What Is OST In Kpop? Most Famous OST And Their Singers

What is OST in Kpop
What is OST in Kpop

If you are wondering what is OST in Kpop, then you have come to the right place. OSTs are actually Original Soundtracks. In simple words, we may say that these are the songs that are specially made for Korean dramas. These OSTs have an immense impact on how the viewers like the Kdrama and even directly affect its popularity.

An OST has a big role to play in a Korean drama. It might not seem a big deal at the first look, but let us imagine a painful scene where our favorite leads are heartbroken, but we can only hear utter silence. Well, this doesn’t seem right. If we add an emotionally relatable and heartbreaking soundtrack in its background, that intensifies the scene. This also adds to the artistic and aesthetic value of the scene.

The Korean drama world has released uncountable numbers of Kdrama OSTs and to think that they were specifically made for a drama really makes it much more special. If you want to know more about what is OST in Kpop, then here is the article for you.

What is OST in Kpop? – A Blessing

Yes, we can safely call the OSTs of a Kdrama a blessing for us viewers and fans. The soundtracks heighten the feelings and emotions of a particular scene, it connects our hearts with that of the character we see in the scene. And sometimes, an OST has become like a signature of a Kdrama.

For example, when you hear, “Every time, I See You”, you cannot resist thinking about the scene from “Descendants Of The Sun” where Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) comes walking from the helicopter toward our female lead. Well, that song makes us want to re-watch the whole series again. But this is not it there are several more songs that create a similar nostalgic feeling in us and rule our hearts, minds, and souls.

Do Kpop idols sing OST?

Yes, there have been many Kpop artists who sang many beautiful OSTs. You will be thrilled to know that a Kpop artist is even famous as the OST King in Kpop. Well, the artist is none other than our beloved Chen from Exo! The song we mentioned just above “Everytime” from ‘Descendants of The Sun’ is sung by him and Punch. He has sung many more memorable songs like “For You” in ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’. We also have amazing female singers who are extremely popular for their OSTs. These include Punch, who sang “Everytime”, and “Stay With Me” from ‘Goblin’ along with Chanyeol of Exo. Well, these were some of our favorite singers who sang very beautiful OSTs. Moreover, V, Jin, and Jimin from BTS too have OSTs in different Kdramas. The famous group Stray Kids too sang “Neverending Story” for ‘Extraordinary You’.

What is OST in Kpop
“Everytime” by Chen of Exo and Punch

Which are the most popular OSTs of Korean drama?

Now comes the question, of which OSTs are the most famous among fans, which did not let them forget their existence. First of all, let us welcome the extremely popular song “Stay With Me” of ‘Goblin’ sung by Punch and Chanyeol of Exo. After this comes “Everytime” of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ by Punch and Chen. In fact, almost all the OSTs of these both Kdramas are super famous and are evergreen soundtracks of all time. Recently joining the team of our favorite OSTs is “Start Over” of ‘Itaewon Class’ by Gaho. ‘Sweet Night’ too of the same drama sung by V of BTS has captured everyone’s heart.

What is OST in Kpop
Our Beloved Summer OST

Well, 2022 also provided us with an immense number of OSTs which we got hooked to. Some of them belong to “Our Beloved Summer” like its title song “Our Beloved Summer” and “Christmas Tree” by V of BTS. The list of our favorite OSTs is never-ending.

So we hope you might have understood what is OST in Kpop. This is the sweet taste of heaven without which, our Kdramas would feel very empty.

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