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GAP The Series Episode 11: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

GAP The Series Episode 10 recap
GAP The Series Episode 11 Release Date

GAP The Series Episode 11’s air date is here. Time to unpack all that we should before it drops. This Thai play aims to investigate a range of genres, including tragedy, comedy, romanticism, and entertainment shows. It draws inspiration from “GAP: Pink Theory,” one of “Jao Pla Noimost’s well-read stories on the blog

Both characters make their dramatic debuts in this story: Freen as Sam, performed by actor Sarocha Chankimha, and Becky as Mond, portrayed by heroine Becca Patricia Armstrong. Gap Saint Suppapong is the show’s filmmaker & executive producer.

If you’re looking for the ideal lesbian intimacy that makes you think of “Blue” or a girl romance serial, GAP The Series is the perfect series for you. But in this article, we’ll learn everything there is to know about GAP The Series Episode 11. Mond & Sam, two gals, are the primary protagonists.

Gap The series season 1: A brief recap

At the show’s beginning, Sam and Mon can be seen kissing, and imagine who else sees them besides Kade. She also speaks up on her own, and Kade knows that everyone else is aware of all this. Jim and the rest of the group are shocked when Kade dashes out to tell them they kissed.

GAP The Series Episode 10 recap

GAP The Series S1 recap’s still.

They were shocked and doubted whether they had genuinely kissed when they suddenly emerged in front of everyone. Afterward, Sam doesn’t say much, although she notes that everyone finds it amusing how those closest to them behave.

The scenario is then made funny as everyone in attendance pulls their punches. When Jimm was being comical and said that anyone might hug Mon, Sam took it very seriously and smacked her, telling her, “You’re being stupid,” before approaching her and kissing Mon.

The discussion heats up as a result, and everyone gets irritated. Sam overstepped his bounds. After that, Mon informs Sam that she must express her regrets because everything she has done is wrong. Sam concurs.

GAP The Series Episode 10 recap

GAP The Series S1’s still.

She apologized to Jim by text while Mon had been at work for whichever Sam had done. She was shocked when she replied that she was feeling better and in a good mood.

Jim then told her that everything among them had been settled after her apology and a previous trip to her school. She funnily teases Mon by saying that Sam embraced her to mend fences. Mon gets irritated. Sam contacts Mon at her cabin and inquires about what is wrong and why she failed to answer her calls.

Sam asked Mon to do something, but since she was still angry with her, Mon rejected it. Then, we see a conversation between Mon with Nopp in her house, during which Nop shows his sincere concern for her.

GAP The Series Episode 10 recap

GAP The Series Episode 11’s cast.

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GAP The Series Episode 11 Release Date

In the upcoming days, GAP The Series, a hugely popular Thai television drama, will be presented on your TV screens in its upcoming episode. GAP The Series Episode 11 will release On Saturday, February 4, 2023, at 10:00 am EST, HD Network Channel 3 in Thailand. However, the program is also accessible to viewers outside of Thailand.

The show will be available on the same day at 10:00 am ET in the US and 3:00 pm GMT in the UK. It will be available for viewing in Canada at 11:30 am NT, in India at 8:30 pm IST, and in Australia the following morning at 2:00 am AEDT. Check the show’s times according to your time zone and nation.

Each episode of GAP The Series lasts approximately 50 to 55 minutes. Additionally, “GAP The Series” now has 12 episodes in all, and its finale will run on February 11, 2023. Learn how and where to watch Episode 11 of GAP The Series by reading this article.

How do I watch episode 11 of GAP the series?

Channel 3 is “GAP The Series” original network; hence a new episode will formally debut there. It is a high-definition Thai channel with excellent quality. If you missed an episode on the original streaming channel, there are additional options, such as GMM One. GMM One, though, demands membership.

The episodes of GAP The Series, however, are available for free viewing on Idol Factory’s official YouTube account (@IDOLFACTORY). Another choice for streaming is the Chinese internet video platform iQIYI, where you may access the majority of well-liked Asian entertainment.

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