How to Watch How to Train Your Dragon in 2022?

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How to Watch How to Train Your Dragon in 2022?
How to Watch How to Train Your Dragon in 2022?

With the film released a while back, fans are still curious about how to watch How to Train Your Dragon. The film was released back in 2010. It is an animated feature that gives us the fantasy and action genre. Its plot is based on a book of the same name. It was written by Cressida Cowell in 2003. Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois directed the movie. The film is set in a Viking timeline.

Here, we see the focus is laid on a young boy who wishes to follow in the footsteps of some of the most iconic men of his Viking tribe. He wants to become a dragon slayer just like them when he grows up. This little boy’s name is Hiccup. The movie gives us a beautiful tale about how Hiccup comes across a dragon named Night Fury. If he kills the beast, Hiccup shall gain acceptance from his tribe. Although, turns out that he does not want to do that now.

Instead, the creature and Hiccup become friends. He even named the dragon Toothless. The film is much like the recent Disney release called Red. As for How to Train Your Dragon, it was a commercial success. The movie was made on a budget of just 165 million dollars. Upon its release, the film grossed over 494 million dollars. The film, after its success, attracted two more films as a sequel that were released in the subsequent years.

How to Watch How to Train Your Dragon in 2022
A still from How to Train Your Dragon

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The movie begins with us witnessing the Viking village named Berk. This place gets attacked almost frequently by none other than dragons themselves. They always steal human foods and livestock. Thus, a bunch of Viking men have become dragon slayers. We see the focus coming back to our lead character, Hiccup. He is 15 years in age and the son of their tribe’s Chieftain. He is ousted by his tribe when he applies to become a dragon slayer because they think he is too weak to do so. He later invents a few gadgets and tries to kill a dragon on his own.

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Through one of his inventions, he manages to trap a rare and dangerous dragon called Night Fury. Although, when the time comes for him to prove himself to his tribe and gain their trust, he fails. He can not bring himself to kill an innocent creature who has never done him any harm. This is why Hiccup sets the dragon Night Fury free. His father is furious that he lost an opportunity to prove himself and enlists him in a dragon slaying class. In order to know what happens next in the film, I suggest you watch the film through these platforms mentioned below.

How to Watch How To Train Your Dragon


How to Train Your Dragon is currently available to watch on Netflix right now. The platform offers a great variety of animated films in its content library. It costs 8.99 dollars a month to have the basic subscription plan of Netflix. The plans can go as high as 15.99 dollars for a standard version and 19.99 dollars for a premium one.

Demand Service

Amazon offers users to watch How To Train Your Dragon through demand services. The film is available to watch for 3.99 dollars rent. You can always buy the movie in HD for 9.99 dollars and be free from any sort of time constraints.

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