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How to Watch Individual Circumstances? Streaming Guide To The Romantic Drama

Korean Drama
Individual Circumstances

Some shows create a special place in the hearts of anyone who loves sweet romantic drama, with beautiful romantic gestures and sweet murmurs of love that can melt the heart of anyone watching. One such example of such a show is Individual Circumstances. The show has been gaining popularity daily and reaching greater heights and levels in terms of that. 

Individual Circumstances is a South Korean drama, that is based on the romance of two very contradictory and yet very similar characters who find themselves in love in a ridiculous coincidence.

The show in itself is a great watch. The show was first aired on January 19th, 2023 and the last episode of the show is all set to be aired on February 16th, 2023. As the show proceeds toward its finale, the excitement in correspondence to the show is high. 

The show is aired weekly, on Thursday, and will have a total of eight episodes. The episodes of the show are not very long, with an average duration of seventeen minutes per episode. The show was directed by Kim Jin Yeol, and the show stars Jun Q and Han Jung Wan in the lead roles of Seong Woo Jae and Ha Yeon Woo, the protagonist of the show. 

The show is also known by other names such as Each Other’s circumstances and Gakjaui Sajeong. The show in its short airing time makes up for all of the beautiful story and the new romance that all were anticipating. 

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A brief synopsis of the show

The begins with the story of Haa Yeon Woo, who is no stranger to popularity and was once upon a time one of the most well-known celebrities in the town of Chungmuro – Seoul. The town is very well known for its timing industry and often has been considered as the equivalent to America’s Hollywood, and South Korea’s answer back to their film industry. 

Korean Drama

Individual Circumstances

Woo is a director whose very first movie rocketed sky-high but that only seemed to be a case of luck and the sudden chance that he got. Post the appreciation of his Debut movie, he started taking a slump down and indeed that affects him truly.

He remains listless for a really long time and he even begins to question his place as a director is it even the right thing for him to do or is it the wrong path for him? The story then takes us toward one of the very well-known writers Woo Jae, who by coincidence meets Woo.

They both have heard about each other and have even had an idea of who is the other person, but haven’t officially met until that very moment. Like Woo, Jae has troubles, or more like hidden demons of his own. Being saddened and heartbroken by his first love, he found himself finding peace and security in the world of writing. 

Individual Circumstances

Individual Circumstances: A still from the show

This hobby soon turned into a whole full-time profession as he then becomes a prolific web-based author whose works have been published on the web, and he even got recognition and praise for the same. Their meeting is something not less than a spark, as it gives something very powerful between both of them. There is an instant pull between both of them as they both spend more time together. 

In this process, the spark only increases between them, making them fall in love with each other slowly and strongly. This love, later on, becomes the motivation for them to work on themselves. Woo helps out Jae to feel more comfortable in life and get out of the sadness that covers him. And the latter helps Woo to be able to come out of his professional slump down. 

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Streaming Guide for Individual Circumstances

This love story is one of a kind, as it not only talks about love but also displays how love often ends up becoming a person’s motivation to be able to sort out their issues and move part t to be able to get better in life. The show has performed well in with audiences. 

The show originally aired on the Heavenly network. The show can easily be streamed on the Viki Rakuten app, where one needs to ensure that they have a subscription to the application to be able to watch the show. Other than that the show can also be streamed for free on the iQIYI. 

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