Where Is Ten Percent Filmed? Places That You Should Be Familiar With!

Ten Percent Filming Location
Ten Percent Filming Location

Are you wondering about the filming locations of Ten Percent? Then here you go! We will be talking about the filming locations of Ten-Percent in detail. Ten Percent is a comedy-drama show which is the remake of the French show Call My Agent. It follows the dramas in the personal and professional lives of agents of Nightingale Hart, a talent agency whose founder died unexpectedly. After his death, all the burden fell on the agent’s shoulders.

The Ten Percent series was released on the 28th of April in the United Kingdom. To watch this series you must be a member of UK Prime Video. For watching the series outside the UK you have to buy a VPN. Apart from this, if you want to watch the original series (Call My Agent), then you will be glad to know that the original series is available to stream on Netflix.

Filming Locations of Ten Percent

Ten Percent is the remake of the French show Call My Agent. To give it the look of an actual show, the series has been shot entirely in London. London, which is the greatest hub in Britain for the entertainment industry, provided numerous filming locations for the series. The actual shooting of the series has been done mainly in Central London. 

In June 2021, cast and crew members were seen shooting at a European restaurant named One One Four. The address of this restaurant is 114 High Street, located in Teddington. This restaurant has been transformed into a cafe for the “Ten Percent” series.

Filming Locations of Ten Percent (Central London)
Filming Locations of Ten Percent (Central London)

The other primary location is Twickenham. Twickenham studio provided a number of wonderful extra places for the shooting including green rooms, costumes stores, hair and make-up area, and others. Moreover, Twickenham is a suburban district in London, situated approximately 20 km away from Central London. The address of this studio is Twickenham Studios London Limited at The Barons, London, TW1 2AW. 


The series follows the life of some agents who got stuck between dealing with celebrities and their families. They are the agents from talent hunt Nightingale Hart. After the unexpected death of their leader, they shared a common vision to make the agency run.

The series tells whoever is connected to the entertainment industry whether its stars, media person, directors, or producers all have to deal with enormous pressure. From the outside, watching a celebrity walking on a red carpet or acting in a movie looks all well but there are a lot of people involved behind the scene who have given their all to make the celebrity a big hit.

A Still from Ten Percent
A Still from Ten Percent

The agency Nightingale Hart has a star client, who is growing old. They have to tell her that she is growing old and could not act in any movies. But they hesitate to tell this as some of them think that it would be too rude to tell her and most importantly they don’t know how to tell her. In between all these, they also have to deal with their personal life. And they were struggling in every aspect of life.

The Ten Percent series is the remake of a French show but probably it would also give new twists and turns 

Cast and their Characters

The list of important casts of “Ten Percent” and their characters are as follows. Lydia Leonard is playing the character of Alexa. In the original series, this character was named Andrea Martel.

Jack Davenport is playing the role of Jonathan. In the original French series, the name of this character was Mathias Barneville. Saying that this character is fully inspired by the old series would be wrong, it is inspired by it but not fully.

Maggie Steed is playing the character of Stella. Prasanna Puwanarajah is playing the character of Dan. Harry Traveldwyn is playing the character of Ollie. And Hiftu Quasem is playing the role of Misha. 

Apart from the above-mentioned characters, there will be some supporting characters as well. In the list of supporting characters, the first name is Jim Broadbent. Other than him, Rebecca Humphries, Tim McInnery, Fola Evan Akingbola, and Eleanor Arnaud will also be seen as the supporting characters.

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