Are Angela And Michael From ’90 Day Fiance’ Still Together In 2022?

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Angela and Michael
Angela and Michael

Here, we will discuss whether Angela and Michael from ’90 Days Fiance’ are still together in 2022? Starting from the basics, 90 Days Fiance is more like a dating show, where the non-Americans get a visa to meet their fiance whom they met online. Thereafter, they decide whether to return home or take it to marriage.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi have met online. They met each other in person while documenting for the series 90 Days Fiance Season 2 back in 2018. The duo made several appearances in the following seasons as well, confirming their togetherness, despite having differences. Even though their relationship has been a bit on-off because of trust issues, they have always ended up reconciling.

Several rumors started to circulate about their split in the first two months of this year. This has been resulted because of their recent social media activities. For more details about whether Angela and Michael from ’90 Days Fiance’ are still together in 2022 and more about their relationship, this article is highly recommended to you.

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Are Angela And Michael From ’90 Day Fiance’ Still Together In 2022?

Despite having so much love for each other, rumors regarding their split are surfacing on the web. However, there are valid reasons though! They often fought over trust issues. It was Michael’s aunt, Lydie, who said that Angela should have used the money she spent on weight loss and plastic surgery to try to have a baby with Michael. This led to an explosive fight, causing their marriage to have hung on by a thread.

Are Angela and Michael from '90 Days Fiance' Still Together in 2022
Angela and Michael sparked breakup rumors

Earlier, Micahel had deactivated his Instagram account. On the other hand, Angela has shared her account with him for three years, making it a joint one. Now, Michael has reactivated his account, and Angela has removed his name from the account, keeping it her personal. It was on 29 January when he posted for the first time, saying, ‘A human being is a single being, unique and unrepeatable. Be the change that you wish to see in the world’. Well, is that a hint of their separation? Wait, that’s not the end.

On 1 February 2022, Michael was spotted handing out with 90 Days Fiance co-star Usman’ SojaBoy’ Umar. Both of them hail from Nigeria. Knowing this, Angela got too upset to see Michael getting close to Sojaboy. Fans have noticed all these. Not only that, Since then, they have started assuming their breakup. Even though their relationship seems to be on the rocks again, neither of them has made any official statements about their split.

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Relationship Details

It was in 2020 when Angela and Michael had tied the knot, despite the occurrence of so much drama. The wedding took place beautifully in Nigeria, where Michael was born. The 90 Days Fiance couple has been in a long-distance marriage for over a couple of years. This has occurred because of the pandemic, causing delays in getting the visa which she has filed for Michael after returning to Georgia, her place. The couple also shares a daughter, Skyla.

Are Angela and Michael from '90 Days Fiance' still together in 2022
Angela and Michaela, on their marriage day

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Last December, Angela has celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas with the presence of some 90 Days Fiance franchise co-stars. Even though Michael couldn’t make it, he posted a genuine excitement post counting down the hours for Angela’s birthday. It had hinted to the fans about their togetherness!

Their relationship to be on and off several times is something that they are aware of. It’s not just the first time. However, this time, despite so much of this drama, neither of them has confirmed anything, as stated earlier. Let’s see where do they take it! Hoping the duo clear out their issues on a serious note and decide to reconcile as always. Best Wishes to the 90 Days Fiance couple, Angela and Michael.

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