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Top 15 ‘Produce 48’ Contestants That are Leading a Successful Life

Produce 48
The Final Contestants on the sets of Produce 48.

Produce 48 is a Korean reality series that is originally the third installment of the popular South Korean reality series, Produce 101. The show hit South Korean television on June 15, 2018, on Mnet Network. It was originally a collaboration between Produce 101 and the Jpop idol group AKB48. Produce 48 is directed by An Junyung and produced by AKATV, who also played the same role for the first two seasons. 96 girl contestants from entertainment companies and idol groups from Japan and South Korea participated in Produce 48.

The reality show Produce 48 initially started with 96 participants who were grouped into a variety of classes. Each episode features these participants performing with their respective teams on various songs. They were then evaluated and voted by the audience. The winning team would receive bonus points which will then count on their overall vote count. These votes ranked the participants. Each episode has certain elimination rounds after which the final contestants will make a 12-person Japanese-Korean group. 57 contestants in Produce 48 were from South Korean idol groups while the other 39 were from Japan.

When was Produce 48 Broadcasted?

The main foundation of the show was laid at the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Japan, 2017. The main concept of Produce 48 was revealed at the award show but later got changed. The first teaser of the show came on April 11, 2018. With HKT48’s Sakura Miyawaki and Lee Gaeun as center parts, the show’s theme song “Nekkoya (Pick Me)” was recorded and released on April 22.

Produce 48

Final Contestants on the Sets of Produce 48.

Produce 48 was mainly premiered on June 15, 2018, on South Korean and Japanese television network Mnet. But it has also been broadcasted on BS Sky PerfecTV in Japan. While for Hongkong, Singapore, Macau, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Cambodia, and Myanmar the show was broadcasted on tvN Asia.

The finale of the Produce 48

The finale of the show was aired on August 31st, 2018.  The final girl group formed by the winning 12 contestants was revealed to debut in the girl group IZONE. The IZONE debuted on October 29, 2018.

Produce 48

Produce 48 cast and contestants at the finale of the show.

48 Japanese contestants returned back to their idol groups and entertainment companies. They went on to participate in various music videos and commercials. Some of the contestants later graduated from their respective groups. Some went on to drop their dream of becoming an idol and pursued another path. Others went on to start youtube channels. If you are wondering what happened with these contestants after winning or even after losing, you are at the right place. Keep on reading.

Produce 48 Contestants That are Now Leading a Successful Life

1. Jang Won Young

Jang Won Young got the first rank with 338.366 votes. On the show, she was in the group “Love Potion”. After leaving the show, she went on to debut as a fellow member of IVE on December 1st, 2021. She is now working as the MC of Music Bank with ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon.

2. Jo Yu Ri

She got the Third rank with 294.734 votes. She debuted as a member of IZONE and was promoting the group until it disbanded in 2021. Yu Ri was also part of special unit IZ4648 of AKB48.  The special unit was created for a coupling song called Hitsuzensei. As of 2021, Yu Ri became a soloist with her debut for the song “Glassy”.

3. Kwon Eunbi

Eunbi got the Seventh rank and is probably one of the most successful Produce 48 contestants. She was a part of the girl group IZONE. Along with Yu Ri, she was also part of special unit IZ4648 of AKB48. Eunbi also started her career as a soloist with her mini-album ‘Open’ and title song ‘Door’.

4. Lee Gaeun

She ranked 14th among contestants of Produce 48. She has not been debuted with any group or been signed by any Entertainment agency. As of 2019, she debuted as a soloist by releasing her solo “Remember You”. Gaeun also owns a youtube channel by her name where she regularly posts music videos.

5. Kim Na Young

She had been associated with Banana Culture trainees as she appeared in their videos. Na Young has also rumored to have been debuted with a girl group under the Banana Culture Trainees. Though on the set of Produce 48, she debuted as a fellow member of the girl group LIGHTSUM.

6. Kim Doah

She is ranked 23rd on the show. Kim Doah appeared as a contestant on Girl’s Planet 999. She initially debuted with Flavor which is a Fanatics subunit with the track “Milkshake”. As of August 2019, Doah had debuted with the full lineup of Fanatics with the title track ” Sunday”

7. Miyawaki Sakura

As of recent,  Miyawaki Sakura was promoting girl group IZONE as a fellow member until its disbandment. She frequently appeared on the Korean TV Show “Everyone’s Kitchen” where she made good friends with host Kang Hodong. On the show, she was the center part of NO WAY MAN which was AKB48’s 54th single.

8. Kim Minju

After leaving the show Minju got a supportive role by the name of Sooyeon in the movie “The Fault is Not Yours”. She also appeared as a guest in A-Teen season 2. Minju got 11th rank and is currently a member of the girl group IZONE.

9. Miho Miyazaki

Miho Miyazaki has been busy with Japanese reality shows which are mainly focused on Korean culture. She also recently started her own Youtube channel called “Myao Channel/Miho Miyazaki”.

10. Takahashi Juri

She ranked 16th on the show. Juri is now under Woolim Entertainment. Juri was also a part of Jiwaru DAYS and NO WAY MAN. She debuted as part of the girl group Rocket Punch.

11. Son Eunchae

She got ranked 32 in the show. Eunchae joined A-Team Entertainment and will debut with Kim Choyeon in the girl group bugAboo.

12. Park Hae Yoon

She became a member of the girl group Cherry Bullet and debuted on January 21, 2019, after leaving the show.

13. Takeuchi Miyu

Takeuchi Miyu ranked 17th among the contestants of Produce 48. She was part of NO WAY MAN and AKB48’s 54th single. As of recent, Miyu is part of the debut group under Mystic Entertainment, a South Korean entertainment company. Takeuchi Miyu debuted as a soloist after releasing her first solo Korean single “My Type” as part of Mystic’s CEO project which is also known as Yoon Jong Shin Monthly Project 2019. She released her second solo single in February 2021 named ‘Forbidden Game” which was yet another part of Mystic CEO’s monthly project. She also owns a youtube channel where she is highly active and posts song covers by her.

14. Kang Hyewon

She got the 8th rank among all Produce 48 contestants. Hyewon is currently a part of the girl group IZONE and has been rumored to have debuted in another new girl group along with Go Yujin.

15. Murase Sae

After Eunbi, she is also among the most successful contestants of Produce 48. After leaving the show, Murase Sae went on to launch her own fashion clothing line known as ANDGEEBEE. She appeared in a variety of songs from AKB48’s 53rd sentimental train “Nami ga Tsutaeru Mono” to NMB48 “Boku Datte naichau yo”. She was also the center along with Goto Moe in a coupling song known as “Wakariyasukute Gomen”. It is a song mainly produced to feature Produce 48 contestants.

Many of the other contestants have either debuted with a girl group or are currently signed under an Entertainment company or have a youtube channel. Well, this will anticipate many people to watch the show again. Now, if you are wondering where to watch the show, worry not! We got you covered.

Where Can you Watch Produce 48?

You can watch Produce 48 on the Viki Rakuten website and also on youtube. There is an OTT platform known as Global TVing released by CJ E&M which allows global fans to watch not only reality shows like Produce 48 but other Korean content also which might not be available in other places.  

Why was Produce 48 on the news?

After airing the finale of the show, some claimed that Produce 48 producers committed fraud. In October 2019, Producer himself admitted to committing voting fraud. This means that some of the contestants get more advantages than other candidates in winning the show and debuting with the final group IZONE. While in reality, they would not be able to reach the spot. Though the Producer claimed that the vote fraud was done purely due to the pressure of the success of the show not due to bribery.

The case went for hearing at Supreme Court. The Producer and other casts involve in the voting manipulation received prison sentences on March 11. 2021. Mnet also provides compensation for almost 11 contestants from the Produce 48 series who suffered from wrongful elimination due to voting manipulation.

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