Is Camryn Grimes Pregnant? The Animal Kingdom Actress Sparks Rumors of Expecting A Baby

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Animal Kingdom

Is Camryn Grimes pregnant? Yes, we are talking about the Animal Kingdom actress, who is currently making headlines for dropping a Christmas Holiday bombshell. Fans are highly excited. But, with that, Camryn’s pregnancy is also something about which the internet went frenzy. 

Before getting into Camryn Grimes’ personal life, let’s learn a bit about her prominence in the industry. 

Starting from the basics, Camryn Elizabeth Grimes is an incredible actress. Born on 7 January 1990, Camryn is now 32 years old. She hails from Van Nuys, California. 

Camryn made her debut in 1997, with the legal drama series, JAG. In that, she portrayed Lisa Frankel. Haven’t you watched The Young and the Restless? For this, she also won a couple of Daytime Emmy Awards. Such has been Camryn’s excellence. 

Some of Camryn’s other notable acting credits are- Magic Mike, Mickey Saves Christmas, NCIS, Make It or Break It, Ghost Whisperer, and many more. 

One of Camryn Grimes’ latesworksrk has been her providing the voice of Tina in Hamster & Gretel. She was incredible! 

Coming back to Camryn Grimes’ off-screen life, at the beginning of this year, the actress got engaged. With whom? With her boyfriend of two years. We will get to that, later.

Knowing this, fans got very much convinced by the news of her pregnancy. Now, it is to see if the pregnancy rumors make any sense. If you are looking for whether Camryn Grimes is pregnant, here are your answers. 

Is Camryn Grimes Pregnant
Camryn Grimes

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Camryn Grimes Pregnant: How True Is That?

No. Camryn Grimes is not pregnant. In other words, we may say that the Animal Kingdom actress, Camryn is not expecting any child. What about her previous motherhood record? Well, the actress just got engaged for the first time in her life and doesn’t appear to be the mother of any baby. 

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In recent days, Camryn Grimes doesn’t look healthier than before. That’s the most common sign of expecting. Briefly, her belly doesn’t seem to be intruding. The actress has not posted or showcased anything such through any picture on her social media.

It’s evident, that the pregnancy news of Camryn Grimes is nothing but a hoax. Now, the question is- what’s the root of this? Well, we are unaware of this.

People love to gossip about their favorite celebrities. Now, it was the time for Camryn Grimes to be the victim. No evidence proves or even hints at Camryn’s pregnancy. Before sharing any news, make sure that it’s not fake. 

Concerning these pregnancy rumors, Camryn has not dropped any comment yet. She has not reacted. 

Moving on with her current relationship status, Camryn Grimes is now engaged to the voiceover actor, Brock Powell. He is popular for his work- Seinto Seiya: The Lost Canvas. 

Is Camryn Grimes Pregnant
Camryn Grimes and Brock Powell

The love birds dated for a couple of years. It was Brock who decided to give her a proposal surprise for her 32nd birthday. 

Camryn’s fiance, Brock appears to be very much romantic, and most importantly, very loving. His Twitter post said, “After nearly 2 years of staying inside, we KNOW adventure is out there. Can’t wait to travel the globe with you Red, but you’re already my entire world.” Even, Camryn made it on social media, receiving loads of blessings for her new journey. 


Camryn is believed to be leading the best days of her life. But, she has not opened up about having any plans. So, we are not sure if she is secretly planning to start a new family, anytime soon. However, we would love it if she does. 

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Best Wishes to Camryn Grimes for the upcoming days of her life. You may give Camryn a following on her Instagram account, for more updates. 

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