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Echo 3 Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Echo 3 Episode 10 preview
Echo 3 Episode 10: Release Date

Echo 3 Episode 10’s air date is here. Some people are excited to learn what will happen in the upcoming episode along with the Echo 3 Episode 10’s release date. At the same time, some missed the recent episode or Echo 3 Episode 9 for some reason, and they need a recap.

We have packed this post with everything that the fans might need, such as the Echo 3 Episode 10’s air date, a recap of episode 9, and a streaming guide. After Bambi and the gang set up shop to begin invading the encampment, we approach the jungle.

The property is host to a party, so a lot of commotion makes it simpler for the team to enter. There are calm and peaceful spots across the facility, so every step they take must be silent. The filmmaker also placed us right in the heart of the conflict to give us the impression that we were with Bambi or Prince and his team as they explored every area of the site.

Recap of Echo S1 episode 9

Now that they have entered the cells, the moment has come. Bambi and Prince hurriedly cry out Amber’s nickname, but she isn’t there. She was just not there anyway, as they went to another location. On the radio, we overhear someone warning them to exercise caution since they can’t immediately sound the alert.

Echo 3 Episode 10 preview

Echo 3 S1’s recap.

We see the security doors, where they will finally enter the area. There is uncertainty at the entrance about contacting others using a two-way radio. The door then opens and firing starts. Naturally, this sets off the alert, signaling the start of the war.

The fans observed that the skilled military personnel are excessive for the site’s visitors. When Graciella finally appears, she instructs the group to retrieve the bazookas. A brief cutscene shows Violetta receiving the “Headline News” alert that the Colombian army has attacked the Venezuelan public.

Ernesto had previously stated that the Colombian Navy would not be part of attacking Venezuela, so she phones her editor to find out why he put it. Returning to the conflict, Prince recognizes Graciella from their earlier episode struggle in the woods when he watches her cross the gate.

Echo 3 Episode 10 preview

The main cast.

Since they believe she knows wherever Amber is, we see them hold off on opening fire until they follow her. They are warned not to let someone through the door, or they must account to Graciella as she approaches a doorway. The Venezuelans begin to get an edge from the bazookas gradually but certainly.

So, Prince with Bambi tries to relocate to where they believe Amber is currently located. The situation for Prince or Bambi and their team keeps becoming worse. The Venezuelans throw everything they’ve got at them until they seize total control as soon as they realize they are on the ropes.

When Graciella calls Ernesto while she is still with him, he claims that the pictures are phony and that it is not them. She begins to enumerate several things and warns them to end the call if she is mistaken, but he never does. After much struggle, Bambi has arrived at the right place where Amber is.

Echo 3 Episode 10 preview

A still from echo 3’s recap.

However, there is gas all around the area she is in, so anything he fires could cause the place to blast. Bambi is shown holding her while using a hammer to smash down the wall. Amber eventually cries because she can’t accept that he is real.

We watch the scene burn as they remove her from the scene and put her in a vehicle. This icy expression on Amber’s face ends the episode on a shocking note.

What to expect from Echo episode 10?

We may anticipate Bambi, Prince, and Amber battling to leave the nation. On the other hand, Graciella will reveal the Americans for their role in the conflict, as we will witness. At the end of the episode, we can anticipate the CIA taking action to help bring Amber back.

Echo Episode 10 Release date

Echo Episode 10 release date is Friday, January 13, 2023. Echo Episode 10 will air on Apple TV+ at 3 am in the US. While fans from other nations can also stream Echo Episode 10 at 5 pm KST, 8 am GMT,  1.30 pm IST, 2 am CST, and 7 pm AEDT.

Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 10: How To Watch

Apple TV+ users can now pay to see “Echo 3: Season 1 Episode 10.” Episode 10 of Season 1 of Echo 3 will be streamed on the website at the times and dates mentioned above. Like any other OTT platform, Apple TV+ only offers brand-new content to its consumers. You may join up for Apple TV+’s unlimited 1-week subscription for newbies without spending a dime and start watching “Echo 3” without restrictions right away.

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