Who Is Naomi Judd’s Husband Larry Strickland? All About Elvis Presley’s Backup Singer

Naomi Judd husband
Who is Naomi Judd's husband Larry Strickland?

Here’s what we know about late Naomi Judd’s husband, Larry Strickland. Yesterday very disheartening news came out that music sensation Naomi Judd passed away. From now onwards, we will never see her again performing. And that news was confirmed by Naomi’s daughters. Wynonna and Ashley yesterday posted a story stating that the whole family lost a most important member of their family. Daughters also particularly mentioned that they have lost their beautiful, loving mother because of some mental illness. Now everyone, including so many co-stars and celebrities, is paying tribute to the wonderful woman. Celebrities like Hall of Fame CEO Kyle also posted a Twitter post stating that she is sending prayers to the whole family. She also mentioned that the whole music industry lost a legend.

Moreover, it is also found that Naomi Judd’s husband, Larry Strickland, is still processing the big loss, which states that Naomi’s husband is such a loving and supportive husband. After Larry’s big loss, everyone is now curious to know what will happen in his personal life. Will he marry again or remain single for the rest of his life and take care of Judd’s daughters. Well, Larry is not yet ready to answer any of these questions. And it seems very difficult for him to accept the reality that his wife is no longer in his life. Besides that, Naomi’s fans are now curious to know everything related to her family. That is what her husband and daughter do for a living and about their personal life as well.

Who Is Naomi Judd’s Husband Larry Strickland?

After Naomi Judd passed away, the person who found out to be most affected was Naomi Judd’s husband, Larry Strickland. After the death, Larry passed a statement requesting every news media channel and fans to give him some time and a little privacy as he lost an important part of his life. He needs some time to process the loss, and he will be unavailable to make any further statements or an interview. This clearly proves how much he loved his lovely wife and how much heartbroken he is right now.

Who is Larry Strickland: Naomi Judd’s husband?

Moving further, let’s talk more about Naomi Judd’s husband, Larry Strickland. Well, besides Naomi Judd’s husband, Larry is a singer who was a backup singer for Elvis Presley. Before starting his singing career, Larry served in the US Army for around four years from 1966-to 1970. And then, in 1974, he finally joined the group with Elvis Presley. While talking about Larry’s early life well, Larry was born in March 1946 in Raleigh, North Carolina. And besides being Judd’s husband, Larry is best known for his album titled Legacy, which was released in 2020. As of now, we only know this much about Larry Strickland as he never mentioned much about his family and early life.

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About Naomi Judd’s Marriages

Well, before getting married to Larry Strickland, Naomi Judd was earlier married to Michael Ciminella. And after she gave birth to two daughters, Wynonna and Ashley, later she decided to end her marriage with Michael Ciminella in 1972. After her separation, she settled in California along with her two daughters and later became a very successful singer with their daughter Wynonna. After successfully performing on so many shows and releasing so many albums, Naomi Judd again found the love of her life.

Naomi Judd and Larry Strickland
Naomi Judd was spotted with her husband Larry Strickland at an event.

In 1989, Judd finally got married again to Larry Strickland. Since then, she has been married to this great man Larry Strickland. And when she was alive, she mentioned that she was very grateful to have a husband like him. Moreover, when fans spotted them together, they also adored the pair a lot. As the couple always look madly in love with each other. And you will be glad to know that the couple also completed more than 30 years together before Judd died. And as far as we know, Judd died a day before her performance in the Country Music Hall of Fame, which is the saddest part for her fans and family as well. Lastly, we pray for their speedy recovery of Judd’s daughters and husband’s loss, and may this great artist rest in peace.

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