What Is Jessica Ho’s Net Worth In 2022? All About ‘Jessi’s Showterview’ Star’s Work

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Jessica Ho's Net Worth 2022
Jessica Ho

What is Jessica Ho’s net worth in 2022? The star of ‘Jessi’s Showteview’ has been the talk of the town with her upcoming single track ‘Zoom.’ After spending more than a decade in the Korean industry, fans are curious to know more about the Korean-American rapper Jessi’s wealth. Jessica Ho has a huge fanbase due to her unapologetic and bold comments. Those who have been following her for years know that she is tough and soft. Jessi may appear bold and difficult from the outside, but she has the kindest soul and heart for the people around her.

The Korean-American rapper Jessica Ho was born on 17 December 1988. At age 16, she moved from the US to South Korea to make her name. However, her journey was not all flowery and full of success. In 2005, Jessi made her first debut with the single album ‘Get Up.’ Afterward, she began featuring in the various albums, but the things turned challenging. Therefore, she took a five-year hiatus. Despite all challenges, Jessi has paved her way. She has become one of the most famous female rappers in Korean music. Hence, it’s no wonder Jessica Ho’s net worth tallies in millions knowing her hard work has paid off!

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From Rapper To Host – Her Career’s Journey

Many fans may not know that Jessica had passed an SM Entertainment audition, but she decided not to join the label since her music style didn’t match the label’s approach. As we mentioned, Jessi debuted in 2005. However, she took a 5-year hiatus from 2009 to 2014. Eventually, Jessica Ho returned and made her second debut with the hip-hop trio Lucky J in 2014 under YMC Entertainment. Although Jessica focused on her music career, she also began appearing in various variety shows. Her popularity rose after her participation in the first season of Unpretty Rapstar. Side by side, she also released her solo songs, such as Who’s Your Mama? and Ssenunni.

Jessica Ho's Net Worth
Jessica Ho

Due to her rising popularity, Jessi was invited to various television shows, such as Real Men 3, Sister’s Slam Dunk, Sixth Sense, King of Mask Singer, and many more. After her return, Jessica had basically given her blood, sweat, and tears to make her name. After ending her contract with YMC Entertainment, Jessica Ho joined P Nation in January 2019. It is her current agency where she got more exposure. Jessica became freer and began to show her unique colors through her albums and solo songs such as Drip, Nunu Nana, What Type of X, Cold Blooded, etc.

Although the journey from being a rapper to a well-known host was not easy, Jessi has made it with her effort and passion for music. Currently, she is the star of the talk show ‘Jessi’s Showterview,’ which is a huge success. Thus, it shows that Jessica Ho’s net worth is the fruit of her hard work!

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What Is Jessica Ho’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Jessica Ho’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million to $4 million. The once-only rapper has become a well-known entertainer in the Korean entertainment industry. Her primary source of wealth is her music career. After all, Jessi has more than 15 singles, two extended plays, four Korean drama OSTs, one single album, and one live album under her name. However, not all profit goes to the artist’s bank account. Each entertainment agency has different ratios of profit distribution. Most Korean artists receive yearly shares of profit 1-3 years after their debut. It has been more than ten years since Jessi made her debut. Therefore, she must be earning more than her early years’ payment.

Jessica Ho's Net Worth 2022
Jessica Ho

Although Jessica Ho makes pretty massive from her singing, her entertainer job also pays her hefty. According to the artist’s popularity and experience, they receive payment. The more experienced artists, especially in variety shows, charge from $1000 to $30000 or more per episode. Not to forget, Jessi becomes the center of attention at any shows she attends. Due to her witty and sharp remarks but bubbling character, Jessi has been high in demand. Furthermore, she is currently the host of two popular variety shows, The Sixth Sense Season 3 and Jessi’s Showterview. Both shows have massive domestic and international fanbases since they are currently trending variety shows.

Thus, it’s not surprising that Jessica Ho’s net worth is millions of dollars after considering her singles and albums sale and television show appearances. Currently, she’s preparing for her next single. So don’t forget to check out Jessi’s latest single, ‘Zoom,’ which will release on 13 April 2022 at 6 pm KST!

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