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That 90s Show Season 2: Will The Old Cast Return?

Michael and Jackie cameo
Michael and Jackie cameo

That 90s Show Season 2 was recently released on Netflix, and it’s safe to say that it’s been a little bit divisive. Some people have loved it, some people haven’t as much, and it seems like others felt it lacked to target audience. With the show introducing a group of new characters and honing in on the nostalgia, it was something that it relied on heavily and did work a fair bit.

But what’s with That 90s Show Season 2? Well, with that, I thought I’d take a look at all that’s out there, along with giving my theories and predictions on what I think could happen in the next season. We will also talk about who will be returning for the second season and if we will get the cameos from the OG characters.

In terms of That 90s Show Season 2 release date, the renewal status is currently unknown. When the show was originally commissioned for the batch of episodes that we saw, it was only given the green light for 10. So I imagine, based on the success of these first ten episodes, it will be the deciding factor if the new season is going to be released.

Netflix usually bases the success of a show on where it sits in the top 10 ranking of shows, the general reception that it gets from critics and fans, how many subscribers it draws to the platform, and the total watch time minutes that it generates on the platform too.

That 90s Show Season 2 Release Date

Based on where it’s currently sitting, it’s currently at number 3 in the top 10 and is being spoken about quite a lot. So that is a positive sign that it could mean that it could climb higher to number one eventually.

If the show is going to be released for a second season and get another installment, Netflix usually waits a few weeks to a few months to decide whether or not it’s going to be renewed. And then following on from that decision shortly after, it then gets announced to us, viewers. So we won’t have that long to wait to find out about its fate.

Leia in That 90s Show

Leia in That 90s Show (CC: Netflix)

If That 90s Show Season 2 sticks to traditional release dates and schedules, I imagine we’d most likely get a second season of the show in around the year’s time, as that’s how long it usually takes most shows to create their next season. So that would be around January 2024.

It isn’t a show that looks that expensive to make due to the fact that the set is quite basic and it doesn’t have much in terms of special effects, so that wouldn’t be a time constraint. So with all of that in mind, I’m going to predict a January 2024 release date for season two of the show.

That 90s Show Season 2 Cast

The cast was one of the main things that made That 90s Show Season 1 shine. Each character adopted a different personality and they each brought a different sense of dynamic to the group. With most of the screen time being about the characters, it’s something that’s embedded throughout the show and at the heart of it.

There were also cameos incorporated into it, which then back to the original show, That 70s Show, which brought out a sense of familiarity to this new installment. I think it’s safe to say that Leia, Gwen, Jay, Nate, Nick, Ozzie, Red Kitty, Fez, and Sherry will be returning.

That 90s Show Cast

That 90s Show Cast (CC: Netflix)

In terms of cameos that we could see appearing in the new season of the show, we could see Eric and Donna return again. This I think would make the most sense due to the fact that Leia would need a way of arriving at reading Kitty’s for the summer. It would also make sense for Michael and Jackie to return in That 90s Show Season 2 as well. Seeing as though they’re Jake’s parents and they only live down the street.

I feel that most likely see Fez again due to his intimate relationship with Gwen and Nate’s mother Sherry. Plus he also feels like he’s the character that brings the main sense of Comic Relief. I imagine there’s also most likely going to be a wide selection of new characters that we could be introduced to as the new season develops and more of the antics that the characters get up to in the summer unfold.

That 90s Show Season 2 Plot

With the first season of the show finishing the way that it did, with they are going back to Chicago, following on from an event for summer where she went on a journey of self-discovery. I think it’s quite clear to see what’s going to unfold over the course of That 90s Show Season 2.

In terms of the structure of the story, I think we’re going to see each season based on the summer that Leia spends with her grandparents. I don’t think we’ll see any of the school time that we heard of where we found out that Leia wasn’t the most popular person nor will we see it replicated on Gwen’s side. I think each season is going to be based around the holidays and there’ll be no academic side involved.

The main story that I think we’ll see unfold will be based on the love triangle or square that’s going to be formed around Leia, Nate, Jay, and Nick. With Leia confessing that she may have feelings for Nate instead of Jay, following on from them confiding in each other, and both feeling similar things from the person that they thought they liked, I think we may see them grow closer the next time she’s in town for the summer and then the news could break out to the rest of the group.

Leia and Nate

Leia and Nate (CC: Netflix)

This would then most likely cause a divide in the friendship group that we saw growing closer over the course of the first season. So it will be an interesting dynamic change.

With regards to Nick, I think we’ll continue to see her focusing on her studies and looking to get into a suitable college for herself. This will also most likely mean that she and Nate continue to drift apart. They may even have broken up by the time we see them the next summer due to there being a whole year of Nate feeling as though he’s not going to be with her in the future. Or even like he has a place inside of her future due to her being so uncertain.

The Group Won’t Be Together

With regards to Red and Kitty, I think we’ll see red not really having a main arc, but being the one that provides the harsh reality to a lot of people about a lot of different things. I think we’ll see him admitting his fearful nature and also his authority.

And then with regards to Kitty, I’d be able to see her enjoying having the house full again due to her seeing that she missed what it used to be like in the early episodes, and feeling like there was no life in the house before they arrived.

I also think we’ll see how she’s getting on with handling the new job as the school nurse that she took up at the end of season one. She was worried that she’d be too old and that she might struggle to keep up with the pace at which she needed to operate at. So it will be interesting to see if she sticks with the job or not. I think she will most likely stick with it.

Gwen with Leia

Gwen with Leia (CC: Netflix)

Gwen was very much focused on being there for her friends this summer and she didn’t have any kind of romantic relations with anybody. This led her to be frustrated with Leia in the final episode. So the next season could potentially see the shoe on the other foot and see how having to balance being in a relationship with somebody and also being with her friends.

However, it could be more difficult due to the fact that it might not be with anybody that’s inside of the friendship group. So they may not all hang out as much as usual. With the love square as well, the group may not resemble anything as we saw in season one.

Outside of the deepest storylines that will most likely have to unfold, I feel like we will most probably see the group getting up to more of the antics that we saw them getting up to in the first season of the show. Where over the summer, they go on to learn more about themselves, find themselves, and start to slowly become the young adults that they’re morphing into.

I imagine it’s going to be an exciting season. I just hope we get more than ten episodes, maybe 20 like the original show, as it allows more time to understand and connect with the characters. So we’ll just have to see what happens next. Unfortunately, for now, that’s all that’s known about That 90s Show Season 2. But I’m sure more information will be released as time goes on.

That 90s Show Season 1 Review

We all loved the cameos from the OG cast of That 70s show, but then we get to the question every reboot has “what happens when OGs are not there? How’s the new cast?” And the new cast, they’re fine I think. The thing that sticks out to me about these characters is that they don’t feel fleshed out aside from the archetypes they were created to be. The rebel girl is a rebel, the dumb kid is dumb and the weird kid is weird.

At least in the first season, they don’t get much depth outside of that. One of the kids in the group is Kelso’s son, and I don’t think he has a personality outside of being Kelso’s son. Even all the other characters are like, “wow, he’s Kelso’s son”.

Red and Kitty

Red and Kitty (CC: Netflix)

But I got some good news for you, among the new cast there’s a saving grace, Leia. If you’re going to get one of the kids right, I’m glad it’s the main character and she hits a good balance of feeling like the daughter of Eric and Donna while still having her own personality. She’s great, but not great enough to carry a season and that’s where Red and Kitty come in.

Kitty And Red

Kitty and Red are the glue that makes the whole show worth it. And you’ll get plenty of all that you love about Red and Kitty. Red has some hilarious lines, but there are also those moments of him being a genuinely good Dad, now Grandpa. The problem here, though, is that ready Kitty just bounces off of each other, it gets a little played out and tired by the season’s end because that’s like all you get with them.

The kids pretty much stick to themselves and you have the odd episode of Ozzie hanging out with Kitty, but for the most part, it’s just them too. They solve this problem early on by having them interact with the OG characters, Eric and Donna, Fez, and Bob. And that’s all fantastic, it’s great, and I want a lot more of that.

But there is the slump throughout in the middle of the season where it’s just them, all the OG characters are on vacation or something like that, and it just gets a little tired. And I feel like any character dynamic would even be between the best characters if it was just them the whole entire time.

The OG Cast

One of the best episodes, if not the best episode in the entire season, is when Fez is in this bad relationship, and Kitty and Red are trying to get him out of it. That’s the whole entire episode, it’s not a small little cameo, Fez is there, and that’s great, but it feels like a remedy rather than a permanent solution to this problem.

But that brings me to my next part, The OG cast does not stick around for really that much. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are fantastic for the two-minute scene, they’re here. I don’t expect them to be there all the time, but I think that if you paste the cameos throughout the season better, I think that would be way more worth it. Rather than you get Eric, Donna, Kelso, and Jackie in the first episode, and then you never see him again.

Eric and Donna

Eric and Donna (CC: Netflix)

Give me something to look forward to. Give me episodes where Kitty and Red are with Eric and Donna, then they’re with Kelso and Jackie, then they’re with Bob and Fez and all that stuff. Spread it out better throughout the season. And what really sucks too is we never really see them interact with each other.

Eric never sees Kelso or Fez or anything like that. There’s a brief scene with Donna and Fez. That’s like a minute long, it’s super weird and random. Give me a circle with the OG cast, why else are we here? Instead, they do this weird flashback at the end of the season where they just play a clip from That 70s Show.

Going back to the kids though, I think the actors all do a good job and I like that they’re actually kids instead of just 20-year-olds playing little kids. And I’ll give the show credit because, by the end of the season, they hinted towards there being more stuff to these characters than just their stereotypes. But it might just be too little too late.

With all that I said, I’m actually hoping for a second season. Yes, season one wasn’t the best thing in the world, but some of my favorite shows have had the worst first seasons. Oftentimes it takes a bit for the writers and the actors to find out who these characters are, and I think that could be the case here. And I think the acting and writing are good enough for me to give them a second chance.

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