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Weak Hero Chapter 229: Release Date, Spoilers & How to Read

Weak Hero
Gray Yeon | Eugene

In a school of bullies where the weak students live in constant fear of becoming the next target of the tyrants, a new transfer student comes and makes it clear that he is not the weak little guy who will let himself get bullied.

Let’s be honest here, a story of an underdog who gets to become a hero by showing that he is not weak as he seems to be; who won’t like it? It’s pretty basic, but it gives us the perfect feeling of the heroes we all want to be in our lives.

Let me guess, and you’re here after visiting so many sites and getting disappointed with unsatisfactory answers one after another. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered; in this article, we are gonna go over everything you need to know about the release of Weak Hero Chapter 229 and further updates.

Weak Hero is a manhwa that follows the story of Gray Yeon, a 157cm tall freshman at Eunjang High School. He makes a name for himself by beating one of the school bullies twice his size and with ease. This marks the beginning of the action-pack stories of Gray Yeon fighting against the bullies to protect his friends and what he feels is right.

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Weak Hero Chapter 228: Recap 

The chapter starts at the base of the union Donalds’s office. Donald is upset by the failure of his goons in beating up the group at Eunjang high school. He is disappointed that the only thing they knew was to beat people up, and they failed even in that.

Donald now seems to take matters into his own hands, and he warns jimmy not to take any reckless action since he is the most insensible one of the lot. Also, considering his history with Ben park in his early days, it feels like Donald is going to end this after all.

The scene then shifts back to the hospital, where Eugene is admitted after getting severely injured in the fight. We see Gray sitting next to his bed, thinking about the time he was the one on the hospital bed and Eugene taking care of him. 


Discussion after the fight (Manhwa panel)

Gray then leaves the hospital room and then receives a gift that was supposed to be from Eugene. It was a pair of gloves, back when Eugene noticed that Gray was shaking in class; he wanted to give it to him for times when he felt cold.

Then we get to learn that Eugene is in a very dire state, and the doctors are saying that he may not wake up because of the trauma he got.

The scene then shifts back to Gray and his friends. Everyone at the table is quite disturbed and frustrated about the situation. Ben Parker being the angry type, decides to go to Donald to take revenge on him for Eugene. 

The others talk some sense into him and stop him. It was when Ben’s phone started ringing, and it was Donald. He wants Ben to come and settle things for the one last time at the southern end of the Mapo bridge. With This, Ben decides to take down Donald once and for all.

Weak Hero Chapter 229: Spoilers

There is no official information about the spoilers of the upcoming chapters, but it’s quite obvious what is going to happen in what seems like the final chapters of the series. 

Gray, Ben, and the group is going to confront the union at the Mapo bridge but don’t expect a simple conversation to come to a conclusion. We are going to get some of the most intense emotional fights coming our way.

Ben and his group won’t fight just for the sake of revenge for Eugene but for the sake of safeguarding their feeling for each other. It’s gonna be a roller coaster of emotions in the upcoming chapters.


Ben Parker | Gray Yeon

Weak Hero Chapter 229: Release Date 

Weak Hero is a weekly issue with new chapters every Saturday. Up until the writing of this article, there is no news of the delay of the upcoming chapters. So it’s ok to say that Weak Hero Chapter 229 will be available for the fans on its scheduled date, which is on Saturday, 21st January 2023.

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Weak Hero Chapter 229: Where to read?

Weak hero’s official publishing site, LINE Webtoons, is responsible for the new issues and updates of the manhwa in the English language. However, Webtoons lack the simultaneous release option, so you must wait a while to read chapter 229.

Currently, as of writing this article, the manhwa is at chapter 222 on the webtoons official site. So it will take some time to reach the latest chapters.

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