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Broadchurch Filming Locations Revealed! Is the Town a Real Place?

Broadchurch Filming locations

We are here to talk about the Broadchurch filming locations. Knowing where your favorite show or movie is shot is always a pleasure, and we understand that the readers want to know about their favorite movie. If you are also one of those people who take pleasure in knowing where a particular series was shot, this is just the perfect article for you. While it is not easy to visit the sets of all your favorite shows, we will reveal the information about a very hit ITV series Broadchurch. The show is also available to watch on Netflix. The show is one of the pioneering dramas which is famous for its gripping suspense.

While there are shows which talk about strong and gripping tales of grisly murders, Broadchurch is one show which brings the tale of a tightly knit community and how the people are affected by each other’s actions. When coming to the crime genre, British dramas certainly have the right amount of drama and mystery. Without further ado, let’s talk about Broadchurch filming locations.

What is the plot of Broadchurch?

Before diving into the Broadchurch filming locations, let’s back up a little. The series is a British crime drama that ran for a total of three seasons. The series received mostly positive reviews from the audience, and the show was a massive hit. Over the three seasons of the show, the town of Broadchurch is engulfed in various mysteries that are solved by the local investigators. The first two seasons follow the murder of an 11-year-old boy. While the third season follows the rape case of a local woman. David Tenant and Olivia Colman star as detectives on the show.

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Broadchurch Filming locations

While we have your attention with that gripping plot. Let’s talk about Broadchurch filming locations. The primary location for the show is the Jurassic Coast harbor village of West Bay, Dorset. The Bridport Harbour of West Bay is used for the visuals of the cliffs and the scenery it has to offer. The show is a visual treat for the viewers who primarily come from the West Bay area.

The various street scenes where we see the locals of the town interacting with each other are shot at Clevedon, Bristol. Tows of Charmouth and Portishead are other Broadchurch filming locations that were used throughout the three seasons. For fans wondering if the town Broadchurch is a real place and name? So, the town is not, in fact, a real place or town but is named after the combination of two towns, Broadoak and Whitchurch Canonicorum. Both the villages are located in West Dorset.

Broadchurch Filming locations

You all must remember the house where a major party sequence was shot in season 3. This was shot at Bridehead House. The house is situated on 16 hectares of grounds within an estate of 132 hectares. It boasts a garden, a pool, and a waterfall which was shown in the series’ third season. The show was available to stream on Netflix but has sadly been removed from the streaming platform.

That was all on Broadchurch Filming locations. Stay tuned for more such updates!

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