68 Best Shows To Watch On Apple TV That Are A Must Watch

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68 Best Shows To Watch On Apple TV That Are A Must Watch
68 Best Shows To Watch On Apple TV That Are A Must Watch

We bring here for you the 68 Best Shows To Watch On Apple TV. Apple TV+ is unquestionably the most challenging streaming giant to categorize. After all, Netflix has created an empire by catering to binge-watchers, Disney+ subscribers know exactly what to expect, and even more all-encompassing streaming services like Hulu and Prime Video have been able to carve out some room for their original programming.

However, Apple TV+ is still a relatively new player in the market. Without a sizable library of time-tested classics to draw from, you can find yourself staring at several original titles without knowing what to watch. The Morning Show with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, Jason Momoa’s sci-fi series See, and Hailee Steinfeld’s portrayal of the titular poet in Dickinson was among the buzzy, high-profile, and high-profile, and high-profile shows that Apple’s streaming service debuted with when it first went live in November 2019.

Since then, the firm has produced highly regarded shows, such as the sports comedy Ted Lasso, the musical cartoon Central Park, and the tale of the brave young reporter Home Before Dark. Recent movies include the documentary Boys State, the Bruce Springsteen movie Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You, and Sofia Coppola’s most recent movie On the Rocks with Bill Murray and Rashida Jones.

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1. Bad Sisters (2022)

Despite having a reputation for being fierce, are any of the Garvey sisters capable of murder? After their friend Grace’s (Anne-Marie Duff) abusive husband is found dead, everyone is curious to know this. Irish comedy Bad Sisters is based on the Clan television program in Belgium. It’s best to enter the story without preconceived expectations of what will happen because it develops as a mystery.

If you’re seeking a dark comedy like Dead to Me, look no further. The show’s central character is Grace (Anne-Marie Duff), whose recently deceased husband was John Paul (Claes Bang). The first episode shows Grace and her sisters’ wildly disparate reactions on the day of his funeral. While Eva (Sharon Horgan) feeds her plants and sips wine, Grace is amazed.

While Becka (Eve Hewson) is late and Ursula (Eva Birthistle) hides from her family, Bibi (Sarah Greene) relaxes in the bathtub. Because of the harsh manner John Paul used to treat Grace, Thomas (Brian Gleeson) suspects the Garvey sisters were involved when he discovers a sizable life claim has been made against John Paul. The intriguingly witty gem Bad Sisters from the consistently outstanding Sharon Horgan is mysterious and hilarious.

Bad Sisters (2022)
Bad Sisters (2022)

2. Black Bird (2022)

Jimmy Keene (Taron Egerton), accused of possessing illegal firearms, offers to cooperate with the FBI in exchange for a sentence reduction. Keene is deployed immediately to search for a suspected serial killer’s victims while operating covertly. The comedy is based on Jimmy Keene’s 2010 autobiography In with the Devil, which you won’t believe is a real person. Black Bird is simple to binge-watch over a long weekend, as there are just six episodes.

One of the rarest birds of the year is Black Bird, a terrifying true crime adaption that feels new. The drama series, created by author Dennis Lehane and based on James Keene’s autobiographical book In With the Devil, stars Taron Egerton as Keene, who is facing a 10-year prison term when he receives an unexpected offer: He will be released if he can befriend and coax a confession from a suspected serial killer (Paul Walter Hauser). Jimmy’s father, an ex-cop with his problems, is played by Ray Liotta in one of his last performances.

Black Bird (2022)
Black Bird (2022)

3. Severance (2022)

Severance may have been the program on this list that most effectively positioned Apple TV+ as a streaming service with cutting-edge prestige programming. Adam Scott plays Mark, a man who, after learning of his wife’s passing, decides to have a procedure called Severance, which separates his memories of work and home life.

Until a former Lumon Industries coworker finds him while he’s out of the office and starts a chain of events that causes him to doubt both Severance and the work his firm does, he’s very content with the scenario. The situation only becomes weirder and more desolate from that point on. This show, most of which was directed by Ben Stiller, is tense and upsetting and will leave you wondering the entire time. Severance satirizes the darker aspects of corporate working culture by taking a warped spin on programs like The Office.

This latest drama thriller on the streamer gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “work-life balance.” It focuses on the divisive in-universe practice of “severance.” It investigates what happens to employees of a mysterious company who elect to have their work memories surgically divided from those they make outside of work, with a switch flipping in their brains whenever they clock in and out for the day.

Scott was reportedly the first choice to play the lead role, and it’s easy to see why. He gives Mark a mix of sorrow and compliance that, in the end, is shaken up when a new “severed” employee shows up and begins to make him and all of his coworkers question everything they know about the current status quo— and what they’re doing at work all day. Ben Stiller directs many crucial episodes in this series, which feels like a mix of Black Mirror and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind but is also uniquely its own.

Severance (2022)
Severance (2022)

4. Five Days at Memorial (2022)

The New Orleans Memorial Medical Center ran without electricity for five days during one of the worst storms in American history. The genuine account of the medical professionals who survived the storm is told in the book Five Days at Memorial. This miniseries and the book it was based on both discuss doctors’ challenging choices in emergencies. It serves as a monument to the bravery of frontline personnel more than anything else.

The book Five Days at Memorial describes the horrifying truths that emerged in the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of New Orleans. The miniseries, created by Carlton Cuse (Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan) and John Ridley (American Crime), chronicles the five days without power during which medical staff members—nurses, doctors, and other professionals—tried to care for patients in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Actors like Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel), Julie Ann Emery, and Cornelius Smith Jr. (Scandal) have the chance to examine the sensibilities of individuals involved as a result of the horrible truth that Five Days at Memorial sheds light on.

Five Days at Memorial (2022)
Five Days at Memorial (2022)

5. For All Mankind (2019)

The moon landing of Apollo 11 marked the end of the space race in 1969, but what if the Soviet Union had arrived there first? According to For All Mankind, America wouldn’t just get on the “L” and go. In another timeline, the space race carries on with some unforeseen results. The series employs a combination of fictional and real-life figures, such as Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, to portray a realistic parallel history, present, and future. The show starts slowly in the first few episodes, but as it continues, it picks up speed. Hold on for a brand-new season in 2021.

What began as a lighthearted science fiction drama set in a different timeline in which Russia colonized the moon before America, putting the two countries in a protracted space race that lasts for decades, has become one of TV’s best programs. Ronald D. Moore, the creator of Battlestar Galactica, combines politics, technology, and character drama to produce a program that is unlike anything else on television.

Season 3 has grander dreams of reaching Mars, featuring some of the most magnificent action sequences the show has ever done while rivals and a new private tech corporation seek to make history. After establishing on the moon in Season 2 with lunar stations. It’s excellent for fans of science fiction and space exploration. Wrenn Schmidt and Joel Kinnaman.

For All Mankind (2019)
For All Mankind (2019)

6. The Problem With Jon Stewart (2021)

The only real issue we have with Jon Stewart is how long he has been missing from our television screens. He’s finally back and has a brand-new talk show that combines humor with political criticism. Every episode delves deeply into a current problem that America is dealing with.

Stewart, who became well-known as the host of The Daily Show, has been a vocal supporter of the 9/11 first responders. Given that he has a multi-year contract, The Problem With Jon Stewart should continue for a few seasons.

The Problem With Jon Stewart (2021)
The Problem With Jon Stewart (2021)

7. Pachinko (2022)

Based on the same-named New York Times best-selling book, Pachinko is a miniseries. A Korean family relocates from one nation to another over four generations in search of a better life. Pachinko is a worldwide series promoting immigration and diversity, with dialogue in Korean, Japanese, and English.

Certain programs emerge that ought to be viewed as an absolute tidal wave of amazing achievement rather than just a drop in the streaming entertainment bucket. This is the case with Pachinko, which feels more like a time- and generation-spanning epic than a television show. The eight-episode Apple TV+ series massively succeeds on both fronts, culminating in a show that should end up on everyone’s best-of-all-time lists even if the premise in and of itself is nothing new, as is the idea of translating a TV show from an equally striking novel.

The series “weaves a tapestry that finds as much art in the quiet intimacy of discussions amongst its characters as it does in the immensity of the settings they live throughout the many decades,” Collider’s Chase Hutchinson wrote in his review.

Pachinko (2022)
Pachinko (2022)

8. Central Park (2020)

Leslie Odom Jr.’s character, Owen Tillerman, the park manager, works and resides peacefully with his family at Central Park, New York’s Edendale Castle, modeled after the actual Belvedere Castle. Their contented existence, however, is jeopardized by a wealthy real estate developer’s plan to convert their house into condominiums.

While the name would suggest that Central Park is a parody of South Park, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Although the show is geared toward older viewers, it is neither obscene nor violent. The story revolves around contentious topics like gentrification, but it doesn’t feel preachy. Overall, Central Park is a humorous sitcom that both teenagers and adults may enjoy.

Central Park (2020)
Central Park (2020)

The Late Cretaceous Earth has been faithfully reconstructed by the same animation team that made Disney’s remakes of The Jungle Book and The Lion King, giving viewers the most accurate glimpse yet at the titans who controlled our planet for years. Prehistoric Planet, which features an original score by Hans Zimmer, is significantly better than the most recent Jurrasic World film.

This five-part documentary, featuring David Attenborough as the narrator, builds on the earlier BBC programs Planet Dinosaur (2011) and Walking with Dinosaurs (1999). Since we first saw a brachiosaurus in the original Jurassic Park, numerous attempts have been made to portray a dinosaur presentation as if it were a typical nature program.

The results have been uneven, with the majority failing to produce attractive dinosaurs, but technology is now at a point where computers can create herds of dinosaurs that make you wonder if they’re real or not. And the emotional effect depends on that realism; have you ever seen a tiny pterosaur engaged in a life-or-death struggle with a predator? It’s the closest thing we’ve gotten to Planet Earth for dinosaurs, with Father Nature David Attenborough narrating and five episodes broken up by biomes.

Prehistoric Planet (2022)
Prehistoric Planet (2022)

Meet Mr. Eric C. Conn, the notorious Kentucky attorney who defrauded the Social Security system of $500,000,000. Even worse, he couldn’t have pulled it off without the assistance of obedient judges and medical professionals. True crime stories are commonplace nowadays, but this one is a classic. Big Conn won’t disappoint those who enjoy seeing white-collar criminals caught in the act.

The beginning of fraud Big Conn, a documentary on the largest Social Security fraud case in history, is now airing on television. Up to his imprisonment for stealing more than $500 million from the American government, colorful lawyer Eric C. Conn was considered Appalachia’s Saul Goodman; the four-part series delves into detail on his extravagant lifestyle and the individuals he wronged. And he goes by Conn! It’s in the name: con I can no longer request to be called “the Big Conn” by anyone.

11. Tehran (2020)

Tamar (Niv Sultan), an undercover hacker, goes back to her native nation to obstruct nuclear development. But when things don’t go as planned, she’s given an even riskier mission. Tehran, one of the most well-liked original programs on Apple TV, has returned for a second season. Tehran made history in 2021 when it became the first Israeli TV program to take home the coveted International Emmy Award for best drama.

The once-popular foreign espionage dramas have mostly been shunned by American television, with the exception of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on Amazon and whatever passes for a thriller on NBC these days. Look someplace, like the Israeli spy thriller Tehran, to find your spy thrills. Tehran, which won the International Emmy for Best Drama last year, features Tamar Rabinyan (Niv Sultan), a female Mossad agent who must deal with double-crosses, espionage, and her cultural conundrum as an Iranian-born spy. Glenn Close joined the show as a British agent in Season 2 after trying to thwart Iran’s nuclear weapons development in Season 1.

12. The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey (2022)

Ptolemy Grey (Samuel L. Jackson), 91, takes care of Robyn when she is a teenager (Dominique Fishback). The teen assists Ptolemy in regaining his memories and learning the truth about his nephew’s death as his dementia develops. Based on a book by Walter Mosley, who also serves as the show’s director, The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey.

13. Loot (2022)

Don’t feel bad for Molly (Maya Rudolph), who just got divorced. Her biggest issue right now is figuring out how to use the $87 billion she received from her ex-husband. Loot is worth viewing because of Maya Rudolph’s flawless comedic timing. The show actually has a good message about the value of giving back, so it’s not just a way to make fun of rich people.

Maya Rudolph is one of the best comic actors now working, bar none, and Loot makes the most of her skills. Molly, who has been married to tech billionaire John (Severance’s Adam Scott) for twenty years, is the show’s focus. But when she finds out he’s having an affair, she demands a divorce and $90 billion, or half of his money. To the dismay of Sofia (Michaela Jaé Rodriguez), the charity’s director, she starts working at a charity she had no idea existed to avoid boredom. Loot is a hilarious office comedy that never fails to make you smile. In all honesty, just for that amazing faux Hot One interview, it’s worth watching.

14. WeCrashed (2022)

The co-founders of WeWork, Adam (Jared Leto) and Rebekah Neuman (Anne Hathaway) built their co-working concept into a billion-dollar company, but both their personal and professional lives ended spectacularly. As a real-life power couple, Leto and Hathaway are intriguing in their performances. You’ll be more astonished by the twists and turns the less you know about the real story behind WeCrashed.

The number of dramatizations about con artists has increased recently. From Netflix’s Inventing Anna to Hulu’s The Dropout, streaming services have hopped on the bandwagon by hiring A-list actors to portray some of the most infamous snake-oil salesmen of the contemporary era. WeCrashed, an Apple TV+ original series that chronicles the rise and fall of the coworking space known as WeWork and how its founder Adam Neumann tried to make it a multimillion-dollar worldwide brand, has now entered the fray. But WeWork’s value fell virtually record fast, so what precisely happened?

WeCrashed seeks to monitor not only the success and failure of the WeWork brand but also the conflicts that developed between Neumann and his wife Rebekah (interesting fact: Rebekah is Gwyneth Paltrow’s cousin), as they disagreed over how to approach their corporate strategy. There might not be a more accurate or better way to put it, given Leto’s continued attempts to blend into another real-life person and Hathaway’s on-screen vigor. My Collider colleague Ross Bonaime called it one of the best cringe shows of the year. Relax and take in the trainwreck.

WeCrashed (2022)
WeCrashed (2022)

15. Suspicion (2022)

American business magnate Katherine Newman’s (Uma Thurman) son inexplicably vanishes from a hotel in New York. Five British visitors who had just returned from the United States were informed that they were the main suspects. False Flag is an Israeli television program that was the inspiration for Suspicion. Every Friday, there are new episodes.

16. Slow Horses (2022)

What occurs to British spies who commit humiliating errors? They are transferred to Slough House, an administrative holding pen where Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldman), the world’s most miserable manager, keeps an eye on them. Slow Horses, based on a collection of works by Mick Herron, begins with the notion of a regular workplace comedy but gradually picks up steam as the agents are given increasingly important tasks.

In these times of genuine crime and terrible behavior by internet CEOs, Slow Horses is a pleasant viewing because it has been a while since we’ve seen a solid spy thriller. The MI5 agents in the show are sent to Slough House as punishment for prior transgressions, where they are expected to blend in and perform menial tasks while celebrity agents receive recognition.

Jack Lowden portrays the new Slough House member who isn’t ready to vanish, while Gary Oldman plays the team leader, a frustrated man who can’t give a F about anything. It’s exciting and darkly humorous.

Slow Horses (2022)
Slow Horses (2022)

17. The Afterparty (2022)

Everyone present at a high school reunion becomes a potential suspect when it becomes a crime scene. Each guest recounts what happened in the manner of numerous movie genres to clear their names. You might be startled to learn that The Lego Movie’s Christopher Miller wrote this murder mystery. Following a three-episode premiere, Afterparty will air one new episode every Friday.

Few things are as enjoyable as an ensemble comedy featuring some of the best contemporary heavy hitters, but what happens when you combine them in a plot that particularly resonates with millennials (a high school reunion)? You already know the secret to success. With The Afterparty, Christopher Miller and Phil Lord have done it again. The movie centers on a group of people who unknowingly become suspects in a murder investigation when the host of their reunion’s Afterparty (Franco) is found dead on the cliffs next to his beachfront property.

In the hilarious comedy that follows, each person being questioned by the investigating detective (Haddish) narrates their side of the tale in their terms, with the format of the accompanying episode shifting to reflect the narrator. The Afterparty is a genre feast that spans musical, rom-com, and animation, and the actors involved will keep you interested in the mystery just as much as the plot.

18. Acapulco (2021)

Although Máximo (Eugenio Derbez) is now wealthy, his upbringing in the tourist town of Acapulco was difficult. Acapulco is an unusual rags-to-riches tale about a man who rose from pool boy to self-made millionaire in the present and the 1980s. Enrique Arizona portrays the young Máximo with all the allure of a teen telenovela heartthrob. Acapulco has a speech in Spanish and English, although subtitles are available for non-bilingual viewers.

The Las Colinas resort in Acapulco, which serves as the scene for this comedy about a young man who lands his dream job working at a posh resort in Mexico, is the best option if you want to wash the day away. As Maximo (Enrique Arrizon) progresses from pool boy in 1984 to affluent hotelier in the present, the 1980s-set bilingual comedy is like Jane the Virgin crossed with The White Lotus crossed with How I Met Your Mother. It has two lounge singers that perform Spanish versions of ’80s hits, and it’s lovely and cheerful.

Acapulco (2021)
Acapulco (2021)

19. Dr. Brain (2021)

Neuroscientist Sewon (Sun-Kyun Lee) obsesses over learning the truth about his family’s tragic demise in this South Korean drama. He accomplishes this by creating a tool that allows him to view the memories of the deceased, which sets him on a dangerous course. Dr. Brain was originally a manhwa, or webcomic, with a similar premise. It made its debut at the same time Apple TV Plus was introduced in South Korea. Dr. Brain is available to view in English or Korean.

Dr. Brain (2021)
Dr. Brain (2021)

20. Harriet the Spy (2021)

The well-liked children’s book series is updated for the twenty-first century by Harriet the Spy. Young Harriet (Beanie Feldstein), a budding author with an insatiable curiosity, frequently gets into trouble. The original book pictures inspired the animation designs, but the show has a uniquely modern vibe that blends in well with Apple’s kid-friendly programming. There is even some humor for adults, but there is nothing that children should not see.

Harriet the Spy (2021)
Harriet the Spy (2021)

21. Swagger (2021)

Never anticipate The Mighty Ducks. The creator of the teen sports drama Swagger, NBA legend Kevin Durant, was the inspiration for the storyline. The interactions between coaches, parents, talent scouts, and young athletes in need are explored in depth on this show.

Even though Durant is a three-time Olympic gold medalist, Swagger isn’t about his upbringing. It’s a contemporary tale about the youth sports scene in which he grew up.

22. Foundation (2021)

The best-selling book series by Isaac Asimov has been turned into an expensive Apple TV Plus exclusive. Foundation is a satisfying space opera that travels the galaxy, despite the liberties it takes with the plot of the books. A band of outlaws under the leadership of mathematician Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) must cooperate to stop an empire from collapsing. Although there are clear similarities between Foundation and Star Wars in terms of its galactic empires and clones, the books are several decades older. In reality, George Lucas might have drawn inspiration from Asimov.

It begins very simply: Gaal (Lou Llobell), a young woman from a tiny town, travels to a major metropolis on a planet that is the center of the Galactic Empire to begin her new work as a professor’s assistant.

As “psycho-historian” Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) anticipated, what happens next alters not only Gaal’s life but also the trajectory of human civilization, much to the dismay of the trio of Emperors (Cassian Bilton, Lee Pace, and Terrence Mann), who do not look forward to the end of their rule. Come for the mystery, and stay to admire the literal tonnes of money spent by Apple TV+ on this project; it’s a spectacular sci-fi adventure packed with huge concepts and greater twists.

23. The Morning Show (2020)

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a morning news program’s background? The Morning Show has a decent, though a little overly dramatic, aesthetic. The Morning Show, one of the first programs available on Apple TV+, is a success with the ideal mix of drama, wrath, and self-indulgence while also discussing some serious issues that are personal to those of us in the audience.

Former morning host Mich (Steve Carell) is attempting to reclaim his position. Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon play the sometimes-friends-and-sometimes-enemies Alex and Bradley, who are fighting a sexist establishment to save a morning news program.

24. Schmigadoon! (2021)

Did you know that Keegan-Michael Key, a writer, actor, and comedian, is a fantastic vocalist as well? Thanks to HBO Max’s musical series Schmigadoon, everyone now knows! Josh (Key) and Melissa (Cecily Strong), stranded in a town that is trapped in a real-life musical, are forced to participate in the fun.

Schmigadoon! is a musical for fans of musicals; it honors cherished mid-century theatre productions. The 1954 film Brigadoon and 1947 musical both served as inspiration for the narrative.

25. Ted Lasso (2020)

Even though they both speak English, there are certain insurmountable linguistic differences between Americans and Britons. When Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), an American football coach, volunteers to lead a football team in London, he quickly discovers that it is a very different sport. The titular character was featured in several NBC commercials promoting the network’s Premier League coverage. Sports fans fell in love with Jason Sudeikis’ portrayal of the endearingly reclusive coach, and now his sitcom is in its second season.

You’ve undoubtedly heard the buzz, but Ted Lasso lives up to the expectations. This 30-minute comedy series is not just among the cheeriest and most upbeat programs on television, but it’s also one of the greatest. In the English Premier League, Jason Sudeikis’ character Ted Lasso, is hired as the head coach despite having no prior coaching experience in football (or “soccer” to us Americans).

Ted Lasso is a continuously upbeat college football coach. However, Lasso’s attitude starts to rub off on even the most brutal of Englishpeople. It turns out that he has been hired to sink the team as part of a revenge plan hatched by their owner. The show is unique in that it promotes healthy competition and positive masculinity by having Lasso subtly but effectively change how the city and the team view team sports and life in general.

Don’t assume that the humor in the show is sacrificed for the sentiment since Sudeikis is excellent in the lead part, and the show is packed with hilarious puns. It’s comparable to any show I’ve seen in the past five years in terms of satisfaction, fun, and inspiration. If it isn’t a ringing recommendation, I’m not sure what is. Believe.

26. Shining Girl (2022)

Elizabeth Moss’s character, journalist and assault survivor Kirby Mazrachi, only wants to move on from the incident, but when it is linked to a recent murder investigation, it haunts her. Since Shining Girls takes several unexpected turns, it’s wise to walk in without expectations. You might not want to binge-watch it all at once because it might be quite intense. What would happen if a serial murderer searched the world for women to kill but could do it throughout time? This is the premise of the movie Shining Girls, which feels doubly compelling.

After an almost deadly attack on her life, Kirby Mazrachi (Moss) has been having side effects when the Apple TV+ series, based on Lauren Beukes’ novel of the same name, picks up. However, what if they aren’t related to her trauma? The show begins by slowly exposing us to its idea before ratcheting up the strangeness, mystery, and crime components before launching us headfirst into its distinct genre twist.

The best action is to buckle up and hold on for the ride when the second half of the season kicks into gear with supernatural leanings. According to Therese Lacson’s review of the program for Collider, “Shining Girls is an interesting arrival for Apple TV+ for those who appreciate a more creative approach to storytelling, unburdened by the restrictions of one certain genre.”

Shining Girl (2022)
Shining Girl (2022)

27. The Mosquito Coast (2021)

Have you ever desired to uproot your life and relocate far away? When Allie Fox (Justin Theroux) finds himself on the receiving end of government operatives, he decides to do precisely that. He smuggles his wife Margot (Melissa George) and their children across the southern border because he is determined to live off the grid in a houseboat in Honduras.

The Mosquito Coast is a novel that presents a unique tale set in contemporary North and Central America and is based on the 1981 book of the same name. Paul Theroux, the author of the original book, is the nephew of Justin Theroux, the show’s leading man.

The Mosquito Coast (2021)
The Mosquito Coast (2021)

28. Trying (2020)

Like many other couples, Jason (Rafe Spall) and Nikki (Esther Smith) aspire to be good parents. They intend to adopt because they cannot conceive independently, a somewhat laborious process. How will the couple persuade outsiders that they are capable of raising a child when they are unsure of their parenting abilities? Trying is a terrific show to watch for couples who are expecting children or anyone who might eventually wish to have children. It portrays the emotional ups and downs of expecting a child and the legal challenges of adoption. However, Trying is primarily a comedy, so you’re likelier to laugh than cry when watching it.

The British comedy Trying is about Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall), a couple trying to have a child. The two decide to adopt after having trouble becoming pregnant. The series covers the good, the terrible, and the ugly while depicting this process with unflinching honesty. Trying is a riveting watch with a tonne of heart and effortless chemistry between its two characters. Trying will be perfect for you if you like Netflix’s Private Life.

Trying (2020)
Trying (2020)

29. Servant (2019)

When Leanne (Nell Tiger Free) is offered a lucrative position as a live-in nanny, she is overjoyed. However, there is a catch: Leanne is caring for a doll that the mother (Lauren Ambrose) believes to be her young boy, who has since passed away. Though The Boy and The Truth About Emanuel were previous attempts at the idea, Servant adds enough to the table to stand on its own. Although none of the episodes were directed by or written by M. Night Shyamalan, several of the scenes appear to have been taken from one of his movies. Only enough is shown in each brief episode to keep you interested.

The Servant was initially referred to as M. Night Shyamalan’s new Apple TV+ series, which makes sense given that the renowned director helmed two episodes and executive produced. Still, Tony Basgallop, Hotel Babylon’s creator, created the show. The end result is a television series that combines both of these styles while seeming completely different. It delivers the suspense and dark thrills viewers anticipate from a Shyamalan production. If you’re in the mood for something a little dark but undoubtedly addictive, Servant is a macabre and twisted binge-watch worth adding to your list. When her stressed-out husband (Toby Kebbell) and worried brother (Rupert Grint) agree to help her through the process with the use of a lifelike doll, Lauren Ambrose offers a terrific (and phenomenally underestimated) performance as a lady grieving the death of her young boy. The unsettling façade begins to fracture, though, when she hires a babysitter to watch over her “kid,” even before strange otherworldly events begin to occur. The Servant is a constrained, unsettling work of psychological horror on Apple TV+ that boasts some of the best acting and most striking photography.

Servant (2019)
Servant (2019)

30. The Snoopy Show (2021)

The Peanuts gang de facto has Charlie Brown as its leader, although everyone knows the true leader. Children have enjoyed Snoopy for many years, and today’s youth may learn more about the coolest beagle in the world due to Apple Plus.

Snoopy in Space is another Apple Plus original that you should check out if you or your children enjoy The Snoopy Show. These TV shows might be a launching pad for older classics like A Charlie Brown Christmas if you have young children.

The Snoopy Show (2021)
The Snoopy Show (2021)

31. Gutsy (2022)

The idea of Hillary Rodham and Chelsea Clinton traveling the world to “celebrate the gutsy women who inspire them” may sound trite. Still, this eight-part docuseries more than makes up for that with unique interactions with some of the bravest and brightest people in the world. Although it contains a lot of clichés, it is also very wise and heartfelt. Come for Jane Goodall and Megan Thee Stallion; stay for academic Kimberlé Crenshaw and GLITS founder Ceyenne Doroshow.

32. The Essex Serpent (2022)

Is there anything not to adore about this show? Tom Hiddleston as the village vicar, Claire Danes, doing her finest trembling-chin performance, rumors about a mysterious mythological serpent. Not at all, no. Based on Sarah Perry’s novel of a similar name, The Essex Serpent follows a recently widowed woman (Danes) as she travels to the Essex countryside to look into a “sea dragon.” She encounters Will, a vicar who is far more doubtful of the serpent’s existence there. It’s the ultimate historical mystery, lush and enticing.

About its content, Apple TV+ has established itself as a service that should not be underrated or disregarded in the world of streaming television. One of its most recent releases is worth checking out. Danes, who is perfectly suited for this kind of historical drama, plays Cora, a recently widowed woman who decides to flee her London house for the Essex countryside where there have been whispers of a mythical serpent slithering around the village in the melancholy Gothic thriller.

Along the way, she runs with the local vicar (Hiddleston), and the two bond not only because they share a space but also, despite their divergent views on whether the snake even exists. The fog-shrouded marshes where the story is located and the elaborate clothing that symbolizes Cora’s transformation from the damaged lady of her past into the more self-assured version of herself are just two examples of how important aesthetics is in The Essex Serpent.

33. Mythic Quest (2020)

One of the best new workplace comedies in recent years, Mythic Quest is an all-too-rare example of a successful video game TV comedy. The show, which airs in absolutely binge-worthy half-hour installments, centers on a fictional game development company famous for creating the MMO Mythic Quest, similar to World of Warcraft.

It follows the characters as they navigate various oddball relationships. The program addresses serious industry challenges without forgoing laughs because great writing is constantly humorous and emotionally affecting when you least expect it.

Rob McElhenney from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is astute enough to understand that while video games are amusing, they shouldn’t be ridiculed. After all, gamers are numerous. In Mythic Quest (which was dubbed Raven’s Banquet in Season 1), the video game industry receives a loving parody without making gaming the punchline.

McElhenney plays the conceited creative director of a well-known MMORPG that is preparing to release its first expansion pack. F. Murray Abraham, Danny Pudi, and Charlotte Nicdao are among the excellent cast members. The midseason standalone episode is a brilliant tale of creativity vs. profitability, and the bonus episode from the epidemic is perhaps the best quarantine episode of the COVID era.

34. Little America (2020)

Little America was and is a timely reminder of what makes America great. It was first published when Donald Trump was still the president of the United States. This anthology series’ episodes each center on a different immigrant’s experience in America. All of these 30-minute vignettes are based on true stories. They are motivational and necessary, from the undocumented high school student who discovers a flair for squash to the Ugandan baker determined to succeed in her enterprise.

35. Dickinson (2021)

In this 30-minute program from creator Alena Smith, Hailee Steinfeld portrays a wild teenage Emily Dickinson. It was a part of the initial Apple TV+ lineup and instantly stood out due to its surreal depiction of Amherst, Massachusetts, in the late 1800s.

The first season is made up of a series of incisive, surreal vignettes inspired by Emily Dickinson’s writing and follows the fictional life of the young poet rebelling against her father, the social norms of the town, and pretty much everything else. You’ll enjoy this if you’re a fan of Dickinson, enjoy some intelligent LGBT dramedy, or simply enjoy a contemporary soundtrack in a drama set during the American Civil War.

36. Surface (2022)

Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), amnesic after (supposedly) attempting her own life, has a nagging suspicion that the story being told to her is false. It becomes apparent that things are not exactly as they seem as she tries to piece together her failed suicide attempt.

Look no further than Surface if you’re seeking a compelling psychological thriller. The series, which stars the outstanding Gugu Mbatha-Raw, centers on Sophie, a heroine who escapes a suicide attempt. She must investigate the cause of her decision to jump because she can’t recall it.

According to a mysterious man named Thomas Baden (Stephan James), whom she meets outside of a fundraiser and who she knew before her memory loss, the cause may be related to her husband, James (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). Reese Witherspoon, who executive produced Big Little Lies and Little Fires Everywhere, is the show’s producer. The Surface is intriguing and enigmatic. Therefore it fits in with them.

Surface (2022)
Surface (2022)

37. Foundation (2021)

More than 70 years after its publication, Isaac Asimov’s renowned science fiction series Foundation is finally adapted for television. The series, which updates the story’s world-building and certain old elements, follows a band of rebels who want to overthrow the corrupt Galactic Empire.

David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman’s cinematic adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s monumental science fiction works is the long-awaited aesthetically stunning hard sci-fi series for Apple TV+. The show centers on a future governing empire whose hold on power is threatened when a mathematician (Jared Harris) develops a mathematical model to predict the empire’s downfall and the ensuing relapse into the dark ages. Although opinions on the show’s overall quality are divided, everyone can agree that it looks fantastic!

Foundation (2021)
Foundation (2021)

38. They Call Me Magic (2022)

Magic Johnson, one of the greatest basketball players of all time and a five-time NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1980s, will have a unique four-part documentary series on Apple.

39. Dr. Brain (2021)

In this Korean science fiction series about a murder that has gone unsolved (as of yet? ), Dr. Brain uses a device he created to access another person’s memories. The first Korean drama on Apple TV+ is a brain-related science fiction show. Specifically, what would occur if the information inside could be transferred into someone else’s head.

A prominent brain researcher (Parasite’s Lee Sun-kyun) finds a way to transfer memories from one brain to another, even if the source brain is from a corpse. His perspective is used to tell this tale. That helps him when catastrophe strikes his wife and child, and he is attempting to figure out what occurred.

However, everything doesn’t proceed as easily as it typically does when the natural order is disturbed. Some of the year’s most visually stunning TV sequences result from these memory transfers, which take the form of dream sequences.

40. Dear… (2020)

In this documentary series, famous people read fan letters describing how their work has impacted and transformed their lives. Spike Lee, Stevie Wonder, Jane Fonda, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and numerous more noteworthy guests attended.

Dear… (2020)
Dear… (2020)

41. Snoopy in Space (2019)

Looking for a family-friendly activity? Children and fans of the Peanuts comic strip will enjoy Apple’s The Snoopy Show and its spinoff series, Snoopy in Space. The adorable dog Snoopy becomes a NASA astronaut and visits the moon with his bird companion Woodstock.

Snoopy in Space (2019)
Snoopy in Space (2019)

42. Physical (2021)

Physical, which takes place in the 1980s, follows obedient but dissatisfied housewife Sheila Rubin (Rose Byrne) as she discovers love and strength in the aerobics community. Sheila is stretched thin between her expanding aerobics business, her responsibilities as a wife and mother, and her self-image and compulsive eating patterns.

In contrast, Sheila’s husband has chosen to follow her advice and use his free time to run for local office in the California State Assembly despite losing his position as a political science professor at the same time. Even though Sheila’s narrative takes place in the 1980s, many women can still identify with it.

The show provides an inside glimpse at Sheila’s mind through voiceovers, revealing how critical and cruel she is of herself. Since Sheila doesn’t have anyone to confide in, she turns to aerobics to express her annoyance and silence the voice in her brain. Physical creates a fascinating and captivating series that is worth seeing by fusing comments on women’s empowerment, the moral hypocrisy of politics in the 1980s, and the advent of aerobics as a form of exercise.

43. Roar (2022)

There’s no other way to characterize the eight-episode inaugural season of the darkly humorous Roar, which echoes previous shows that have come before it (like Black Mirror or The Twilight Zone). Roar originally promoted itself as delivering a series of “female fables.”

Few anthologies shows have aired or are presently showing that seem to capture the lonesome perspective of women’s lives – in all of their convoluted, chaotic, and perplexing grandeur. There is a strange absence of LGBTQ stories within, and each story centers on a different facet of womanhood with variable results. Still, the unfolding stories are clever, wise, and ultimately essential viewing.

Fans of ambitious television certainly don’t need to hear much else to be interested in Roar; the teaser for the bizarre new anthology series from the makers of GLOW begins with Nicole Kidman shoving an entire picture into her mouth and chewing it. The bizarre comedy, which is narrated by women, also includes ghosts, a wife who gets her husband back, and a lady who dates a duck. Hey, when we said “eccentric,” we really meant it. Merritt Wever, Cynthia Erivo, and GLOW alums Betty Gilpin and Alison Brie are among the other actors that appear in the episodes.

Roar (2022)
Roar (2022)

44. Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock (2022)

Some revivals don’t do enough to justify the necessity for them to exist. This has not been the case for Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, which made its Apple TV+ debut in a particularly riotous, colorful, and musical manner. The show airs on practicality rather than overusing CGI, aiming for more of the timeless effects that first made Jim Henson’s puppets so beloved.

Although it is a children’s program, the principles it teaches can be used by adults who watch it alone or with children. But don’t just believe me; my colleague Maggie Boccella adds in her review for Collider, “Back to the Rock is a kind, deserving reminder that, despite what it may look like, there is a joy to be discovered in daily life. Humans and fractals cannot exist in fear, and the world gains when we embrace ourselves and one another with open arms.”

45. The Shrink Next Door (2021)

When two performers can not only convincingly play against type — or perhaps the labeled boxes that we as viewers like to fit them into — but also compete with one another while inhabiting characters we’re not used to seeing them inhabit, it’s always a credit to their acting prowess. Enter The Shrink Next Door, which reunites Ferrell and Rudd with their co-stars from Anchorman for an almost unbelievable premise.

But don’t just believe what I say; pay attention to what my Collider colleague Ross Bonaime said about the series in his review “It’s difficult to help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation while also finding the profound trauma taking place to be deeply unsettling in this tragic true story, which manages to find the perfect balance of comedy and drama. A continuously captivating series, The Shrink Next Door challenges Rudd and Ferrell as actors in ways we’ve never seen before.”

The Shrink Next Door (2021)
The Shrink Next Door (2021)

46. Invasion (2021)

When you think of science fiction shows about alien invasions, big, bombastic action set pieces are likely what comes to mind. These are the films that directors like Roland Emmerich have become known for, which place a greater emphasis on the destruction and subsequent battle against alien invaders than on the normal lives of people worldwide before the invasion.

The first season of Kinberg and Weil’s series, which began airing on Apple TV+ in October and ended this month, is undoubtedly more slow-moving in comparison, but you get a creeping sense of dread as you watch it because you have no idea what will happen next but are aware that it will happen eventually. The international cast (of which Farahani, Neill, Anderson, and Kutsuna stand out) makes the voyage worthwhile. Invasion may better suit patient viewers who don’t mind settling in for the scenic route.

Invasion (2021)
Invasion (2021)

47. Schmigadoon! (2021)

A musical comedy for Apple TV+ that is immensely endearing and full of meta jokes is a love letter to Broadway nerds. Josh (Keegan-Michael Key) and Melissa (Cecily Strong) are stranded in a tiny mystery town that isn’t called Brigadoon, where everyone has a song in their hearts and on their lips. Classic musicals inspire even the plot. Stay for the aesthetically breathtaking direction by all-time great Barry Sonnenfeld. Come for the music, which occasionally plays as direct riffs on oldies from Rogers, Hammerstein, and others. Why the hell haven’t you seen this if you enjoy musical theatre?

Even when they are tremendously amusing, musical comedy programs don’t often fare well (Galavant, whither art thou?). Schmigadoon! on Apple TV+, a genre-defying series, is bucking the trend in a positive way. In the lead role of a couple who stumble onto a mystical town where everyone appears to be trapped in a 1940s musical, Keegan-Michael Key and Cecily Strong. They become trapped in the town, giving it a slight Twilight Zone or horror movie vibe while everyone sings about corn pudding. Martin Short portrays a leprechaun as well. This show has a silly exterior but a dark interior.

48. Cha Cha Real Smooth (2022)

This is Cooper Raiff’s big Hollywood moment. Cha Cha Real Smooth’s teenage writer, director, and actor saw his movie win the Sundance Audience Prize earlier this year, which caused Apple to buy it (Apple followed suit with CODA, which later won the Best Picture award).

Raiff plays Andrew, a 22-year-old party starter at bat and bar mitzvahs who falls in love with the engaged mother of an autistic child thanks to his charisma (Dakota Johnson). As Andrew searches for his place in the world after college, post-college turmoil develops, turning CCRS into a coming-of-age tale filled with both laughter and sadness. Although it won’t take home Best Picture, this is one of the simpler films to watch this year.

49. The Sky Is Everywhere (2022)

Grief and love are the two emotions that affect teenagers the most. They meet in Josephine Decker’s sensory success, The Sky Is Everywhere, an A24 teen romance about a high school girl named Lennie (Grace Kaufman) who is divided between two boys after her elder sister’s tragic death.

In order to create a film that is impossible to look away from, Decker alternates between truly magical moments — such as when a new guy at school’s trumpet literally releases waves of musical notes that send people who hear them swooning and collapsing — and the natural grandeur of the California Redwoods.

While the plot itself is full of juvenile melodrama, the raw emotion and visual storytelling, as well as the love triangle with Lennie’s sister’s ex-boyfriend as one of the points, make this worth seeing if you’re aching for an escape. Does she pick the one who can relate to her sadness or the person who could be her way out of it?

50. The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021)

This interpretation of Shakespeare’s Scottish drama features Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand as the leads. The Coen brothers’ first solo picture was directed, adapted, and produced by McDormand’s husband Joel. There isn’t much more to say to convince you to watch this if you enjoy art movies.

Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand are playing Lord and Lady Macbeth, after all. In all its black-and-white Expressionist splendor, it’s kind of historic. Although it didn’t win any of the three Oscars, it was nominated for, this just increases its artistic legitimacy.

51. The Velvet Underground (2021)

This documentary on The Velvet Underground, one of America’s most revolutionary rock bands, was directed by renowned filmmaker Todd Haynes. However, Haynes captures the soul of the band by creating an arthouse masterpiece that Lou Reed and the rest of the band would have enjoyed, as opposed to the straightforward talking heads, live footage, and repetitive structure employed in most rock films.

It still features plenty of VU music and offers insight into Reed’s turbulent relationship with his bandmates; it simply looks extra surreal doing it. In a nutshell, this is among the greatest music documentaries ever produced.

52. Fraggle Rock: Rock On! (2020)

Gobo, Red, Boober, Mokey, Wembley, and Uncle Traveling Matt—fan favorites from the 1980s series—return for fresh tales and beloved Fraggle melodies. It’s interesting to note that all of the iPhone 11 videos for Rock On! was shot in the musicians’ and production crew’s residences.

53. Losing Alice (2021)

The Israeli psychological drama, one of the most interesting new releases of 2021, is covered in an erotically charged mystery that draws inspiration from the greats of the motion picture industry. In the tale of an older female director (Ayelet Zurer) who becomes fixated on a young, attractive screenwriter (Lihi Kornowski) and the movie that might restore her career but destroy her marriage, writer-director Sigal Avin draws inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch, and other authors. If you like gorgeous people, it’s beautifully shot and filled with them.

Losing Alice (2021)
Losing Alice (2021)

54. Boys State (2020)

One of the top documentaries of 2020 was Boys State. The movie centers on the yearly Guys State, an American Legion-sponsored summer camp where more than a thousand high school boys gather to create their own two-party system replete with elections, voting, and mudslinging.

It’s a stunning examination of the flaws in our existing political structure, hypermasculinity in adolescent boys, and America’s future (which appears to be in both good and bad hands). Beyond the engaging subject matter, the filmmaking is excellent and beautiful; it feels more like a planned movie than a guerilla-shot documentary, which in this case, is a compliment. You’ll adore this if you enjoyed Kid Nation or Lord of the Flies.

55. Tiny World (2020)

The BBC and Discovery no longer have a monopoly on nature documentaries, and Apple TV+ is working to make some of the best wildlife shows available without Sir David Attenborough’s narration. By focusing on the earth’s tiniest organisms, this series reveals a world and a struggle for life that is rarely seen in other programs of its kind.

The film’s technical marvel, which includes tiny frogs, insects, birds, and more, is expertly narrated by Ant-Man himself, Paul Rudd. The magnificent nature documentary The Elephant Queen, which follows a herd of elephants and other wildlife in Africa, is also available on Apple TV+.

56. Visible: Out on Television (2020)

Congratulations are due for Apple TV+’s exhaustive and methodically timed summary of LGBTQ+ individuals on TV, which is intelligent, authoritative, and tiring. Visible: Out on Television does a fantastic job of monitoring how gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and non-binary people have been portrayed on television from its earliest days, including the frenzy, highly charged news reports of the 1950s declaring queer people a menacing threat.

Even if it weren’t crowded with the most prominent queer TV personalities. With its extensive first-person testimonies from practically every LGBTQ+ TV star still in existence (plus allies like Oprah, Billy Crystal, and more), Visible: The History of LGBTQ+ Representation is practically a college course that methodically charts representation throughout the centuries using archival footage, news reports, and other materials.

57. Defending Jacob (2020)

Chris Evans eventually took off his spandex and chose something a little more grounded for his first regular TV role in 20 years. The Marvel favorite plays an assistant district attorney looking into the murder of a high school student in Defending Jacob, only for his 14-year-old son to be named the main suspect.

This eight-part series, which switches between a family drama and a judicial mystery, occasionally succumbs to clichés. Frequently, you half-expect Evans to exclaim, “You can’t take the truth!” The beautifully ambiguous portrayal of a troubled teen by Jaeden Martell in the movie It, however, keeps audiences guessing right up to the winding climax.

Defending Jacob (2020)
Defending Jacob (2020)

58. See (2019)

See, the most blatant example of Apple TV Plus’s attempt to produce its own Game of Thrones(opens in new tab), is set in a dystopian future in which humanity has been forced to adjust to a total lack of eyesight. However, this gloomy civilization begins to reevaluate all it previously believed when two identical girls are born completely eyed.

See is not a movie for the faint of heart due to the extreme brutality on display, but Jason Momoa, who plays the brave tribe warrior who must defend his all-seeing adopted daughters, brings the required brawn, and Alfre Woodard, who plays his sage foster mother, brings the wits. Its second season is a gorehound’s fantasy come true thanks to the brilliant casting of Dave Bautista.

See (2019)
See (2019)

59. The Year That Music Changed Everything (2021)

Asif Kapadia addressed a whole year of music for this extensive eight-part series after compellingly chronicling the lives of Ayrton Senna, Amy Winehouse, and Diego Maradona. The Academy Award winner presents a compelling case for the year 1971 as the most significant in musical history, utilizing an intriguing blend of voiceovers and archival material to cover everything from the Laurel Canyon movement’s emergence to the publication of The Rolling Stones’ historic album Sticky Fingers. However, Kapadia also incorporates The Stanford Prison Experiment, groundbreaking reality programme An American Family, and the Manson murders to present a more comprehensive portrait of a revolutionary time.

60. Mr. Corman (2021)

As a public school teacher in the San Fernando Valley, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the lead in Mr. Corman’s exploration of existential dread and anxiety. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is the director, writer, and creator of this one-season television program, is the show’s originator.

Unfortunately, the show was terminated after just one season since it didn’t meet the expectations of Apple TV+’s audience. However, we can’t deny the stunning cinematography and the musical drama, which capture the audience’s attention in a distinctive way. The program discusses regrets as they get older and the various lives they might have led. Many audiences may relate to the subject, and it helps us reflect more deeply on our own decisions and what those around us may be dealing with.

Mr. Corman (2021)

61. Home Before Dark (2020)

A nine-year-old child is the subject of the mystery, crime, and drama series Home Before Dark. She relocates to a little village her father had long since left behind with her parents. She discovered a cold case that the entire community had worked hard to conceal, thanks to her inquisitive personality and passion for journaling.

With her keen intelligence and determination, she eventually uncovers the answers and cracks the case. The direction of Home Before Dark is haphazard, and you could get disoriented in between the episodes. However, it’s compelling enough to keep you seated the entire season. Additionally, viewers praised the second season’s conclusion and agreed that the show had written a fantastic plot.

62. Lisey’s Story (2021)

American horror drama miniseries Lisey’s Story is based on Stephen King’s 2006 book of the same name. King wrote the script for the show, Pablo Larran directed it, and J. Abrams oversaw production. Julianne Moore plays the lead in it. On June 4, 2021, Lisey’s Story made its Apple TV+ debut.

Famous fiction writer Scott Landon’s widow, Lisa “Lisey” Landon, passed away two years before the first episode of the series. Lisey is still grieving for Scott while thwarting parties that want to buy Scott’s unpublished manuscripts. When Lisey is going through Scott’s belongings, she finds a treasure hunt that Scott has left for her. This leads her to think back on their marriage, specifically suppressed memories of Scott’s remarkable skills.

63. Truth Be Told (2019)

Based on Kathleen Barber’s novel Are You Sleeping, the American drama streaming television series Truth Be Told was created for Apple TV+. Nichelle Tramble Spellman, who will also executive produce and write for the show, is the creator of the project.

On December 6, 2019, the show’s debut aired. A third season of the series was confirmed in December 2021.
Podcaster Poppy Parnell (Octavia Spencer) is forced to reopen a murder investigation after new evidence forces her to do so. She may not be right about Warren Cave (Aaron Paul), the man her true-crime podcast contributed to locking up.

64. Doug Unplugs (2020)

A computer-animated children’s television program called Doug Unplugs is produced in the United States by DreamWorks Animation for Apple TV+. The Doug Unplugged children’s book series by Dan Yaccarino served as the inspiration for the TV show.

The first season’s first seven episodes debuted on November 13, 2020, followed by the release of the final six episodes on April 2, 2021. In this DreamWorks animation-produced animated family adventure, Doug is a boy robot who is tackling the world one interesting adventure at a time. On Apple TV+, there are two seasons available.

Doug Unplugs (2020)
Doug Unplugs (2020)

65. El Deafo (2022)

The animated children’s series El Deafo follows Cece as she loses her hearing and discovers her inner superhero with a little assistance from her superhero alter ego El Deafo, which is based on the No. 1 New York Times best-seller and Newbery Honor-winning graphic memoir.

As Cece (voiced by Finigan) begins to lose her hearing, “El Deafo” recounts her journey to discovering her superhuman side. Making new acquaintances while attending school can be challenging. wearing a large hearing aid on your chest and having to do both? You need superpowers for that! With a little assistance from her superhero alter ego El Deafo, Cece discovers how to appreciate her uniqueness.

66. Ghostwriter (2019)

This children’s mystery television program is a revival of a similar program from the 1990s. The four teenage detectives in the television show investigate murders and mysteries in their local area. They receive guidance from an ephemeral entity suitably termed Ghostwriter and a made-up person it unleashes into the universe.

67. Helpsters (2019)

Cody and his group of animated creatures who enjoy solving issues are the stars of Helpsters. The Helpsters can figure out anything since everything begins with a plan, whether it be organizing a party, scaling a mountain, or learning a magic trick. The first TV show produced by Apple and Sesame Workshop is called Helpsters.

68. Pretzel and the Puppies (2022)

Mark Duplass (The Morning Show) and Nasim Pedrad lend their voices to the preschool-aged cartoon sitcom Pretzel and the Puppies (Saturday Night Live).

The original series is a new tale about the contemporary dog family headed by stay-at-home dad Pretzel, his five adorable Dachshund puppies, and mom Greta, the mayor of Muttgomery. It is based on the beloved dog from the classic book *Pretzel by award-winning authors Margret and H.A. Rey, creators of “Curious George.”

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