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Ao Ashi Episode 3 Release Date: Ashito is Shining in the Field

Ao Ashi
Ao Ashi Episode 03 "The Final Test Begins" Release Date Cr: OtakuKart

We have watched a lot of sports anime till now. Some were good, whereas others were the best. But, all of them won our hearts. If you are not done with sports anime, then you are in luck. As, another one of the sports gems, ‘Ao Ashi’ was released on 9 April 2022. We have seen anime about basketball, volleyball, and whatnot. Now, it is time for soccer. There has been a lot of anime about soccer too, but new ones always have the potential to surpass the previous ones.

So does ‘Ao Ashi’. Two episodes are already out, and fans are getting hyped for the 3rd episode now. Fans are trying their best to sit tight and wait for the next episode as the story keeps getting better and better. Ao Ashi is going to be one of those anime that will inspire us all to start playing soccer.

Yes, we are excited for the 3rd episode to come, but not everyone knows when it’s going to come out. Getting the right date and time is quite a hassle, isn’t it? Fear not friends, as we are here to give you the information you need. So, let’s jump right into it.

When Is Ao Ashi Episode 3 Going To Be Released?

Without wasting a second, here’s what you need. Ao Ashi Episode 3 will be out on 23 April 2022, and every episode will be available on Saturdays. Those who don’t know where to watch ‘Ao Ashi’ can easily watch it on Crunchyroll. In Japan, the 3rd episode will be released at 18:25 hrs Japanese Standard Time (JST). The U.S. fans will get to watch at 3:25 hrs Pacific Time (PT)/6:25 hrs Eastern Time (ET). And for the Indian fans, you can get to watch it at 14:55 hrs Indian Standard Time (IST).

As it is already mentioned that Ao Ashi will be available every Saturday, so the 4th episode “CROW” will be available on 30 April 2022.

Ao Ashi

Ao Ashi Episode 3: “The Final Test Begins” Release Date

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‘Ao Ashi’ Plot

Ao Ashi is the story of a 3rd-year middle school student, Ashito Ao from the countryside of Ehime. He dreams of joining a soccer club from a good high school, but his dream can’t come true as he became the reason for his team losing the tournament in an important match. Everyone lost their interest in him but somehow he got the attention of Tatsuya Furuda, the coach for the “Japan Youth League”. That’s not all where there is an opportunity, there will always be challenges too.

Ao does not belong to a rich family. Even though he was invited by the big-shot coach, he does not have the gear to participate in. All he has is his worn-out shoes. But, his elder brother helps him out by giving him his savings to buy the gears he needs and for his travel expenses.

This is a story where a poor kid is going to start from scratch and make a huge difference while following his dream. If you are passionate enough about your dreams, nothing can stop you.

Soccer anime

‘Ao Ashi’ Plot

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What Happened So Far? – Episode 2 “Tokyo City Esperion” Recap

What is a competition? You’ll get to see a glimpse of competition in this episode. An innocent country-side boy stepping out in a big city like Tokyo for the first time. Ashito is already feeling lost. Stepping out at the metro station made him feel like a stranger in the new town. Well, he is a stranger here, but if he wants to chase his big dream then he needs to get familiar with this place as soon as possible.

What a coincidence! Hana Ichijo, Coach Furuda’s sister-in-law who is a middle school student is the first person Ashito bumps into. Well, things are looking familiar already. All the anime protagonists have got to meet a girl, whom we’ll try to ship with in the future.

ao ashi

Episode 02 Recap

Anyways, moving on to Ashito reaching the fields. He might be innocent, but he isn’t stupid. He knows that even though he made it here, it is not going to be child’s play. Every player present here is a competition. And to prove himself worthy he can’t let anyone have the ball. He made sure to keep the ball to himself and Goal! Even though it was Kaneda who scored the goal, Ashito’s accurate pass stole the spotlight for sure.

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