Who Rules The World Episode 35 Release Date: Possible Death of an Important Character

Who Rules The World Episode 35
Who Rules The World Episode 35

Who Rules The World Episode 35 will be out this week, and we cannot wait as the drama is nearing its end and is becoming more and more interesting with every passing episode. We cannot deny that historical Chinese dramas have different magic which keeps us hooked on them. ‘Who Rules The World’ is no exception. Along with this, we do not expect any less from a Netflix series. Netflix has been releasing fantastic Chinese Dramas such as ‘Falling Into Your Smile’, and ‘Put Your Head On My Shoulder’, and all of these have always succeeded in making us smile.

The drama is a historical series that is packed with romance and fantasy. Well, this combination is definitely what we will never want to miss out on. The viewers find the show exciting and thrilling, and they are never bored by any episode as it is filled with comical elements now and then. If you want to know more about the release date and where to watch ‘Who Rules The World’ Episode 35, here is the article for you.

‘Who Rules The World’ Plot

The plot of the drama is very interesting. The story revolves around our male lead, Hei Feng Xi, for whom you will fall head over heels as he is the embodiment of perfection and has an attractive character. If you like a drama with a powerful female lead, then this is the perfect drama for you as our female lead Bai Feng Xi, is brave and very strong and does not like to be under restrictions.

Both of them are exact opposites of each other, but as we know, opposites attract each other, and so did our leads. They fell in love but had a big problem in front of them. They did not know that both of them belonged to two different clans who were enemies. So, they both kept their identities hidden from others. They always tried their best to stay alert and always be ready for any kind of attack, conspiracy, betrayal, and, to sum up, the battle of getting the throne for which people could do anything. This journey has been shown very beautiful, and of course, we love our female lead who could take on anyone and win. She is the embodiment of beauty and brain, and we stan her character.

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Who Rules The World Episode 34 Recap

Up until the 34th episode of ‘Who Rules The World’ we have seen that there is a huge war happening outside the palace, and Bai Fenxi has been stopping them bravely Meanwhile, Lanxi uncovers the treachery of Feng Ju to his father. And also, Lanxi’s powers have finally returned, and now Feng Ju is utterly scared of him. So at the end of the day, our leads saved the day. On one side Bai Fenxi fought off with troops, and on the other side, Lanxi disclosed the plot of Feng Ju and protected his father.

Who Rules The World Episode 35
Lanxi discloses that Feng Ju is a traitor

We also saw amazing fight scenes and adventurous moments where we almost forgot to breathe, and our hearts skipped a beat. And this thrill is what has kept fans anxiously waiting for the upcoming episodes.

‘Who Rules The World’ Episode 35: Release Date

‘Who Rules The World’ Episode 35 will release on May 15, 2022, at 8 pm CST. Now that our main leads have saved their kingdom, time for some chemistry again. We already know how much both the leads love each other, and we cannot deny that they will be perfect with each other. So we can expect a heartfelt proposal in the upcoming episode, which will make our hearts tickle.

But, the problems have not yet finished. We can also see a possible death in the upcoming episode of an important character, and fans are anxious to see what will happen. So be ready with tissues as the upcoming episode will be a painful yet beautiful episode with some thrilling action scenes which will keep you at the edge of your seats.

Who Rules The World Episode 35
Who Rules The World Chinese drama

Where To Watch ‘Who Rules The World’ Episode 35?

The original network of Who Rules The World is Tencent Video. International fans can also watch it on Netflix and WeTV along with English Subtitles. So get ready for a romance and action-filled episode and mark your calendars for the upcoming episode.

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