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What Happened To Joe Mixon? Answered

what happened to joe mixon
Joe Mixon, Credits: CBS

Joe Mixon is very much trending over the internet not because of his football journey or any of his professional football match achievements, he is getting popular right now for all of the wrong reasons.

He has been very much involved in crimes lately, apart from being a good footballer, he is also known for all the legal issues and the troubles that he has faced.

Lately, he is very much in news over the recent menacing incident that he has committed and people really want to know what exactly is the story, how he got involved in that, what exactly happened to him and everything.

This article will thus explain each and every detail regarding Joe Mixon and his recent legal charges that he has been going through, would he be getting arrested? that’s the question.

For those of you who don’t know much about Joe Mixon, he is an American football running back for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League. He has even played college-level football and therefore started his Cincinnati Bengal journey when he was selected in the 2017 NFL draft.

What Happened to Joe Mixon? Everything Explained

Joe Mixon has been a good professional footballer who has played and is still playing many successful games for the Cincinnati Bengals, but he has been equal resorted to crime a lot in his life.

From punching a woman to disrespecting a parking attendant to pointing a gun at a woman’s head, the man has done some pretty bad and abusive criminal activities in his life.

And still, recently he has been involved in a menacing incident when he pointed a gun at a woman’s head, he has been charged with showcasing violence. 

He even punched a female in 2014 which caused her to suffer greater facial fractures, till now he has been there in the Cincinnati Bengals, but he also faces a lot of criticism from social media regarding his presence in the team, since they considered Joe to be a criminal man who should not be playing for any team.

Apart from all of this, we can say that he is a good and professional football player and has been very successful on the football field, he is considered one of the top running backs in the NFL.

But despite all these controversies that he has done in the past, he is still in the team and is also considered a greater player who has established himself as one of the top backs in the NGL.

what happened to joe mixon

Joe Mixon, Credits: Sporting News

Arrest Warrant out for Joe Mixon, will he be arrested?

Well, recently on Friday the biggest news in the football industry came by that the charges against Joe Mixon have been dropped by the court. 

Initially, an arrest warrant was issued for Cincinnati Bengals for the Menacing crime that he committed in which he pointed the gun at a Cincinnati woman’s face.

Eventually, the footballer was being very aggressive with a woman and even stated that the police will not get him, she should be shot in the face, therefore taking that into consideration, an arrest warrant was issued.

But so far with the recent news coming by, the charges regarding Joe have been dropped which is a bit saddening in terms of the justice that should be provided to the abused woman, however, a serious investigation is also taking place in that regard and therefore we will have to see what will happen next.

what happened to Joe Mixon

Joe Mixon, Credits: Sporting News

What are the Legal issues that Joe Mixon has been involved in?

Joe Mixon has in the past been involved in a number of crimes, he has punched, abused, shoot and committed every single abusive crime.

In 2014, Joe assaulted Amelia Molitor, breaking her face due to which she was hospitalized and had to undergo intense facial surgery, Joe thereafter received a one-year deferred sentence and thus was ordered to undergo intense surgery.

Not only he has been also involved in assaulting a parking attendant in 2016 when after receiving a parking citation, but he also threw it into halves and pieces. 

But his biggest legal trouble is the menacing incident that he has committed when he pointed a gun at a woman’s face in Cincinnati, therefore a warrant was issued on the behalf of his name, but that too was dismissed on Feburary 3, 2023.

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