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Basketball Wives Season 10 Episode 10 Recap: Brandi Doesn’t Trust Malaysia

How To Watch Basketball Wives Season 10
Basketball Wives Season 10 Episode 10 - Malaysia

The drama that is taking place in the current season has sparked a lot of discussion among Basketball Wives fans. A few of the LA cast members have come back. This comprises DJ Duffey, Brooke Bailey, Brittish Williams, Brandi Maxiell, and Angel Brinks. It’s interesting to see that Malaysia Pargo hasn’t benefited from their comeback. She and Brandi actually had a fight a few years ago. Malaysia thinks that Brandi’s anger about her termination was the root of the problem.

Brandi admitted to the other women that she still had her doubts about Malaysia, despite the idea that they had worked things out in the most recent episode. As soon as it became known that Malaysia attended Jennifer Williams’ event with a person who dated Tyreke Evans, an ex-girlfriend of Angel Brinks, she called Malaysia out for it. Tyreke and Angel split up years ago. Nevertheless, they do have a kid together.

Malaysia revealed to the other women that she had only recently learned about her friend’s relationship with Tyreke. The other women, however, weren’t pleased with this at all. Brittish was perhaps the most vocal. Malaysia made the decision to leave the gathering before returning to her old ways. Zell Swag is one person who still has Malaysia’s best interests in mind. He happened to come for Brittish just after episode aired.

Basketball Wives Season 10 Episode 10 Recap

Brandi was hit with a glass bottle during the fight involving the Dorsey sisters, Duffey and Brooke. Brooke argues that throwing a cup was a mistake because it significantly escalated the situation in a green screen interview. Duffey sobs after Nia and Noria are escorted away by security to settle down. She expresses her disgust with what just happened to Malaysia.

Basketball Wives Season 10 Episode 10

Basketball Wives Season 10 Episode 10 Recap

The group receives an apology from Brooke for the champagne she threw at the sisters. And Jennifer immediately reminded everyone that they really are all a work in progress. As the negative energy fades, Brandi admits to Malaysia about her recent health crisis, and Malaysia expresses her desire for Brandi to never experience cancer again. Without being forced by the group, both women decide to talk.

Later, Brittish and Brooke inform Jackie that the sisters are out of control and they don’t want to be around them anymore. Duffey informs Iman that she is no longer interested in retiring when she gets back to LA. Duffey makes it apparent that she will choose her own career path, which makes him unhappy. Additionally, she is releasing a record with French Montana.

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No More Silence

Brooke meets her father. She confesses to him that she and her mother had a heated disagreement about a minor thing. Brooke wants to talk to her mother about the drama in LA. Brandi and Malaysia have chat. They discuss Brandi’s father’s passing and her grief. They missed one another, and Malaysia admitted it was difficult for her to express herself when Brandi accused her of being aware of her father’s passing but being silent. No matter what, Brandi doesn’t want them to ever be silent again.

After a year of silence, Brooke and her mother can finally hug things out. After Iman hears Duffey’s first produced music, the two are able to connect. Since she won’t have to travel much, he supports her decision to pursue music. Duffey might decide to give up her DJ career in favor of producing. In spite of their recent outing, Brandi tells Brooke she doesn’t trust Malaysia after a good game of hoops at Angel’s house. Malaysia expresses her gratitude to Jackie for bringing her sister back.

Basketball Wives Season 10 Episode 10

Basketball Wives Season 10 Episode 10 Recap – Brandi

Not Interested In Friendship

Jennifer is building her hair products business. She goes to see Elgin Charles to brag about it because he works with so many famous people. He is also pleased with the quality. Brandi and Duffey reunite. Brandi claims that despite their reunion, she still doesn’t trust Malaysia. Currently, she is not interested in friendship. They can simply be polite. Jennifer hosts a launch party for her brand-new hair salon. Elgin and the ladies both come. Ashlee, a friend of Malaysia’s, travels with her. When Ashlee reveals to her that she once dated Tyreke, the father of Angel’s child, she is surprised. She knows Angel in this manner. Angel is not pleased to see Ashlee when she first arrives. Ashlee says to Malaysia that she and Angel never fought.

Malaysia In Trouble

When Malaysia and Ashlee take a seat with the other ladies, Brandi begins to question how Angel and Ashlee know one another. Angel says that Ashlee started dating Tyreke after her. Duffey, Brandi, Brittish, and Brooke criticize Malaysia. She is accused of being unorganized and of gathering individuals to stir up trouble. Malaysia is shocked to see Brandi so upset about this when she thought they were making progress. Despite Malaysia’s explanation that she only recently learned about Ashlee’s relationship with Tyreke, she is nonetheless criticized. Malaysia believes that some of the women were just looking for a fight. She makes the decision to leave before doing something regrettable.

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