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Maino Net Worth

maino net worth
Maino, Credits: Deadline

Maino, the American rapper has been quite in the news after the video of him choking a YouTuber started getting hugely viral over the internet therefore now fans have this quest in their minds to actually want to know the real net worth of this American Rapper.

While it has always been said that rapper’s net worth is somewhat very huge and higher and therefore this question what this American Rapper’s net worth would be, fans really want to know the answer to this question.

Therefore, this article will give you all the information regarding how much the American rapper actually earns and was he ever jailed in his life and his recent encounter with a YouTuber which made netizens question the fact whether the choking and everything by the rapper was even real.

But first of all, you might not know who actually Maino is, well, he is an American rapper who is mostly not as much famous as ASAP Rocky or Travis Scott or Drake, but he has had his self of recognition and certain accolades that he has gained within the industry.

What is Maino’s Net Worth?

Everyone right now wants to know the real and the actual net worth celebrities have, even if the celebrity might not be as much famous as Maino. Well, here we are bursting some information regarding their actual net worth.

Maino’s net worth is actually $2 million, which is a little on the lower side, since the rapper has had mostly his career centred around crimes and controversies, it looks like he is a struggling rapper artist, who is making sure to raise up the level to attain a good and sound net worth.

Well, we cannot judge someone based on their net worth and similar to that Maino has had a pretty good share of his work in the rapping business, his debut single Hi Hater peaked at #16 on Billboard‘s Hot Rap Songs, while some of his other works within the same genre have received certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Thus he is a great rapper with a good and a great artistic style in the rapping genre, but in terms of his net worth, it’s pretty low which will be pretty higher over the coming years considering the kind of growth that he attains.

maino net worth

Maino, Credits: TMZ

Was Maino ever jailed?

Well, as said before Maino’s most of his career has been around crimes that he had committed in his past years. he has spent 10 years in prison for the robbery and also kidnapping he was involved.

He initially robbed and kidnapped a drug dealer for his drug satisfaction which ultimately lead him to prison for almost 10 years.

Also not with that, in 2014, the actress Mellanie Monroe alleged that Maino assaulted and abused her, but at that time the video evidence that was shown proved no assault that he had done to the actress and therefore he was released of all charges that were thrown on him.

Therefore considering the fact that he has done a good amount of pretty messed up crimes in his past life, proves the fact that with certain fame and name when one individual gets then the trap of drugs, sex, violence, and abuse becomes common in their lives.

maino net worth

Maino, Credits: People

Video showing Maino choking YouTuber Buba 100x Neck

While recently netizens seemed pretty showed when a video showing Maino, the rapper surfaced where he was seen choking the YouTuber Buba 100x.

When it was asked the rapper what was the scenario, was the video even real, he clarified that it was all staged and he was made to do that for Buba’s video therefore he was making sure that all the choking and every hurtful thing seemed real on Buba since they had to showcase the realness in it, as of they were actually fighting and as if he for real choked the YouTuber?

In the video itself, it can be seen that Buba is seen provoking the rapper to give him his chain which at the end of the day makes him really annoyed and thereafter he starts choking the YouTuber but the catch in this whole drama was that it was all staged and scripted which at one point made us all feel that it is actually real.

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