What are K-POP group Seventeen’s MBTI types?

What is seventeens mbti personalities

Ever wondered who Seventeen are as individuals? Well, here are Seventeen’s MBTI types! The Myers-Briggs, better known as MBTI, is a specially designed personality analysis tool. It helps classify humans into various types based on traits such as observance, intuition, perspective, and creativity. Seventeen has already established the fact that they are crazy energetic and powerful when performing on stage. However, what are they like under those layers of an idol life?

With thirteen members from different backgrounds operating under one banner, it is natural that each of them has its own characteristics. We are hoping to see at least 10 of the 16 categories be present in Seventeen’s MBTI types!

Seventeen’s MBTI types:

The members of Seventeen took the MBTI test a few years ago in 2019, and the results divided all the members into five major types. The MBTI group is an interesting factor that helps determine the capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses of idols! Here are Seventeen’s MBTI types:

1. INFP – The Mediators

INFP is the common abbreviation used for all those individuals who are introverted, intuitive, feeling, and prospecting. These four words are enough to figure out who are the members of Seventeen that fall under this category. If you didn’t already guess, they are S.Coups, Hoshi, DK, and Jun. INFPs represent the class of individuals who are passionate and vibrant about their inner selves.

They possess a strong imagination which allows their creativity to flow abundantly. Moreover, mediators are often the idea banks when it comes to developing new projects. Sometimes, they may seem distant, like they are living a whole different life somewhere far away. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, they are absolute cuties we cannot stay away from!

Julia Roberts, Alicia Keys, and William Wordsworth all share the INFP personality type along with Seventeen’s S.Coups, Hoshi, Jun, and DK.

2. INFJ – The Advocate

This type shares a striking similarity with the previous type discussed. However, if there is one change, the J in this group stands for Judging. WonWoo, Woozi, and The8 easily fall under this particular bracket. They cannot help but bring positive energy to every room they enter. Moreover, INFJs do not just exist to live, they are here to make a change. Naturally, their dreams are big enough to make a noticeable impact on the world! Seventeen’s MBTI types are pretty accurate now that we think about it!

What is the MBTi types of seventeen
The Advocates

Nelson Mandela, Morgan Freeman, and Nicole Kidman are a few other changemakers who share this particular type!

3. ENFP – The Campaigner

Unlike the first two types of this list, ENFP is the world of the extroverts. It stands for Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting. Naturally, the two borderline extroverts of the group, Seungkwan, and Vernon, glide into this category. This personality type is said to harbor individuals who are dedicated to building enriching connections with those around them.

They are outgoing and energetic, capable of uplifting the atmosphere in any situation. To say it in the simplest language, Campaigners are free souls with their only purpose being to live an exciting life.

MBTI types of Seventeen
The Campaigners

Ellen Degeneres is one such free-spirited campaigner! Characters from popular movies/series such as Phil Dunphy (Modern Family) and spiderman are also of this type!

4. ENFJ – The Protagonists

Yet another bracket for the extroverts to shine is the category of ENFJ. When it comes to Seventeen’s MBTI types, Joshua, Mingyu, and Dino own this type. The three members speak for the type themselves because of their warm and fuzzy personalities.

Protagonists are often the main character in every story, and ENFJs are exactly like that! They have innate leadership qualities and always have a comforting effect on others. One can always count on them to bring a positive attitude to every situation! Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Ben Affleck are all said to be Protagonists!

Seventeens mbti personalities
The Protagonists

5. ISFJ – The Protector

Lastly, we have Jeonghan, who stands out as the protector/defender with an ISFJ type. They are extremely hardworking and shoulder huge responsibilities in their lives. Moreover, they are also the most caring and sensitive type out there! They are the true picture of loyalty who will always lend their shoulders to a crying soul. Protectors are committed and devoted not just to their work but also to the people around them! The Queen of pop music, Beyonce, and England’s Queen Elizabeth classify as Protectors!

MBTI personalities of Seventeen
The Protector

Take the Myers-Briggs personality test yourself and find out which Seventeen MBTI type you are!

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