Top 10 Strongest Characters in Mushoku Tensei

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top 10 strongest characters in mushoku tensei
Mushoku Tensei

Hello! Mushoku Tensei has so many characters, and if we talk about the top 10 strongest characters in Mushoku Tensei. Then, that would be awesome, right? And it’s also easy to remember each one of them based on their powers. Mushoku Tensei covers power as one of their core element. So, let’s look at each one of them one by one and know about their powers.

Mushoku Tensei is full of dozens of characters, and there is a high possibility that they all should have different capabilities from each other. Mostly, characters in the anime series are made for left an impression on their audience. Every anime has some specific factor that makes them unique, like plot, characters, designs, cast, and so on. Mushoku Tensei is also the same in this category, it has everything to catch the attention of viewers.

Mushoku is an anime series adapted from the same name light novel. Light novel has originally completed its 25th Volume, and anime creator still have to cover almost more than half of the original light novel. And, they also have enough sources, at least for season 2, where we will see the future of the anime series of Mushoku Tensei. So, let’s wait for the second season of Mushoku Tensei.

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Top 10 Strongest Characters in Mushoku Tensei

As we already know that, Mushoku Tensei has so many characters. But the top 10 strongest characters in Mushoku Tensei are the rare ones. We will cover the top 10 strongest characters in Mushoku Tensei. So, let’s look at how much they are strong and who is the top character till now.

1. Laplace (Technique God)

Laplace is the top character in the anime, but we have not seen him, maybe he will appear in the second season. He created 7 Great World Power Systems, so everyone knows who is the strongest. His appearance in the season was just in words of characters like Ruijerd and Orsted. And, he believes as the strongest of all other characters of Mushoku Tensei. Even, Orsted considered Rudeus magical power’s almost equal to Laplace. Laplace Factor is a term used by people from all over the world, considering his powers as an ultimate weapon. And because of that, users’ hair color turns green in color and gives them a huge amount of mana, for example Ruijerd.

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Laplace has enough amount of magical powers to make an impression on the audience. He became like an ultimate god who was almost unbeatable single-handedly by Orsted and even took 3 heroes to stop him. In the anime, we have seen that he is the main reason behind the destruction of Superd’s reputation. Laplace gave them a powerful spear which had a curse on him. And it is enough powerful that more than 300 years took to fade it away.

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2. Orsted (Dragon God)

Orsted is the fear around the world in the Mushoku Tensei. A character likes him is difficult to deal with, even if you have so many powers. Orsted is one of the most powerful characters we have seen in Mushoku Tensei. Anime covers his role with the fearsome fight.

top 10 strongest characters in mushoku tensei
Orsted | OtakuKart

He is the second top strongest character after Laplace. He hates the Man-God, Hitogami. Even after hearing about him from his name from Rudeus, he went straight to kill him without taking any time. Orsted is also known for his curses, he also has such a curse that people who look directly into his eyes get scared. But, Rudeus is not scared because he does not originally belong to this world.

3. Hitogami (Man-God)

Hitogami, mostly seen in a dream of Rudeus. He is also known as Man-God, who represents humanity. Because of hatred against him, he has also been seen as an oppositionist. Even, he also cautioned Rudius not to speak in front of Orsted and specifically not to mention Man-God. As we all know, what was happened with Rudeus when he accidentally took his name in front of Orsted.

powerful characters
Hitogami | OtakuKart

Hitogami talks like a normal human being, but he is not a human, his intentions are not clear behind all his schemes. Hitogami does not look like a strong character physically, but mentally he is the ultimate destruction for every single individual. Orsted hates him because of his intelligence. Like other human gods, he can tell what will happen in your future if you try to ignore his advice. He uses people according to his plan like he is using Rudeus. He has a special to get trust from others, except for Rudeus. Who thinks that he is a stupid god who likes to play with others’ life.

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4. Ruijerd Superdia

Ruijerd is enough to mention because he is exactly the opposite according to his appearance. He is seen as one of the main recurring characters of Mushoku Tensei. When he met first time to Rudeus and Eris, he was on a mission to bring back Superd’s reputation, but he forgot because he wanted to help both of them to get back home. He loves kids, and he can go against anyone who tries to hurt them.

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top 10 strongest characters in mushoku tensei
Ruijerd Superdia | OtakuKart

He has spent more than 400 years in the world of Mushoku Tensei. One of the oldest characters in the series. He was also the one who fought against Orsted after getting aware that Orsted is going to kill Rudeus because he knows Man-God. He had his son’s spear, and he is using it as a memorable gift from his son. The spear can make it more useful with time during fights.

5. Ghislaine Dedoldia

Ghislaine is also one of the main supporting characters in the series. She is also known as Sword King because of her achievements in swordsmanship. She is also one of the strongest characters due to her strength. Ghislaine was also seen as a disciple of Rudeus so that she can learn arithmetic from him. She is the bodyguard of Eris and also a master who teaches her swordplay.

top 10 strongest characters in mushoku tensei
Ghislaine Dedoldia | OtakuKart

Ghislaine was a student of Gal Farion, and this is one of the main reasons behind her status as Sword King. Her speed during fights and talent in using swords is not easy to measure. She is sometimes behaving like an intelligent kid throughout the series. Her respect and care for both, Rudeus and Eris show us how good she is.

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6. Rudeus Greyrat

Rudeus is the hero of the anime series Mushoku Tensei. He got reincarnated after his death in the human world to a magical world where gods, humans, magic, and dragons, all the other important things, exist in the same place. He has more interest in magic than swordsmanship. And that is why he is one of the strongest characters when it comes to magic, but he is also one of the weakest characters when it comes to swordplay.

powerful characters
Rudeus Greyrat | OtakuKart

In the anime, we have seen him as an intelligent and responsible boy who can handle and solve any problems. But when he needs others’ help, he does not seem to bother them. He is just a 14 years old kid in anime, but he looks more like a 34 years old man because of all the knowledge and memory from his previous life.

Rudeus is the one who fought against Orsted, and he was no match against him. And he got killed and revive by Orsted. Rudeus loves all three girls, Eris, Roxy, and Sylphiette, so he got married to all of them. He is one of the best characters in the anime Mushoku Tensei.

7. Paul Greyrat

Paul Greyrat is one of the main supporting characters in Mushoku Tensei. Rudeus is the son of him, and they mostly look like friends instead of son and father. Paul is one of the strongest men in his hometown. In the anime, he has known as an honorable man who is known for his abilities in all three swords styles.

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powerful characters
Paul Greyrat | OtakuKart

Paul is also a teacher of Rudeus who teaches him swordsmanship and also teaches him how to impress a woman. This one is unexpected from a father, but its shows that Rudeus and Paul are close to each other.

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8. Eris Boreas Greyrat

Eris is one of the major characters of the anime series Mushoku Tensei. She is seen as the polar opposite of Rudeus. She is the daughter of Philip and Hilda Boreas Greyrat, and because of that, she belongs to a royal family. She is so strong when it comes to brute force and swordsmanship but also a weak character when it comes to using magic. She knows fire magic at the primary level.

top 10 strongest characters in mushoku tensei
Eris Boreas Greyrat | OtakuKart

As the main character and a future opponent of Orsted, she looks damn strong. She loves Rudeus unconditionally. Her love for him is unbeatable, and even she can go against anyone for him just to protect him. She fought against Orsted because she wanted to protect Rudeus.

9. Roxy Migurdia

Roxy is introduced as a teacher who teaches Rudeus about magic. Roxy looks like a 12 years old girl, but in reality, her age is 44. She has seen as strong until her disciple Rudeus surpassed her. Rudeus likes Roxy, and even he told her that, but she told him if he says the same thing after 10 years, then she will think about it.

top 10 strongest characters in mushoku tensei
Roxy Migurdia | OtakuKart

Roxy is the one who took Rudeus outside of his house. Roxy also likes him, but she does not like to express her feelings in front of others. She is also the one who is helping Rudeus to find his mother.

10. Sylphiette

Syphiette is also known as Sylph. She is also the major character in the series of Mushoku Tensei. Sylph is the first friend of Rudeus, and she likes him a lot. She loves to know and learn about magic. Rudeus teaches her water-based magic.

top 10 strongest characters in mushoku tensei
Sylphiette | OtakuKart

She always likes to see Rudeus as her best friend. Rudeus wanted to take her with him to Ranoa Magic University so that they both can learn about magic. We hope that she will come back in season 2 after the teleportation incident.

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