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Top Best Fairy Tail Episodes of All Time

Best Fairy Tail Episodes
Natsu vs Twin Dragons

This one is for Fairy Tail fans who have watched the series over and over again. When you have arrived at a stage like this, you would most often rewatch different episodes depending on what has interested you in them. Like a certain fight that was so epic, and you would watch it over and over again. So here we will be looking at the best Fairy Tail episodes to rewatch if you want to re-live that intense action that the anime came with.

Such fights come from the best season in Fairy Tail anime, and in case you were wondering which is the best season in fairy tail anime. Then you should know that Fairy Tail Season 6 has been voted to be the best ever in the series. And as for the best arc in Fairy Tail, it was the Grand Magic Games Arc, and obviously, the most popular character was voted to be none other than Natsu, with Erza ranking second while Gray followed in third.

Looking at the best Fairy Tail Episodes in the entire anime. We have gathered some of the most intense and emotional episodes that left strong memories in the fan’s hearts. Let’s look at what we have found below.

Daybreak at Tenrou Island: Episode 120

Daybreak at Tenrou Island is Fairy Tail Episode 120, and it is here were we see Natsu, Gray, and Erza have their team continue with their fight against Hades as they finally defeat him. Happy and Carla also managed to help together with Lily, and they managed to destroy Grimoire Heart’s power source.

Daybreak at Tenrou Island

Daybreak at Tenrou Island

At the beginning of the episode, Hades was proving to be an undefeated opponent, with his guild’s airship breaking apart after Natsu entered the battle. Even though Natsu went on to punch Hades, it did not help much until Happy and his team managed to destroy the Devil’s Heart that gave Hade infinite powers. In the end, the Tenrou tree was restored thanks to Ultear’s powers then team Natsu launched their counterattack against Hades, who resorted to using Grimoire’s heart but was stopped by Natsu’s crimson lotus.

Aquarius Sacrifice: Fairy Tail Episode 248

In the beginning, it looked like Lucy was the weakest link of the Fairy Tail Guild. But as the character development progressed then, we managed to see how powerful she could become. And his powers were tested in Fairy Tail Episode 248 as she had to part ways with the person most closely to her heart. Fairy Tail episode 248 easily makes one of the best Fairy Tail episodes that you could go back and watch again.

Best Fairy Tail Episodes

Aquarius Sacrifice

When faced with Tartaros, Lucy tried her best to fight against the henchmen and the demons. But Mard Geer placed a reward on Lucy’s head, making it more difficult for her to defend herself. So she was forced to fight the entire guild on her own, which would eventually overwhelm her. Aquarius resorted to offering the only way for Lucy to save her friends but at the cost of Aquarius’ life.

Lissana: Fairy Tail Episode 95

Just when the mages of the Fairy Tail returned home after the Edolas magic was used up. They came along with the exceeds of Extalia as they have found a new purpose in their lives. They wanted to locate the children that had been evacuated from Edolas six years ago and to their surprise. Lisanna from Earth Land is later reunited with her siblings.



The Elder Exceeds explained everything that had happened in the past as Shagote had a vision of the fall of extalia which they thought was the works of the humans. To evacuate the children of the Exceeds, she had ordered the gathering and dispersing of hundred eggs to Earth land to exterminate dragon slayers. Later, when Lisanna of Edolas arrived, she explained that she never died but instead was sucked in by the pockets of Amina. Meaning that this was the return of Lisanna in the anime.

Eternal Adventure: Fairy Tail Episode 275

Zera managed to explain the whole truth to Mavis, who helped the young mage to set herself free. This released the illusion of her best friend and helped her to go on with her life. After she left with the townspeople’s help, Mavis came up with the idea to create a guild that would be able to harmonize and proper in magnolia.

Best Fairy Tail Episodes

Eternal Adventure

This is the Fairy Tail episode where the Fairy Tail Guild was formed by its first master Mavis Vermilion. So without a doubt, it makes one of the best Fairy Tail episodes you can go back to watch again, especially if you want to understand more about the Fairy Tail Guild and how it came to be.

Four Dragons: Fairy Tail Episode 174

Dragon Slayers have been the main focus in the Fairy Tail anime, and when they are faced off against each other, we get to see intense fighting scenes. But what would you think to be better than two dragon slayers fighting each other? Well, obviously, it will be four dragon slayers fighting each other in a tag team. Fairy Tail Episode 174 explores such a fight in detail. So this is the episode to go to if you were looking for which episode Natsu and Gajeel fight the twin dragons.

Four Dragons

Four Dragons

The sabertooth twin dragons face off against Natsu and Gajeel, with each side taking turns to hold the advantage in the fight. Thinking of the promise that he once made to Lector, Sting managed to subdue the two mages from fairy tail. But within the last moments, Natsu and Gajeel get up once again. Natsu then decides to take the two Twin Dragons all by himself, setting Gajeel to the side as he thinks he is only getting in the way.

Fairy Heart: Fairy Tail Episode 290

This is the episode where we got to know more about the secrets within the Fairy Tail Guild’s basement. Even though we have seen Mavis’s grave that is said to be at Tenrou Island, his real body was revealed to be located within the basement in Fairy Tail Guild, and there seem to ve more Mysteries related to it. Fairy Heart is Fairy Tail Episode 290, and this is where Mavis finished talking about her story.

Best Fairy Tail Episodes

Fairy Heart

As one of the best Fairy Tail episodes to watch, you will be able to find out more about the true and terrifying nature of the Fairy Heart Magic. Meanwhile, Zeref and his Spriggan 12 move on with their full-scale invasion of Ishgar while Acnologia looms about as the third party in the upcoming war. We also got to see Zeref delivering Mavis’ body to the guild and leaving it before Precht. We also learned about the relationship Zeref once had with Mavis in the same episode.

Fairy Law: Fairy Tail Episode 28

To witness the end of all-out war in the Fairy Tail anime, you will have to look at Fairy Tail Episode 28, when the fight between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord guild came to an end. The defeat of Gajeel, who had not joined the Fairy Tail guild by then, and together with the defeat of their guild, Master Jose Porla, meant that their war would have to come to an end.

Best Fairy Tail Episodes

Fairy Law

Fairy Tail was the clear winner, and this also marked the return of their guild master. The war was instigated by Gajeel, and Natsu had vowed to avenge Fairy Tail for all the damage the Gajeel did to the guildhall. So he went to hit Gajeel for everyone that he has harmed and for destroying their guild. This leaves Natsu and Gajeel exhausted, and the Phantom Lord guildmates find it hard to believe that Gajeel has been defeated.

My Name Is: Fairy Tail Episode 318

Fairy Tail Episode 318 sees the fight between Natsu and Zeref continues. So if you were wondering what Fairy Tail Episode is, Natsu vs. Zeref, then you should look at Fairy Tail Episode 318. Natsu and Zeref’s battle continues, but Larcade intervenes and helps his father but only to end up being struck by his curse. Zeref reveals that he never had a child, only to protect Larcade from his curse as it would have killed him instantly.

My Name Is

My Name Is

On the other side, Gildharts fights August in a rage while Cana tries to calm him down. For the actions and fights that take place in this episode. We can easily understand why it is regarded as one of the best Fairy Tail episodes to watch. We also got to understand Zeref’s magic in detail, and we also learned a bit about his past. While August still continued to show his unrivaled magic that even Gildharts had a hard time fighting against.

100 Versus 1: Fairy Tail Episode 167

If you really want to see Erza’s true strengths. Then you should head over to Fairy Tail Episode 167. Most fans have wondered what episode of Fairy Tail is 100 vs. 1. This is the episode where Erza performs well for the Fairy Tail guild, and she dominates the entire Pandemonium event on her own. Meanwhile, Cana received second place after tripping out of the Magic Power Finder in the secondary event. Not everything went well as Team Raven Tail lurked in the background with malicious intentions.

100 Versus 1

100 Versus 1

Erza has shown bravery as the knight of the Fairy Tail guild and decided to take on all the other 100 monsters in the Pandemonium. This surprised even Mato as her fight with the monsters started. She uses her Heaven’s wheel armor Requip and Blumenblatt and destroys multiple monsters at once. On the other hand, the Fairy Tactician starts with her plan to lead Fairy Tail Guild to victory.

Natsu vs. Twin Dragons: Fairy Tail Episode 175

The fight between four dragon slayers is reduced to the fight just between the three of them when Gajeel is eliminated in the fight. Natsu and Gajeel faced off against the twin dragons, Sting and Rouge. At first, Natsu and Gajeel were overwhelmed. And as Natsu saw that Gajeel was out. He decided to take the two twin dragon slayers by himself as he ragest through the defeat of Gajeel.

Best Fairy Tail Episodes

Natsu vs Twin Dragons

The episode created an intense scene and the need for Natsu to avenge Gajeel, so without a doubt, this has been one of the best Fairy Tail episodes because we can see Natsu is determined to win no matter what it would take. Natsu went on with his fight, and he continues to prove to be formidable despite being outnumbered. In the end, he managed to take down the two twin dragons all by himself, massively boosting Team Fairy Tail to first place.

When The Fire Dies: Fairy Tail Episode 324

After we got to learn more about Mavis and Zeref’s past in this episode. We also got to see more action develop as Gray went on to exorcise the demonic powers that began to engulf Lucy. Natsu then reunited with them, and he was delighted that they emerged victoriously. We also got to see the flashbacks of the Sprigann 12 during the events when Mavis was explaining her hatred for Zeref.

Best Fairy Tail Episodes

When The Fire Dies

Erza and Warren also conversed about their status and Acnologia through a communication Lacrima. Jenny also commented on Erza’s communication Lacrima and talked about the meeting they will be having after on. Jellall was also wondering about where Natsu and Zeref would be at that time while Warren informed Lucy about Acnologia’s sealing. Then we also saw Gray and Banter getting along as they fist-bumped each other.

Attacking Lighting: Fairy Tail Episode 188

Most of the best Fairy Tail episodes you will come across includes fights between stronger mages. This is because we get to see fighting on the next level and how different mages adapt their fighting styles to their opponents. Attacking Lightning or Fairy Tail Episode 188 saw the fight between Rogue and Gajeel coming to amend with Gajeel’s victory.

Attacking Lighting

Attacking Lighting

On the other hand, the rescue team was caught in a pinch as Garou Knights got in their way once more. Arcadios prepared to confront princess Hisu as he concluded that she had been lying to him. The Grand Magic Games reached their peak while Laxus, Orga, and Jura finally started their long-awaited showdown.

Memoirs: Fairy Tail Episode 284

We got to know more about Zeref’s past in Fairy Tail episode 284, when Zeref shared the story of his childhood and how he came to be afflicted with his deadly curse of contradiction. Lucy also worries that the former Fairy Tail members have moved on and would not want to help build the Fairy Tail guild. But she was elated to have noted that it was the exact opposite when she met and communicated with them.

Best Fairy Tail Episodes


Zeref’s past is explored in detail while he was a young mage in the Mildian Magic Academy and a prodigy at magic. His research was amazing, but her teachers advised him that his study was not suited to young children as manipulating life and death using magic was forbidden. This is where his quest to continue with his magic started as he was curious and wanted to find out more.

Mavis and Zeref: Fairy Tail Episode 289

Mavis has appeared as a strange individual whose past was not known for some time in the anime. So in Fairy Tail Episode 289, she finally revealed the secrets of her past, and this included her connection with the Fairy Tail guild and Zeref. This was also about what she has referred to as her own sin that has led to the curses that both she and Zeref had.

Mavis and Zeref

Mavis and Zeref

This would lead to the ever-turning gears of her fate share. She is offered glimpses of hope but only leads to one final contradiction. So for one, that needs to understand Mavis and Zeref and their influence on the anime. Then you would find this one to be amongst the best Fairy Tail episodes to watch. Mavis also tells more about the origins of the Fairy heard together with how Zeref connects with all the events. So a lot of things about her past and Zeref also came to light in this episode.

Magic of Hope: Fairy Tail Episode 326

Every Fairy Tail fan will never forget the episode where the seen dragon slayers banded together to fight against Acnologia in the battle that took place in the space between time. Lucy came up with a strategy to prevent Acnologia’s physical form from rampaging on Magnolia by sealing him.

Magic of Hope

Magic of Hope

Lucy wants to use the Fairy Tail’s ultimate defense spell, the Fairy Sphere so that they will be able to stop Acnologia. We also got to see a bit of Acnologia’s backstory that was not shown in the manga. So we got to know about the first-ever dragon slayer and how the users of dragon-slaying magic would end up transforming into dragons. In the end, we also got to see an extended battle where Acnologia fights the dragon slayers.

Hearts Connected: Fairy Tail Episode 327

When things seem not to go accordingly in Fairy Tail. The guild usually has t combine efforts into one great magic specifically for defense reasons. We saw this on Fairy Tail episode 327, where both within the physical and the spiritual sides, the resistance groups, including Wendy, enchanted other Dragon slayers’ magic into Natsu while Lucy directed everyone into forming a Fairy Sphere.

Best Fairy Tail Episodes

Hearts Connected

They had to combine their powers to defeat Acnologia once and for all, and this was the only chance they would have at doing it. It is a magic of the entire Guild’s combined efforts, and at least it made sure to protect them against Acnologia, who was set to make sure that everyone who was present ended up being dead. So we also got to see why this episode is ranked amongst the best Fairy Tail episodes as it presents the difficult times that the Fairy Tail guild goes through.

Dearest Friends: Fairy Tail Episode 328

What would be more touching than a final episode of an anime that has touched the hearts of many? That moment when the main characters just walked into the horizon, and then you know that would be the last time you see them. It creates strong memories for the show and would also be one of the reasons why you might want to watch the entire series once again. So if you were wondering what episode is dearest friends in a fairy tale. Then you should know that Dearest Friends is Fairy Tail Episode 328.

Dearest Friends

Dearest Friends

This is where Natsu used the combined powers of the other six dragon slayers to defeat Acnologia. This led to Ishgar’s victory and managed to secure their future. Team Natsu was later approved to take the 100-year quest, immediately setting off on a new adventure. Most people thought that this was the very end of the anime. But recent developments have been suggesting that there is a chance that the 100-year quest might get an anime as well.

Defending Magnolia: Fairy Tail Episode 291

When Fairy Tail Guild met the Sprigann 12 for the first time. We got to see a different kinds of battles than the ones we used to see before. This started before the battle for the existence of Fairy Tail began when guild members spent their final night in their own ways. All this changed when Alvarez vast army launched a surprise attack putting their bond of solidarity to the test.

Best Fairy Tail Episodes

Defending Magnolia

The impending war against Zeref was just at its early stages, and the guild had no idea how they would be able to defend mavis’ body so that Zeref would not be able to use it to gain an advantage in the war. We managed to see the appearance of stronger characters with terrifying magic like Brandis. Compared to what we have seen in Fairy Tail guild members, it was as if they had no chance of winning. This is what made this episode one of the best Fairy Tail episodes in the anime because it was like a sneak peek at what Natsu and his guild were faced off against.

Natsu vs Gildharts: Fairy Tail Episode 99

If you have no idea what happens in Fairy Tail Episode 99, then you should hurry up and go check it out. You will also be able to see who won the duel on Gildarts vs. Natsu. This was still early in the series, and knowing that Natsu was a happy-go-lucky individual who would challenge everyone meant that he had to know his limits.

Natsu vs Gildharts

Natsu vs Gildharts

In the episode, the S class candidate mages who chose the path leading to the current S class mages were revealed. Juvia and Lisanna will face Erza, and this puts them at a huge disadvantage. Elfman and Evergreen will face Mirajane, while Natsu will be facing Gildharts. Natsu was defeated instantly, but he managed to pass the first phase because he ended up learning about fear.

Natsu vs Zeref: Fairy Tail Episode 294

As the final moments in Fairy Tail arrives. The war to defeat Acnologia and Zeref was also coming close. The guilds all over Fiore joined Fairy Tail in the war while Natsu and Happy sped off to the west to have their final showdown with Zeref. In the Fairy Guild Hall, Makarov noticed that even if they win the upcoming attack wave. Their continent is still surrounded, so this was an intense war that was going at its final stages.

Best Fairy Tail Episodes

Natsu vs Zeref

We also saw Natsu removing the seal on his arm and entering the Fire Dragon King mode to fight Zeref. Zeref managed to hold off his own against Zatsu and wondered about Natsu’s new powers. We haven’t seen Zeref struggling in battle before this, which would explain why this episode is also amongst the best Fairy Tail episodes to watch in the anime. After Zeref realized that Natsu had the potential to finally defeat him, he was touched as his wish would finally come true.

Fairy Tail has been an amazing anime so far, and even though the anime hinted at the 100-year quest. Fans are delighted to see that this was not the last of the Fairy Tail anime that we will see. Edens Zero also came from the same manga author but has ended as well. So as we look forward to what the 100-year quest will bring. We should know that the characters will be coming back way more powerful than before.

This is one thing that would make an anime worth following because character development plays an important role in attracting more fans. Those who have been looking forward to Natsu’s development know. Because we still cant wait to see how much he has developed.

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