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What Is Got7 Jinyoung’s Net Worth In 2022? What Upcoming Film Will He Be Part Of?

Got7 Jinyoung net worth
Got7 Jinyoung's net worth

Jinyoung is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and actor who is signed under the JYP label. He has been active in the industry since 2012. The singer is a member of the famous boy group Got7. Also, Jinyoung has acted in many supporting roles in dramas like ‘Dream High 2’. Moreover, the k-pop idol landed the main role in the drama ‘He Is Psycomatric’ in 2019. This was after he made his debut in 2016 in the South Korean film ‘A Stray Goat’. All of his music and acting endeavors have led to a rise in Got7 Jinyoung’s net worth.

The South Korean idol Jinyoung was born on 22nd September 1994. He first made his debut with Got7 in 2014. Before this, in 2012, Jinyoung debuted with his fellow trainee JB. Both of them gave their first performance as a duo, and their first album was ‘Bonus’. Furthermore, Jinhyoung’s skills can be vouched for as he won the potential artist award at the Asian Artist Awards. Let’s find out what are other factors have contributed to this k-pop idol’s net worth in 2022.

What Is Got7 Jinyoung’s Net Worth?

The 26-year-old K-pop idol has developed many income sources, and this has led to the question, what is Got7 Jinyoung’s net worth? In 2022, Jinyoung’s net worth is estimated to be 2 million dollars. Recently, Jinyoung, who is also known by the name junior, appeared on an FM show along with the actor Park Hae Soo.

Both of them seem proud of their friendship on Kim Young Chul’s powerhouse FM radio show. Moreover, the actors talked about the new film they are working in. Their upcoming film name is ‘Yasha: Ruthless Operations’. The film is set to premiere on 8th April 2022 on the international streaming website Netflix. In their radio interview, Park Hae Soo described Jinyoung as a mature younger brother. Also, he said that Jinyoung has an amazing voice. When the question was directed at Jinyoung, the K-pop idol said that Park Hae Soo is like a brother, an elder brother to him.

Yasha Ruthless Operations' Film

Yasha Ruthless Operations’ Film

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‘Yasha: Ruthless Operations’ Film

The upcoming South Korean film ‘Yasha: Ruthless Operations’ is an action thriller. The main character Kang In is the leader of a secret black ops team overseas. He is named after a human-devouring spirit because of his ruthless nature. After a while, Kang In takes up a very dangerous mission in a city filled with spies. His mission in Shenyang, China, where he has to lead a NIS operations team. Moreover, no one is surprised by his decision as his nickname is Yacha, a spirit who kills and harasses people. When it comes to a mission, Kang In will achieve his goal through any means possible.

The cast of ‘Yasha: Ruthless Operations’ includes Sol Kyung Gu as the main character. He will play the character of Kang In. The South Korean actor has been awarded many awards like Grand Bell Award, Golden Space Needle Award, and many more. Whereas, Jinyoung will be playing a supporting role in the film. His character’s name is Jung Dae. The film will premiere on Netflix worldwide on 8th April 2022.

Jinyoung’s Favourite Books

Along with being intrigued by the K-pop idols happening lives, fans are also intrigued by their intellectual opinions. The Got7’s Jinyoung loves to read and has covered a wide range of books, from classical to contemporary literature. Some of the books that the South Korean idol has read and we recommend you to give a try are ‘Norweigein Wood’ by Haruki Murakami, ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, ‘Human Acts’ by Han Kang.

Books recommended by Jinyoung

Books recommended by Jinyoung

One book that might look very familiar to you is ‘Fault In Our Stars’. Jinyoung quoted a line from John Green’s book in 2014. He quoted, ‘That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt. Another tragic romantic novel that Jinyoung was spotted in 2015 was ‘Me Before You. If you are a fan of Jinyoung and books, these are some of the novels that you should surely give a try.

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