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Where is The Dog House Australia Filmed? All Locations Revealed

The Dog House Australia filming location
The Dog House Australia

Dog Hoomans assemble! We are here with The Dog House Australia filming location. In the plethora of shows and movies, there comes one show which just swipes you off your feet. The Dog house is one such show. If you have ever had a dog, a pet, or are an animal lover in general. This show will surely make you weak and cry hard. The stories about these cute little animals will just melt your heart, and you would want to adopt every single dog out there. There is no doubt that people just love animals, and dogs are one such animal who are adored the most. The saying Dogs are a Man’s best friend, was not created in vain. They are the perfect companion you can ever ask for.

What if a show talks about the various families coming to a dog shelter and adopting different dogs there? The show charts and records the various families as they go about the shelter who find a perfect dog for their family. The show is a very great initiative that mixes the reality TV genre. The show is surely unique in its conception, which is the main reason why it is doing such rounds on the internet. People just can’t stop gushing over the show and the dogs on the show, which are clearly the hero of the show.

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What is The Dog House Australia filming location?

Now, the main part. The show is shot at the Kemps Creek shelter in Western Sydney. Its exact address is 1605 Elizabeth Drive, Kemps Creek (Western Sydney). The shelter is open for all the people every day of the week. The timings to visit the shelter are from 10 AM-3:30 PM. People can visit the shelter and spend some quality time with all the loving dogs there. The perfect initiative and a very good way to spend one of your days at such a positive place which will keep on giving.

The Dog House Australia filming location is this dog shelter for all the two seasons. While you can not only get a dog or cat from this shelter, the shelter also accepts animals that you can no longer care for. You can also leave your animals and pets there in case of an emergency. The shelter and the people there will provide the best possible care for your pet.

The Dog House Australia filming location

The Dog House Australia

Can you apply for The Dog House Australia Season 3?

Since the show is all about finding a perfect home for these furry dogs, who respect a loving home. You can apply for the third season now if you wish to adopt a dog and feature in one of the episodes. The show has already released its two seasons on Channel 10.

The Dog House Australia filming location is seeking for all the families who can apply and care for the pets so that they can get a good and loving home. A win-win bargain for both parties. You will get a loving pet dog, and one rescue dog will find a perfect home. To apply for the new season, apply to the Dog shelter now!

That was all on The Dog House Australia filming location. Stay tuned for more such updates!

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