and therefore signifies all the events that eventually lead to the final death of the very innocent Bear, who ended up consuming a world of Cocaine and thus overdosing on the drug all the things, the reality, and everything is focused on the film, you should definitely consider watching the film.

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