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Are You Really Getting Married? Chapter 97: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

are you really getting married? release date
Are You Really Getting Married?

From the creator of “The World God Only Knows” comes another must-read piece of work. A slice-of-life, romantic comedy that goes by the name “Are You Really Getting Married?” which will make you feel good all over. Wakaki Tamaki is the author and illustrator of the manga, and it has been serialized in Big Comic Spirits magazine.

This romantic comedy is all about two socially awkward and introverted people, Takuya Ohara and Rika Honjoji. They share the same workplace, a Tokyo travel agency, but they hardly ever interact with each other. Takuya is someone who has problems responding when someone speaks to him because he gets extremely nervous and flustered.

Rika, on the other hand, has lost all hope of ever finding a relationship because she feels that no one would be interested in a weird girl like herself who collects rocks and read maps as a hobby. But all that is about to change when their company announces that to increase the number of travel interests from Japan to Russia, they are opening a branch in Siberia.

One person in the office will be unlucky enough to be chosen to move to the new branch, and it will be someone single so that the whole family need not suffer the trials of relocation. Takuya and Rika both do not want to get relocated, so they come up with an idea.

They told their superiors that the two of them plan on getting married soon, and hence they are taken out from the list of candidates who are shortlisted to be the one who is to transfer to the new branch. However, things do not get easy as the fake couple realizes that keeping up the act is much more difficult than they initially thought.

Along with that, Takuya and Rika start to develop real feelings toward each other, which only makes their situation even more complex.

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Are You Really Getting Married? Chapter 96 Recap

Chapter 96 is titled “What Takes You Back?”. In this chapter, Rika is all set to cook dinner for herself and Takuya. They were in the supermarket buying the ingredients for dinner when Rika asked why Gonda-san wasn’t in the office that day. Takuya replied that he was stuck in bed because he was exhausted from last night.

When Takuya picked up a vegetable, Rika reminded him that she was in charge of dinner that night and to leave everything to her. Takuya told her that he only picked it up because it was cheap. So Rika decided to buy it anyway. Back home, Rika told Takuya that she was going to make a hotpot.

Are You Really Getting Married?

Are You Really Getting Married?

She told him that it had been a while since she cooked but that one can never go wrong with hot pot. She began meal prepping and started cutting the vegetables when Takuya noticed that her hand position was a bit risky. Rika said that she didn’t need the advice and that she was good.

To that, Takuya replied that they weren’t advice but just whispers of the wind. When Rika resumed cutting, Takuya placed his hand on top of hers and told  Rika to move it further away so that she doesn’t cut herself. The two of them blushed, and Takuya quickly took his hand away, blaming it on the wind again.

Rika asked if Takuya knew how to make the petal-cut carrots, and he agreed. He showed her how it was made, and Rika asked if she could try too. Takuya held her hands from behind to teach her how it was done. But she got nervous, blushed hard, and messed it up.

Rika told Takuya that her mother used to give these to her back when she was a child. She said that even though her mother was busy, she was always doing a lot for her. Soon, the hot pot was all done, and the two of them got ready to dig in. It turned out to be delicious. Rika suddenly remembered her mother too much and told Takuya that she wanted to visit her.  

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Are You Really Getting Married? Chapter 97: Release Date

Are You Really Getting Married? The release date is usually divulged by the author through his Twitter account. Are You Really Getting Married? The release date of Are You Really Getting Married? Chapter 97 is on 12 February 2022.

Where Can You Read Are You Really Getting Married? Chapter 97

This manga is available to read on Book Walker. No official translation of the series is available as of yet. We can find various sites to read it, but none of these sites are legal.

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