Outer Range is a strange story with so many hidden mysteries, controversies, and drama. Let’s talk about the Outer Range Ending. It is one of those kinds of shows that already gives us clues that there will be another installment of the series by leaving many questions unanswered. The last episode of this first season of the television series left us with many curiosities and high-degree suspense for the further season.

Outer Range is an American science fiction neo-western thriller mystery drama. Its teaser came out on 9th March 2022. The first season of this series premiered on 15th April 2022 on Amazon Prime Video and has a total of 8 episodes in it.

Every week it aired two new episodes of the show. The production companies involved are Plan B Entertainment, Reunion Pacific Entertainment, and Amazon Studies. Outer Range is entirely filmed in New Mexico and California in the USA. More specifically, the locations were Albuquerque, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

This blog covers everything you need to know about this amazing thriller drama including the basic plot, the ending, the left questions, the crew members as well as the cast and characters of the series.

Summary of Outer Range

The storyline of Outer Range contains so many mysteries, thrills, time swapping, and many strange unexpected occurrences. It mainly highlights a hole, basically a time travel door, in which a traveler can go both backward as well as forward in time. Royal tries the hole by going forward and coming back to his original time. Also, at the same time, Trevor’s body was missing for over a week and then appears to have been recently deceased. This simply means that the body traveled that time travel hole.

A scene from Outer Range
A scene from Outer Range

In the end, Luke’s digging brings a horde of buffalo from another hole. That horde tramples Royal and Autumn. Luckily, Rhett and Maria were unhurt. At Rodeo, as Royal goes over Autumn, he realizes a scar on her forehead which is the same as the injury of Amy when Royal was having a fight with Rhett and Perry. But Autumn went missing after that. And at the dinner table, there were only Royal and his wife.

Outer Range Ending Explained

In the last episodes, we get to know that, Royal actually traveled a century after killing his father accidentally. Then he lived with Abbots. Royal claimed out of the whole scaring Wayne which begins issues between the future owners of the ranches. In the final episode, at the dinner table, Royal and his wife discuss that the hole tore the Abbott family and changed their whole lives.

The mark on Autunm’s forehead suggests that she was actually a future version of Amy. Autumn’s mother Rebecca had the final jump of the season with Autumn at Rodeo. We don’t know that Rebecca took her in which direction in time, backward or forward. But both directions can give birth to new stories and mysteries. Autumn is seen heavily injured due to the buffalo attack, but we are still clueless whether she is alive or not.

There would be many questions in your mind like Is Amy actually Autumn? Did Autumn die? If she is alive, then where did she go? What will happen next? and many more. But some answers are always good to be left unknown for the next chapters of the story. The series of Outer Range will come back with the answers.

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Cast and crew of the show

Brian Watkins is the creator of this TV series. The producing credits of Outer Range go to Trevor Baker, Andrew Balek, Naledi Jackson, and Lucy Thurber. The main cast and characters of the show include Josh Brolin as Royal Abbott, Imogen Poots as Autumn, Lili Taylor as Cecilia Abbott, Tom Pelphrey as Perry Abbott, Tamara Podemski as Deputy Sheriff, Lewis Pullman as Phett Abbott, Noah Reid as Billy Tillerson, Shaun Sipos as Luke Tillerson, Will Patton as Wayne Tillerson, Isabel Arraiza as Maria Olivares, Olive Abercrombie as Amy Abbott, and Deirdre O’Connell as Patricia Tillerson.

The main cast of Outer Range
The main cast of Outer Range

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