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GAP The Series Episode 12: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

GAP The Series Episode 12 preview
GAP The Series Episode 12 Release Date

GAP The Series Episode 12’s release date is finally here. The fans of this girls’ love story are excited to learn what their favorite show will bring with its final episode. This post contains the most recent and detailed information about GAP The Series episode 12’s release date and a streaming guide.

But before moving on to these episodes’ details, we will recap Episode 11, so here it goes. We noticed that Mon declined Sam’s proposal since she is a social outcast. Cher and Risa attempt to cheer up Mon. Mon says that because of the social class differences between her and Sam, she is sometimes odd around her.

Risa explains to her that while she and Cher also have many problems, they don’t let love stand in the way of their relationship. Even though the scenario was dangerous, they survived because they were together. They advise her that nothing should prevent her from loving Sam.

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Recap of episode 11 of Gap: The Series

We also saw that Sam’s grandma calls her to say that Kirk wants to speak with her but is informed that she is away with friends. Sam abruptly ends the call, which makes the elderly grandmother sad. Kirk responds to her by saying that as long as Sam is content, he is alright.

GAP The Series Episode 12 preview


Grandma makes fun of him for allowing Sam to cheat on him and says she will handle the situation. Mon goes to Sam as she is sad while sitting on the beach. They both argue. Tee and Yuki arrive and make fun of Sam and Mon for arguing.

In the evening, everybody gets ready for dinner. Later, Sam rushes to help Mon after she stumbles as they make their way to the dinner. She inquires whether she is in pain, and Mon responds that she was merely acting to attract Sam’s attention. Sam becomes angry, but they reconcile.

Together, they illuminate lanterns as Mon declares her love for Sam. Then, Mon asks her to marry her, and they both cry. They exchange rings and dance while everyone applauds. Mon and Sam strolled along the beach the following day while posing for pictures wearing their wedding bands.

They come across Neung, who calls them, but Sam is annoyed that she never got in touch. Neung claims that she was unable to because of her struggle. Sam suggests that when she left, Song felt more pressure, which ultimately caused her to pass away.

GAP The Series Episode 12 preview

Sam and Mon.

Grandma, who recently received pictures of Mon and Sam, is confused and angry. Next, we see that Sam and Mon travel back to Bangkok. Sam leaves for work while Grandma visits. She asserts that Mon had secret plans to enroll in the same high school and university as Sam to become close to Mon.

She tells Mon to leave Sam and questions whether the two women can love one another. Kirk is then informed by the grandma that she has taken care of Mon. Sam goes home after leaving the office but discovers that Mon is missing.

Mon is with Nop, complaining about Grandma and her archaic morals. After hearing Sam’s calls several times, he urges Mon not to fret about her. She praises him for standing by her, and he assures her that despite their challenges, love will triumph.

GAP The Series Episode 12 preview

Sam and Mon.

Sam visits Mon at her own home, where she is with Nop, who has already left. Mon is questioned about what’s wrong and urged not to mince words. They cry as Mon explains that her grandmother told her to abandon her. Sam regrets failing to protect her and subjecting her to her family’s conflict. She commits to fixing it by speaking with her grandma. She then visits her grandmother to sort this out!

GAP: The Series Episode 12 Release Date

GAP The Series episode 12 will release at 10 pm EST on 11 February 2023 through HD Channel 3 in Thailand. However, viewers outside of Thailand can also watch the program.

Episode 12 will debut at 10:00 am ET in the US and 3:00 pm GMT in the UK a day later. It will be shown in three countries: India at 8:30 pm IST and Australia the following morning at 2:00 am. AEDT on 12 February 2023, and Canada at 11:30 am NT. 

Where to watch GAP: The Series episode 12?

Episode 12 of GAP the series, will premiere on Channel 3. There are other streaming choices, such as GMM One, if you missed this episode on the original streaming channel. But GMM One has a membership requirement.

On the other hand, GAP The Series episode 12 will stream without charge on Idol Factory’s account on YouTube (@IDOLFACTORY). The Chinese online video service iQIYI will also stream episode 12 of the GAP series.

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