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Shadow and Bone Season 3: Everything You Need To Know

Alina from Shadow and Bone
Alina uses her dark powers (Credit: Netflix)

Netflix’s highly acclaimed fantasy thriller drama show, Shadow and Bone, is finally back with its new season after a very long wait of 2 years. As fans almost lost their hopes when season 2 did not arrive on time, the surprising announcement by Netflix baffled all the Grishaverse fans.

With immense enthusiasm, the discussions about season 2 have been heated up on the internet, but what fans are more curious about is the possibility of season 3. So, here’s all we know about season 3 of the show, but before we begin, here’s a bit about your favorite American drama series, Shadow and Bone.

Inspired by the Grishaverse trilogy and Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo, Shadow and Bone has been the true gem for all fantasy-genre lovers. The show encircles the story of Alina Starkov, who discovers that she has some special powers which make her one of the Grishas who exist in her world.

When Alina discovers her purpose of being born on the land of Ravka (One of the countries that exist in Grishaverse), her life begins taking unusual turns. She soon gets to know that the citizens of her country are looking for Grisha, who can summon the light to destroy the fold and take over the darkness.  

Eventually, Alina is the one who can summon the sun, so all the citizens start worshipping her as a saint. When everyone from the neighboring countries discovers the truth about Alina, dangers start surrounding her. As Alina is new to the Grishaverse and has a lot to explore about her powers, she encounters many people and truths that turn her life upside down.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Episode 8

Alina Stabs Mal to acquire firebird powers (Credit: Netflix)

The first season of Shadow and Bone was released in the year 2021, and subsequently, the second season was released in 2023. As season 2 left fans with a major cliffhanger, fans are curious to know when season 3 of the show is going to release. So, read till the end to know what happened at the end of season 2 and everything about the possibilities of season 3.

Attention! This article consists of spoilers.

What happened at the end of Shadow and Bone season 2?

The finale episode of Shadow and Bone season 2 brings the rollercoaster of emotions, watch-worthy drama and fascinating magic that kept fans enchanted throughout. There are many baffling revelations made in the end, which almost destroyed Alina’s dream and hopes about her and Ravka’s future. 

The whole season two depicted the journey of Alina trying to find three creatures, the greatest amplifiers and one of them is the firebird. The baffling revelation that Mal is the firebird changes the whole game for Alina. As Alina who always loved Mal with her whole heart, when discovers that she has to kill the firebird to acquire more powers traumatizes her but she assures Mal that she would never kill him to destroy the fold.

However, the time arrives when Alina gets on the verge of destroying the fold to kill the darkling and his evil forces to finally reunite Ravka. Wounded Mal, who accompanies Alina on her whole journey, persuades her to stab him so that she can acquire his firebird powers to fight the Darkling. After obtaining the powers, Alina finally kills the Darkling with Neshyener’s sword and realizes that the danger surrounding Ravka may have ended.

Seeing that the love of her life is still dead, Alina does what she has to do to save him from dying. Alina asks Nina to use her magical powers to wake him up but nothing works on him. So, she remembers the Merzost powers that Baghra mentioned in the past. But she warned Alina to not use it because it comes with major consequences, yet, she uses Merzost to wake Mal up.

Nikolai From Shadow and Bone

Nikolai becomes the king of Ravka (Credit: Netflix)

As Merzost’s powers can be used against something more powerful, in the end, fans discover that Alina’s powers transform into dark forces, and even the new king of Ravka, Nikolai, gets infected by the evil forces as he sees his reflection as the darkling monster in the mirror. Also, Mal, who was supposed to be with Alina in the end, as per the books, leaves her knowing that he is a mere firebird who was supposed to be with Alina on her quest to summon the light. To know more about his real feeling for Alina, he decides to part ways with her in the end.

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Is there any possibility of Shadow and Bone season 3?

Are Alina and Mal never going to meet again? What will happen to the reunited Ravaka’s king Nikolai as he gets surrounded by the darkness? Also, how Alina’s dark powers are going to affect the future? There are many questions that hovering around fans’ minds, and they now cannot wait to know if the third season is going to release.

As mentioned earlier, ‘Shadow and Bone’ is based on the novels, so the first season was based on the first part of the novel Shadow and Bone (2012), and the second season covered Siege and Storm (2013) by Leigh Bardugo. According to the novels, the story of Alina and her country Ravka has come to an end, but the series does not fully resemble what is there in the novels.

Crows from Shadow and Bones

Crows from Shadow and Bones Season 2 (Credit: Netflix)

Many differences have been made by the creators to make the show more dramatic and intriguing. For Instance, In the end, when Mal leaves Alina in the series, the book depicts that they stay together in the end. The creators may have done it to come up with the newest season to portray Alina and Mal falling in love all over again, and just like this there are many cliffhangers left in the end that hint at the possibility of a third season.

According to Entertainment Weekly, even the spin-off show about the six crows is expected to happen, which will be based on The Six of Crows books. As the series has not covered everything from the books, the end certainly hints that the story has not ended yet and fans should happily look forward to the new season.

When the Shadow and Bone season 3 will release?

Well, there is no official announcement has been made by Netflix until now, but we can predict when the third season might release. If we consider the past release dates, fans had to wait for two years for the second season. As the second season was released in March 2023, the third season may release in the year 2025.

According to the second possibility, The first season was released in April 2021, and the second season was announced immediately in June 2021. But because of the pandemic, the filmmakers faced a delay in releasing the second season.

As the usual Netflix show takes 12-18 months to release the new season, there is a probability that season 3 of Shadow and Bone would release in Spring 2024 and the announcement about the same is expected to be made in 2023 itself.

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