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Bob’s Burgers Season 13 Episode 2: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Bob's Burgers
Bob and his wife Linda

Last Updated on October 2, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

If you’re a fan of animated sitcoms, then you’ll love Bob’s Burgers. The show is in its thirteenth season, and the latest episode just aired on October 25th.

Loren Bouchard created Bob’s Burgers, an animated American television sitcom for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series focuses on the Belcher family, consisting of Bob and Linda, and their three children Tina, Gene, and Louise. They run a hamburger restaurant and frequently go on excursions of many sorts. Bob’s burgers are excellent, and he appears to be superior than his competition in terms of quality, but his children aren’t nearly as effective as Jimmy Pesto’s in marketing them.

Bob Belcher is a third-generation restaurateur who runs Bob’s Burgers with his spouse and three children. Bob believes that his burgers are self-explanatory, and he isn’t afraid to try unusual things. Bob’s wife, Linda, originally supported his dream of owning a restaurant. However, as the business slowly began to fail, she lost hope. The constant danger of going out of business has taken a toll on her emotional state. Even though he’s constantly being harassed by Linda’s ex — who just so happens to be a health inspector — Bob tries his best to keep the grill going.

Bob's Burgers

Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers is a hilarious show that will have you laughing out loud. If you’re looking for a new show to watch, I highly recommend checking out Bob’s Burgers. You won’t be disappointed!

Bob’s Burgers Season 13 Episode 1 “To Bob, Or Not To Bob,” Recap:

In Bob’s Burgers Season 13 Episode, the family helps Mr. Fischoeder put on a play in an attempt to make Felix admit he committed a theft. Louise is jealous of Tina’s hands after she gets a manicure from the new nail salon. Meanwhile, Gene and Jimmy Pesto Jr. start a worm farm business.

Bob’s Burgers is a great show for the whole family. Tune in for another hilarious episode of Bob’s Burgers.

Bob's Burgers

Bob with his wife Linda and their children

Bob’s Burgers Season 13 Episode 2 Release Date:

The first episode of Bob’s Burgers aired last Sunday on 25th Sept 2022. And the next one, Bob’s Burger Episode 2 is going to air on 2nd Oct 2022. Bob’s Burgers is here to make your Sunday a Fun-day.

So, mark the date in your calendar and watch Bob’s Burgers with your family. And if you have missed the first episode, don’t worry, you can still catch up by watching it on FOX NOW.

Bob’s Burgers Season 13 Episode 2 “The Reeky Lake Show” Preview:

In this episode, When the Belchers go on their Labor Day excursion to Lake Erie, things go horribly wrong when they are trapped in their cottage hiding from whatever lurks outside. Meanwhile, Tina, Louise, and Gene put on a talent show for the other cabin guests.

Don’t miss an all-new episode of Bob’s Burgers this Sunday.

Something about the next episode “What About Job?” of Bob’s Burgers:

In Episode 3 “What About Job?”, we’ll see that When a school assignment about careers sends her spiraling, Louise imagines what her future may hold. This time the family is dealing with the loss of a job. Bob has to find a new job to support his family, but he’s not having much luck. Meanwhile, Tina, Louise, and Gene start their own business selling worms. Will Bob be able to find a new job before the family goes bankrupt? Tune in to find out!

Bob’s Burgers is a hilarious show that will have you laughing out loud. Go and get started with it Today.

Where To Watch Bob’s Burgers Season 13?

Bob’s Burgers Season 13 is available on FOX NOW. You can also buy or rent it on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and Google Play Movies & TV.

So, if you’re in USA, then these are the platforms where you can watch Bob’s Burgers.

But what if you’re not in USA and still want to watch Bob’s Burgers?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can watch Bob’s Burgers on Netflix. That’s right, all the episodes of Bob’s Burgers Season 13 are available on Netflix. So, if you’re not in USA, then head over to Netflix and enjoy the show.

Bob’s Burgers is a great show and you should definitely watch it. So, what are you waiting for? Go watch Bob’s Burgers now!

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