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How To Get The Spotify Pie Chart?

How To Get The Spotify Pie Chart?
How To Get The Spotify Pie Chart?

If you have Spotify, then you’re going to love this new trend. There’s a new way to see how you distribute your time on this app. So, instead of waiting to see how was your year on the app, you can get this pie chart to break it down for you. Here’s how to get the Spotify pie chart.

After you read this article, you and your friends will be sharing this chart and see which artists and podcasts are taking your attention on the popular audio app. Furthermore, you’ll learn a thing or two about pattern recognition and the importance of data collection in the digital age. So come with us as we’ll take you on this ride for a pie chart.

What Is The Spotify Pie Chart?

The Spotify Pie Chart is a social media trend that analyzes your behavior on Spotify and breaks it down visually on a circular statistical visual graphic —a diagram sector is a technical name— also called a pie chart. Developed by a dude named Darren Huang on GitHub, it studies and organizes your listening patterns on Spotify and puts it in a very shareable manner.

How to get the spotify pie chart?

Jump in on the trend, but learn the caveat!

That way, you can see every single genre, artist, and song you’ve listened to over a certain period of time. Moreover, if you’re on Twitter, you’ll notice the hashtags #MySpotifyPie and #SpotifyPie trending, and you’ll notice how users share their listening patterns all over social media.

The Caveats Of The Spotify Pie Chart

While having your Spotify Pie baked and shared on Twitter, IG and TikTok make you trendy and cool. There’s also a major caveat to this trend. One that many people aren’t seeing because they’re not privacy-wary or not caring enough about the handling of Big Data. You see, this seemingly innocent website that Mr. Darren Huang made, is nothing more than a glorified big data collection.

It tells him and those he wants to share it, sell it, —and market the living hell out of it— your behavior on Spotify so they can target you with promotions, ads, and whatever other kinds of spam you try to avoid your way. Now, if you’re cool with that, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you don’t want to be pestered or have your private business sniffed around by those you don’t know —especially in an era where Big Tech isn’t privy to ethical data management— watch out.

Big Data = Big Money

Data is becoming increasingly important to businesses and organizations as they look to gain insights into their customers, operations, and financial performance. The vast amount of data being generated is growing exponentially, and the ability to effectively analyze this data is critical to unlocking its value.

Organizations are turning to big data solutions to help them make sense of the vast amounts of data being generated. Big data solutions can process large volumes of data quickly and provide insights that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to obtain.

The financial benefits of big data have been well documented. Organizations that are able to effectively utilize big data have been able to increase revenues, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency.

How to get the spotify pie chart

Your data might be monetized!

If It Were Me, I’d Wait For Spotify Wrapped.

In light of this, I’d love to see how Spotify reacts to this trend. But considering just how corrupt Big Tech is, I’ll wait it out. To be frank, Spotify already knows what you do and your listening habits within their app. And every year, they give you the chance to share it with other people. What Mr. Huang did was essentially roll out Spotify Wrapped six months earlier.

If it were me, I’d wait it out until Spotify Wrapped comes out in late December and jump on that trend again. After all, that’s one that everyone does, it’s safer, and it eventually, it even has much nicer æsthetics than the basic pie chart that the current GitHub app offers. Moreover, with the current popularity of the trend, it’s only a matter of time before Spotify rolls out a shareable version straight from the app.

How To Get The Spotify Pie Chart?

First, you must go to the Spotify Pie Chart website. Second, you will provide that third-party website with your Spotify credentials. Bear in mind you’ll have to agree to share your data with that site. After that, the website will analyze your behavior in the app. Then, you will have your Spotify chart ready to share with your contacts on your social media platforms. That’s it.

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