Who Is Klay Thompson’s Girlfriend In 2022? American Basketball Player’s Love Life Revealed

Klay Thompson girlfriend
Who is Klay Thompson's girlfriend?

What do we know about Klay Thompson’s girlfriend? Is the greatest shooter in NBA history, Klay Thompson, single or dating someone? Klay, who is best known for his shooting skills, is recently getting a lot of attention from the media. He is one of the smartest players and is a three-time NBA champion and five-time NBA All-Star as well. Besides that, it’s been quite a long time since he is not seen anyone. People are wondering whether Klay is again single or not. His fans are even rumoring about him that he is still with Laura Harrier. But the truth is not the same as we think.

So if you are here to know the truth, whether he is dating someone or not, you are in the right place. Here we will reveal the truth behind Klay Thompson’s girlfriend. Further, we will also reveal all the past relationships of Thompson as well.

Who Is Klay Thompson’s Girlfriend?

Well, it’s time to reveal the most asked question about Klay Thompson. That is about his girlfriend. Fans are more than curious to know whether he is single or dating someone. Well, let me tell you, Klay Thompson is most probably single currently.

Klay Thompson and Laura
Klay Thompson with his ex-girlfriend Laura Harrier.

As far as we know, he is not seeing someone. But we can’t be sure until Klay himself reveals it. But the chances are high that he is not dating someone. Or maybe he is dating someone and keeping it a secret this time. Because as per his past relationships, we assume that his luck in finding love is not as good as his luck on the basketball field. But after breaking up with Laura Harrier, it seems that he is not yet ready to be in a relationship again. As I told you before, we are not sure whether he is single or in a relationship. When we look at his social media handle, it’s been a long time since he hasn’t posted any picture with any woman.

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Klay Thompson’s Relationship With Laura Harrier

Well, we all are very familiar with the name Laura Harrier. Laura Harrier is an actress and a model who is best known to be the girlfriend of famous basketball player Klay Thompson. The couple earlier seemed very happy and madly in love with each other. And whenever fans spotted them together, they got so excited to see them together. They were also spotted spending holidays together. And spent a good quality time together at restaurants. The couple was very open about their relationship as they seemed perfect to each other. Moreover, this time Klay also believed the same that Laura was the one with whom he wanted to spend his entire life.

Laura Harrier
Laura Harrier is no longer in a relationship with Klay Thompson.

But things didn’t go as he wanted them to be. Like every other couple, Klay and Laura also faced so many difficulties in continuing their relationships. Again this time, things started to heat up, and their opinion about everything started clashing, which turned out to be a big fight. But after trying a lot to save their relationship, the couple failed. And in early 2020, the rumor about their breakup went viral, which left everyone in shock. And let me tell you, they started dating each other in 2018, and after dating for two years, it was found out that they are no longer together.

Currently, Laura is seeing someone else. On the other hand, Klay seems to be single at present. Besides that, there is one more confirmation that the couple is no longer together. That is, when we go through their Instagram following, both of them are not following each other.

Past Relationships

Before dating Laura Harrier, Thompson has dated quite a few women. And the first relationship of Thompson, which went viral, was with Hannah Stocking, who is an Internet sensation best known for her comedy videos on YouTube. And the couple dated for around one year, from 2014 to 2015. And after breaking up with Hannah, he found them to be in a relationship with Tiffany Suarez, but this time it didn’t even last for a year. And currently, he is most probably single. We are hoping that he will find someone soon with whom he feels at home.

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