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Bed Friend Episode 6: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Bed Friend: King and Uea
A Still from Bed Friend (Credits: iQIYI)

The release date of the Thai BL (Boy’s Love) series, Bed Friend episode 6, has been scheduled. With the release of its previous episode, episode 5, the relationship between the main lead couple seems to have developed quite a lot with the introduction of a new antagonist.

On gaining a huge amount of viewership in each episode, the production company, Mandee, has made a recent announcement about extending the series by two more episodes. This news has made the fans of Bed Friend very excited, as they are eager to watch the additional two episodes.

Therefore, the series, Bed Friend, will now have ten episodes in total, in place of 8 episodes. The sizzling chemistry between the lead couple, along with some melodrama, has attracted a number of viewers into watching the series. Now, without any more delays, let us look into a detailed recap of the previous episode, episode 5 of Bed Friend.

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Bed Friend Episode 5 Recap

Bed Friend episode 5 starts with Uea and King lying down by the beach. Uea asks King to take care of him as he is drunk, but King says that he does not take advantage of a drunk person. However, Uea seduces King into making out with him.

The next day, when King prepares for a shower, he sees Uea grabbing clothes from the cupboard. King suddenly hugs him from the back, which startles Uea. King then apologizes to Uea as he forgets about the fact that he does not like back hugs and leaves.

Next, at the office, Uea and Jade are seen to be working when King arrives there. Seeing King silently proceeding to his seat, Uea feels weird and looks at him. Seeing King, Jade informs him that King’s mother has been looking for him and asks him to call her urgently.

Bed Friend: Uea and King

A Still from Bed Friend Episode 5 (Credits: iQIYI)

Jade also asks King about his whereabouts the other night as he cannot receive his mother’s call. Jade, guesses, on his own, that King might have been with someone. King agrees to it. When Jade shows his interest in knowing more about the person, King proudly says that it is more than a one-night stand, looking at Uea.

Later, when King messages Uea about meeting up at night, Uea gets reminded of King’s scratched back. He then asks Jade for a nail clipper. While cutting his nails, Uea cuts his skin by mistake, which makes King worried. Then King bandages his wound.

At night, King and Uea arrive at a restaurant to have dinner when Uea receives a message from his mother, which makes him feel disturbed. At the same time, King gets a call from his mother. He leaves to take the call; meanwhile, Uea keeps getting messages from his mother asking for money. Uea reluctantly transfers money to his mother.

After a while, King returns back to the table. He informs Uea that his mother has arranged a date for him, which startles Uea. When King asks whether Uea wants him to go or not, Uea tells him to decide for himself. An awkward silence prevails between King and Uea. At that moment, Uea feels sad as he gets reminded of the condition they had fixed – whenever they find the right person to be with, they have to end their friend-with-benefits relationship.

Later, while dropping off Uea at his place, Uea tells King that if he wants to stay alone, then he can go back to his own house. Right then, King denies it and kisses Uea. In the next scene, after sleeping together, when King is about to leave for a smoke, Uea sweetly asks him to skip it. King agrees to stay back with him and suggests going off to sleep together, which makes Uea happy.

Bed Friend: Krit

A Still from Bed Friend Episode 5 (Credits: iQIYI)

The next day, at the office, all the employees gather for a meeting with their boss. The boss introduces his niece, Krit to all the employees. As Krit gives his introduction, King notices Uea’s mood turning off. Then, their boss announce Krit as the new IT manager of the company, which surprised all the employees as they were expecting Bas to acquire that position.

Later, Uea runs into Krit in the corridor, where Krit personally gets to know Uea’s name and asks him to take care of him as he is new to the company. Uea does not feel good about Krit. The next morning, at a coffee shop, Uea runs into Krit again, which makes him uncomfortable. Krit offers to buy him coffee, but Uea insists on buying it himself. At that moment, King arrives there. Krit offers King a cup of coffee, but he does not accept it. He asks Krit to not get involved with them (Uea and King).

Next, after rushing out of the coffee shop, King tells Uea that he does not like the way Krit gazes at Uea. But Uea says that he cannot do anything about it. On being asked about the reason behind King arriving early at the office, King answers that if he hadn’t, then who would have protected Uea? Hearing this, Uea feels shy and leaves.

On reaching their workstation, Jade informs King that his mother called him again and told him her desire to send King on a blind date. Jade further asks King to inform his mother about the person he is actually dating.

On the other side, King teases Uea by leaning towards him, sitting behind Jade. At that moment, Jade turns around when Uea kicks King aside. Jade finds them to be suspicious but does not quite understand anything. King asks him not to interfere in everything.

Then, Jade asks Uea whether he should set him up with someone as he is single at the moment. Hearing Jade’s offer, King smacks Jade and tells him to stop being nosy and to let Uea make his own decisions.

Bed Friend: Krit and King

A Still from Bed Friend Episode 5 (Credits: iQIYI)

Later, Uea and King again run into Krit while entering the office after lunch. Krit stops them and asks them about the place where they had lunch. He asks them to take him to the restaurant next time. But King refuses him by telling him not to go to the same restaurant. Uea also seconds King’s words, which infuriates Krit.

Next, at the office pantry, King asks Uea whether he has feelings for Krit, to which Uea says that people like Krit are not his type. Then, King says that he can leave being a player if he finds someone he really likes. But Uea does not believe it. King further tells him to try him out before drawing a conclusion.

While leaving the office, near the reception, Uea and King share some funny yet sweet conversations. Later, both of them go to watch a football match, where they bet on different teams under the condition that whoever’s team loses will have to do everything that the other person orders. Ultimately, King, who was supporting Brazil, won the match. But he holds on to his wish, as he does not have anything in his mind at that moment.

Bed Friend: Jade, Uea, King

A Still from Bed Friend Episode 5 (Credits: iQIYI)

The episode ends with Gun suddenly asking King, in front of everyone in the department, whether Uea and King are secretly dating, as he has noticed King sweet talking with Uea frequently. This shocks both King and Uea. Then, Jade says that if they are secretly dating then, he will bark in front of the office entrance.

Bed Friend Episode 6 Preview

The upcoming episode will show King and Uea discovering their new preference for intercourse. On the other side, Krit will continue to do everything to come close to Uea, which will make Uea even more uncomfortable.

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Bed Friend Episode 6 Release Date

Bed Friend episode 6 will be premiered on March 25, 2023, at 10:40 pm in Thailand. For the international audience, the schedule is as follows:

  • Indian Standard Time (India): 9:10 pm, Saturday, March 25, 2023.
  • British Standard Time (Britain): 4:40 pm, Saturday, March 25, 2023.
  • Korean Standard Time (Korea): 12:40 am, Sunday, March 26, 2023.
  • Philippines Standard Time (Philippines): 11:40 pm, Saturday, March 25, 2023.
  • Australian Standard Time (Australia): 2:40 am, Sunday, March 26, 2023.
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): 11:40 am, Saturday, March 25, 2023.

Bed Friend Episode 6 Streaming Guide

Bed Friend Episode 6 will be aired on the Thai TV channel, One 31. The episode will also be available for the international audience for online streaming on the official YouTube channel, Mandee Channel, GagaOOlala (in some regions), and iQIYI App (in some regions).

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