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What Is Ji Sung’s Net Worth In 2022? All About ‘The Devil Judge’ Star’s Career And Earnings

Ji Sung's Net Worth
Ji Sung's Net Worth

What is Ji Sung’s net worth in 2022? It’s the question fans are asking since Ji Sung has been confirmed as one of the lead cast for tvN’s upcoming drama Adamas! How can they not when the dashing Ji Sung has been working even in his 40s? He seems to age like a fine wine. Furthermore, his top-notch acting skills are like the icing on the cake. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Ji Sung has some famous dramas under his name, including All In, Save the Last Dance for Me, The Devil Judge, etc.

Ji Sung’s drama list is pretty long since the actor has starred in more than 25 dramas. Furthermore, his good-looking visual had led him to music video appearance. No wonder Ji Sung has been praised for his mature aura and stunning look. How can one forget his iconic Yona role from Kill Me, Heal Me? We must admit that no one could have done Yona’s role better than Ji Sung! Thus, his versatile acting has made him the recipient of numerous awards such as the 1st The Seoul Best Actor Award, 30th Grimae Best Actor Award, SBS Drama Daesang Awards, etc. Hence, it’s no surprise that Ji Sung’s net worth tallies in millions.

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Who Is Ji Sung?

Kwak Tae Geun, best known by his stage name Ji Sung, is a South Korean actor. He was born on 27 February 1977. Initially, Ji Sung was not meant to be part of the Korean entertainment industry. After all, his parents were expecting that he would follow their path and become a teacher/professor. However, after watching the American road comedy Rain Man and Dustin Hoffman’s acting, he dreamed of becoming such an actor. Thus, despite his father’s disapproval Ji Sung enrolled at the Hanyang University of Theater and Film department.

Ji Sung's Net Worth

Ji Sung

Finally, in 1999, Ji Sung got the opportunity where he made his acting debut with the campus drama KAIST. Afterward, he performed different supporting roles in various dramas such as March, Delicious Proposal, The Rules of Marriage, etc. The golden opportunity came with the 2003 drama All In. That was the turning of Ji Sung’s acting career. And thus, since then, the actor has worked in countless television shows, making his way to the top. He showcased his versatile acting in various dramas such as New Heart, Secret Love, Swallow the Sun, Royal Family, Innocent Defendant, Entertainer, The Devil Judge, and many more.

The actor Ji Sung also participated in variety Korean shows such as Running Man and tvN’s RUN. He has also done a great job in singing. Ji Sung has sung the drama Secret Love OST ‘Wuthering Heights,’ Kill Me, Heal Me OST ‘Violet.’ Thus, the net worth of Ji Sung shows how dedicated, hard-working and passionate he has been to becoming an outstanding actor!

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Who Is Ji Sung’s Wife?

Ji Sung is married to the South Korean actress Lee Bo Young. The lovers met for the first time on the set of Save the Last Dance for Me in 2004. However, no one knows how long Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young dated before the pair confirmed their relationship in 2007. Finally, after six years of dating, Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung married in September 2013.

Ji Sung and his wife Lee Bo Young

Ji Sung and his wife Lee Bo Young

It was one of the most anticipated k-celebrity weddings. After all, their chemistry was undeniable! Since then, both stars have been living happily in their marriage life. Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young have two children, daughter Kwak Ji Yoo and son Kwak Woo Sung. Furthermore, the media has praised the couple’s loving bond, who will be soon celebrating their 10th year marriage anniversary in 2023!

What Is Ji Sung’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Ji Sung’s net worth is between $1 million to $5 million. The actor has been actively working in the industry since 1999. Therefore, it’s expectable that Ji Sung’s large part of his salary comes from his acting career. After all, the South Korean star has starred in various dramas and movies. Ji Sung’s recent films earned millions of dollars in box office profits. For instance, the period film Feng Shui made $16 million, while the neo-noir movie Confession brought a profit of $2 million. His 2012 rom-com film My PS Partner also earned $12 million in box office profit.

Ji Sung Salary

Ji Sung

Besides movies, Ji Sung has also acted in more than 25 dramas. In the Korean entertainment industry, actors/actresses earn based on their experience and fame. Not to forget, Ji Sung is one of the famous South Korean celebrities. He has spent more than two decades in his acting career. No wonder Ji Sung must be getting paid thousand dollars per episode. The actor has also hosted music shows and appeared in various music videos. However, his charm doesn’t end here! Ji Sung has also given his voice to drama OSTs. The actor made his name with such vast experience and outstanding acting skills. Therefore, Ji Sung’s net worth is the outcome of his hard work and passion for acting.

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