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Rico To The Rescue Episode 6: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Rico To The Rescue Episode 5 recap
Rico To The Rescue Episode 6 Release Date,

Rico to the Rescue Episode 6’s release date is around the corner. If you have been watching this new HGTV show, you must have wondered what the upcoming episode will bring to the screen. This post will unveil everything you want to know, such as Rico to the Rescue Episode 6’s release date and streaming guide.

In the past episodes, we saw Rico assisting a family with a basement renovation overdue for more than a year. In another episode, we saw the team reconstructing a firefighter’s home, the process of which started almost three years ago. Even during this long period, many work-stop orders were imposed, which prolonged the construction well past the five-month deadline.

Rico intervenes and meets with the contractor and, along with his team, develops a strategy to complete the project. We witnessed Rico requesting the assistance of his knowledgeable crew as needed throughout the episodes. The group consists of lead analyst Matt Plowman and designer Poonam Moore.

As and when needed, Poonam enlists the cooperation of her regional suppliers and surprises the household with unanticipated rooms and kitchen remodel. In another episode, we witnessed Rico helping a couple with a stalled renovation and how he dealt with a contractor’s lack of attention.

Rico To The Rescue Episode 5 recap

A still from Rico To The Rescue.


Rico also advised him to do better. The third episode saw a family with very little cash left in their budget going to Rico for assistance in getting their A-frame cabin restoration back on track after their old builder left the work in between.

A recent TV episode saw a couple’s plan to turn their cellar into a playroom for their three boys. The plan goes wrong, and then they go to Rico, after which his crew steps in to assist their current builder in seeing the project through to its completion.

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What is the premise of Rico To The Rescue?

The presenter and contractor Rico León will save householders and needy families in Denver, Colorado, from dishonest contractors by resolving conflicts between the client and the builder and turning any incomplete project into a luxury home in this latest show. The show is said to be developed by Watt Pictures.

When questioned about the concept of this show, HGTV‘s chief executive officer of programming and development, Loren Ruch, said: Nobody wants to be stranded in a house that doesn’t suit them because the renovation was done improperly. Everybody wants Rico to be at their door when they need a remodeling rescue because he is trustworthy and honest.

Who will host Rico To The Rescue?

Rico León will be the season’s host, and he is on a mission to protect Denver residents from the webs of ruthless contractors after witnessing his parents’ negative experience with a deceitful contractor. He hopes that by doing this, his experience can help the crisis-affected families whose dream homes are being built behind schedule.

Rico To The Rescue Episode 5 recap

Rico from Rico To The Rescue.

Since his early 20s, the host has been involved in the field. He started out in the plumbing industry and later opened an emergency service branch. He currently owns two successful building and renovation businesses in Denver. The host expressed his happiness in joining the show by saying: I rose through the ranks quickly and discovered that writing contracts and assisting homeowners in protecting themselves came naturally to me.

According to Rico’s official website, over $306 million in property investment, building, commercial and residential development, and roofing have been signed, sold, developed, and overseen by the developer during his 13-year professional career.

He is also allegedly the first Latin American host to appear on HGTV. Rico explains his mission and motto as follows: “My parents were ripped off during remodeling, so I’m a champion for homes suffering from a contractor issue.” When I receive a request for assistance, I aim to end the dispute between the owner and the builder and go beyond to finish the project effectively.

When is the Rico To The Rescue Episode 6 Release Date?

Rico To The Rescue Episode 6 release date is March 11, 2023. Rico To the Rescue Episode 6 will premiere via HGTV at 9 pm in the US. Fans from around the world can stream Rico to the Rescue Episode 6 at 7.30 am IST (March 12), 1 pm AEDT (March 12), and 2 am GMT (March 12)

Rico To The Rescue Episode 6: How to watch

Rico To The Rescue Episode 6 will premiere via HGTV at 9 for viewers in the US, while the fans abroad have to match their regions’ local hours with the one specified above. International fans can stream the show via the HGTV app.

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