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How To Get The Spotify Festival Lineup? Your Own Coachella Poster With Instafest

How To Get The Spotify Festival Lineup: Your Own Coachella Poster With Instafest
Akshay Saboo

Anybody who utilizes social media sites like Twitter has probably seen a rush of postings with pictures of festival lineups. It displays a huge string of Spotify customers’ greatest tracks and gives off the vibe of real-life notifications; this is called Instafest. A third-party program called Instafest utilizes information from a Spotify profile to mechanically build and produce a fictitious festival lineup brochure. The performers on the roster are those you have already been enjoying to most, divided into a normal three-day event structure. Have you previously considered the layout of a musical festival that catered to you and only solely? You no longer have to, though.

The yearly overview of your individual Spotify sound experience, known as Spotify Wrapped, is a significant component of internet and digital technology and is highly awaited by many music enthusiasts. Social feeds have been inundated with The Wrapped recaps as family members and friends share the best musicians and tracks they listened to throughout the year.

However, a brand-new website named Instafest was created this year to transform your audio preferences into a visually appealing festival presentation! The visuals are a simple method to communicate your enthusiasm for the song to people and a lovely way to aesthetically examine your musical preferences. They are very simple to make.

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Getting Started With Instafest

Choose “Sign in with Spotify” when you visit the Instafest portal on your website. Use the third-party login services offered by Facebook or Google, or enter your login details. You may log into your Spotify account directly, through Facebook, or using Google. Permit the website to access your Spotify account. Keep in mind that you need to have been using Spotify for a while for the best results. It’s possible that Spotify was recently switched. Thus, the banner won’t have much information on it. Alternatively, you may be the one posting it. We’ve included a graphic below to give you an idea of how it will seem if you’ve been using Spotify for a time.

How To Get The Spotify Festival Lineup: Your Own Coachella Poster With Instafest

Spotify Festival Lineup

Setting Up Your Festival

You can choose the viewing duration you wish to use—four weeks, six months, even “all time”—under the “customize” choice to create your festival program. Choose one of the three fairly stylish alternatives for the background, including Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight, and Mojave Dusk. Akshay Saboo belonging to Southern California University, developed the app, which is now available and relatively simple. According to Saboo, it was while contemplating Coachella that the concept of Instafest first occurred to him. There seem to be three periods to pick from if you don’t like the playlist you receive for the first thing: the previous four weeks of playing, the last six months, or even forever, so do not hinder yourself from choosing whatever you like.

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The new program called Instafest will create a music event banner for you depending on personal Spotify playing patterns to a TechCrunch article. The Instafest application also calculates what it refers to as a “Basic Score,” which might make you feel good about your taste in obscure music.

The lesser your number, the more niche your music event is. Afterward, when the poster has now been made, you may choose to change the name of your music event, conceal or display your identity, and disclose or hide your Basic Score. If you wish to cease supporting this app, you may revoke access by following this approach. Saboo intends to add compatibility for streaming music providers like Deezer, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music in the future.

How To Get The Spotify Festival Lineup: Your Own Coachella Poster With Instafest


Enjoy Your Instafest Experience

Choose between Download and Share. If you’re utilizing the application on a desktop, downloading the image preserves it. Choosing Share > Save Picture on either a cellphone will save the picture to your photo stream. Then, you can decide whether to send the picture by direct text message to a contact or by posting it on a website for social media.

While Spotify has been the preferred music streaming provider for Instafest users, other services are also supported by the website. Instafest integrates with both Spotify and Last. fm. Apple Music will be the next provider you can utilize Instafest with, according to Saboo. Instafest and Apple Music are not now compatible; however, this will soon change.

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