Why Was James Comey Fired During the Trump Presidency? Explained

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Why Was James Comey Fired
Why Was James Comey Fired? (Credits: The Guardian)

Why Was James Comey Fired? American lawyer James Coney was also the seventh director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He was in the position from 2013 to 2017. The former FBI director came under huge controversy after former USA president Donald Trump fired him back in 2017. 

James Comey recently made headlines after he started that prosecutors might be facing intense pressure to come up with a charging decision about former President Donald Trump before he can again become the GOP nominee for president in 2024. 

Apart from politics, James Comey recently released his debut novel titled Central Park West. It is reportedly a crime thriller. While talking about the debut novel, James Comey admitted that he was never going to write a novel but got the much-needed nudge from the editor of his last nonfiction book. Comey added that his editor said that he loves to write and will be able to show people institutions that they don’t know but he does. Let us find out why James Comey was fired. 

Why Was James Comey Fired?

James Comey was fired after it was reported that the Former FBI Director James Comey violated Justice Department and FBI policies when he was handling memos that allegedly documented conversations with former US President Donald Trump.

Why Was James Comey Fired
Why Was James Comey Fired? (Credits: New York Magazine)

A report further stated that Comey had set a dangerous example for all the current FBI employees along with the many thousands more former FBI employees who also seemingly have access to or have knowledge of such important non-public information. The former FBI director later admitted that he was a bit numb at the time of his firing.

Comey recalled how he got a call from then-Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly, who also served as Trump’s chief of staff. Comedy revealed that Kelly was rather upset and emotional and wanted to resign from his position as he refused to work for people who would treat someone like Comey in such a dishonorable way.

James Comey has found a new passion in writing while giving his wife credit as he stated how his wife has a great story vision, which is much better than his own. The former FBI director revealed how they work together as his wife, Patrice, conceives of an idea for a story, and then they sit down over coffee in the morning and further talk about the idea. 

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James Comey Makes Shocking Revelations!

James Comey admitted that he found out about him getting fired in the most shocking way ever. Conway stated that one of the many great things about the F.B.I. is that they usually have some hilarious pranksters in that organization, and that is why he thought it was a scam by someone on his staff.

James Comey recalled how he was standing in the middle of the Los Angeles F.B.I. field office in 2017 as he was busy thanking employees along with support staff for their hard work. However, he was blindsided when he saw the television on the wall and there was news about him resigning.

The official. Combination of his getting fired came a letter from the White House in the form of a hand-delivered letter to the FBI headquarters in D.C. As Comey’s assistant had to arrange to get the letter picked up and scanned and later emailed to him in L.A., which took probably half an hour.

Why Was James Comey Fired
Why Was James Comey Fired? (Credits: The Hollywood Reporter)

Rudy Giuliani Talks About James Comey Getting Fired!

Rudy Giuliani addresses the whole issue while stating that former President Donald Trump fired James Comey because the former FBI director would not offer public assurances that Trump was not a target of an investigation.

The former New York mayor further said Trump fired Comey because he would not say that he was not a target of the investigation and believes that he is entitled to that. Rudy further pointed out that Hillary Clinton got that, and Trump could not get that, and that is why he chose to fire Comey and said that he was free of this guy.

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