Pawn Stars Do America Filming Locations: Exploring Different Cities In The US

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Pawn Stars Do America Filming Locations
Pawn Stars Do America Filming Locations

Rick Harrison and crew visited eight different locations across the U. S. in the History TV spinoff Pawn Stars Do America after shooting more than 600 episodes at their Renown Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Corey Harrison, Rick Harrison, and Austin “Chumlee” Russell are the three stars of the reality television show Pawn Stars, which has been entertaining viewers since 2009. 

As its stars travel the country in quest of rare items, Pawn Stars Do America raises the potential of the show visiting a town near you. Rick Harrison and his group offer the opportunity for people to have their treasures valued in each place they travel to.

If Rick and the gang are incredibly lucky, they may decide to purchase the stuff right away. The Pawn Stars are followed in each two-hour episode as they look for priceless treasures and antiquities. Furthermore, Rick says, viewers will witness “all sorts of strange stuff” in this new spinoff series.

Pawn Stars Do America Filming Locations

The Pawn Stars cast travels the nation in search of unique things while simultaneously interacting with the show’s devoted viewers. The following cities were used to film the History TV series: Savannah, Georgia;  Denver, Colorado; Valley Forge, Pennsylvania; Seattle, Washington; and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Star Hill Ranch in Austin Texas
Star Hill Ranch in Austin, Texas

Rick says that he and his coworkers would shoot “12 hours every day” and “sometimes we were shooting 16 hours.” His journey across America’s highlights included: Major treasures, according to Rick, including the autographed portrait of Ernest Hemingway and the handwritten note from George Washington. Rick enjoyed exploring the unique cities’ attractions when he wasn’t filming Pawn Stars Do America.

Let’s now join the Pawn Stars on their road journey throughout America and get an in-depth description of every individual location that is featured in the History TV show!

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The team of “Pawn Stars Do America” season 1 was seen filming some important scenes in and around Austin over the course of production. They specifically used the Star Hill Ranch property, which is located at Bee Cave.


The filming of “Pawn Stars Do America” was also done in Denver, the capital and largest city of Colorado, where the trio was making a brief stay. Denver, located in the West of the country, is rated as a Beta world-class city.

Washington DC

The locations in and around Washington, DC, the country’s capital city and the federal district, are also used by the stars and crew of “Pawn Stars Do America.” It appears that some shots were filmed at Mike’s Restaurant & Crabhouse in Riva, which is located just east of the capital at 3030 Riva Road.

San Francisco

Another important location for the filming of “Pawn Stars Do America” is San Francisco, one of the most populated cities in California. It appears that the camera crew set up shop in Andrew England’s store at 777 Beach Street as well as in and around Sam’s Anchor Cafe for the first season of the show.

San Francisco, California
San Francisco, California


Additional scenes for “Pawn Stars Do America” were shot in and around Savannah, the oldest city in Georgia. Additionally, a significant amount of the first season’s filming took place at Greensboro’s Oconee Brewing Company, located at 202 North West Street. It is located on the Savannah River and is well-known for its cobblestone streets, parks, and historical structures.


The crew also visits a few locations in Pennsylvania for filmings, such as Valley Forge, West Chester, Ronks, and Philadelphia.

In particular, several important scenes for the first season were filmed in the following locations: Greystone Bar Avalon, which is located at 116 East Gay Street, West Chester; Oyster Bar, 7 North Church Street, which is located at West Chester; Museum of the American Revolution, which is located at 101 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia; Dutch Haven Shoo-Fly Pie Bakery, which is located at 2857 Lincoln Highway A, Ronks; and Royal Boucherie, which is located at 52 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia.

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The pawn stars stopped in Seattle, Washington, a maritime city on the US West Coast, to begin their road journey for the first season. They apparently shot some important scenes in places in and around Space Needle and Glass Eye Studio.


To complete their cross-country journey for the first season of Pawn Stars, the stars made their way to Winston-Salem. The filming crew set up camp at a number of locations within and around the city, namely Robert Hall in Winston-Salem, as well as the Richard Petty Museum in Randleman.

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