Top 10 Gore Anime Of All Time That You Should Check Out

Top 10 Gore Anime Of All Time

We all have, for once, experienced gore and secretly loved it. There is no denying it. And if you are, you one of those people who wants some of that tasty blood and entrails dripping? Well, you are not alone. Few anime lovers are fanatics about this gore, while others are grossed out at it. However, we definitely understand the need for gore. Even if you are a centrist on this matter, the list is also for you, as it will open your eyes to a whole new world of anime. So, keeping that in mind here we will take a look at the top contenders and rank them along the way.

Anime can have varying degrees of violence. Some keep it to just the crimson fluid going, whereas others take it to dismembered limbs and bloody innards. Few of the popular action anime like Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan have some decent amount of gore. If asked to name one studio that promotes such exemplary gore series would be Madhouse Studio. Madhouse has created all sorts of anime ranging from One-Punch man to Perfect Blue. It is one of the most successful and versatile studios. Few of the honorable mentions of this list, like Tokyo Ghoul, Parasyte, and Ninja Scroll, are their creations. Nevertheless, here is the list of the top 10 gore anime series.

10. Gantz

Gantz is one of the older anime series. The vintage-style artwork of the first few seasons is very significant. Gantz shows us two high school students who died after being mauled by a train. The opening itself can scare you off. However, they appear in an apartment after they have perished. The room has a black sphere in the center, which is called Gantz. It forces the two to hunt aliens that can prove to be dangerous and threatening.


Gantz, as a manga, was serialized in the Shonen Jump from June 2000 to June 2013. The manga is highly recommended as well. It has a total of 37 volumes. Gantz is a great addition to the list of top 10 gore anime. Be sure to check this out, as it can really satisfy your need for gore.

9. Genocyber

It is the OG of 90s mecha horror anime. Genocyber is an evergreen series and never fails to catch the viewer off-guard. Very controversial and very gory, Genocyber has even done some things that were considered taboo during the ages. They were the first to slaughter little children on screen. Even though the series got a couple of negative reviews, there are true fans of this series. They even later blew up kids in the series. Genocyber is the story of the ultimate biological weapon that destroys everything in its way. Make sure to drop by this extremely short gory anime series. It is sure to give you the long-needed feels!!


This anime could have been rated higher, but we will be focussing on the quality of animation as well. Nevertheless, Genocyber always deserves better. We might as well rate it #1 in our top 10 gore anime.

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8. Deadman Wonderland

Another anime that revolves around the horrors of a high school kid, Deadman Wonderland, is easily the bloodiest anime out there. The opening of the series serves for any slice of life anime series and takes a sharp turn into chaotic and violent pieces of anime. Ganta Igarashi had been taking his classes at school, but suddenly, a mysterious creature hovers in front of the window and unleashes a massive attack. Killing everyone in his class except Ganta, Ganta later faces prison time and is wrongly accused of the murder of 29 of his classmates.

Top 10 Gore Anime Of All Time - Deadman Wonderland
Deadman Wonderland

Ganta has been sentenced to death and thrown into the gallows. There he is greeted by powerful and sadistic inmates. He must survive and find the cryptic monster called “Red Man” to come off clean. One of the nightmares in the anime world, this series could be highly relatable if you are a high-schooler yourself.

7. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Corpse Party might come off as an innocent and lovely anime but takes a sharp turn into the world of eye-gouging, horror, and mystery. Nothing turned out according to the plan when nine high school students decided to stay back after dark. They perform a few charms using paper dolls to bid farewell to one of their classmates. Unfortunately, they are transported to an alternate dimension with ghosts and deadly spirits.

Corpse Party
Corpse Party

The classmates together must try to emerge out of this world before it’s too late. It is a great one to start off the list, and you can definitely watch it at your own risk! Corpse Party definitely deserves to be on this list and can even beat some of the upcoming contenders. Remember that each anime beats the other by slim margins.

6. Tokyo Ghoul

One of Sui Ishida’s greatest creations, Tokyo Ghoul, is one of the most terrifying dark fantasy manga series ever made. The anime adaptation by Madhouse is equally gripping and has one of the best visuals in this entire list. Tokyo Ghoul is the story of Ken Kaneki, whose life changes after his date changes into a ghoul. However, Kaneki turned into a half-ghoul, and half-human must face challenges while trying to survive. Ghouls can bring in a lot of blood in the scene, considering their urge to feed on humans. Tokyo Ghoul is the gore series to watch and one of the fan-favorites among our list of top 10 gore anime.

Top 10 Gore Anime Of All Time - Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul

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5. Another

Another is based on the 2009 novel written by Yukito Ayatsuji. During the year 1972, Misaki of class 3-3 in Yomiyama North Middle school dies. However, strange and dark events start occurring in the town of Yomiyama. A 15-year old girl Kouichi Sakakibara transfers into Yomiyama North’s 3-3 class and soon finds out about the gloomy mood of the people in town. He is constantly drawn towards the eye-patch-wearing Misaki while the whole school treats her as non-existent. As Kouichi starts getting closer to Misaki, he gets closer to discovering the gruesome details of bizarre phenomena in the town.

Top 10 Gore Anime Of All Time - Another

Filled with blood and horror, this anime rightly deserves its spot on this list. Kouichi and his classmates must uncover the causes of these incidents and not perish in this series.

4. Shigurui: Death Frenzy

Shigurui: Death Frenzy is an anime that begins very strong. It almost foreshadows the upcoming gore in the series. The anime is meant for gore lovers. The story is set in one of the most prolific ages in Japan, the Edo period. Here, feudal lord Tokugawa has been hosting a fighting tournament. It is to be fought with original swords instead of the bokken. The fight commences between Fujiki Gennosuke and the blind Irako Seigen. The result of the duel is, however, extremely brutal. The anime combines gore and samurais in the same plot. It will surely blow your senses and give you the much-needed gory scenes.

Shigurui Death Frenzy
Shigurui: Death Frenzy

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3. Elfen Lied

This is one of those anime where if you actually enjoy gore, then you should definitely go for the manga. It is based on the same anime by Lynn Okamoto, but there were various alterations in the story. It revolves around Lucy, who is a Diclonius. As Lucy is not like other humans, scientists start experimenting on her inhumanely. However, when she escapes, she gets a head injury and gets a split personality disorder.

Top 10 Gore Anime Of All Time - Elfen Lied
Elfen Lied

This split personality in her creates two identities—one of a child with speech problems and another a vicious human killing machine. The anime has a rating of 7.5, but we would recommend you to go for the manga to actually get the essence of the gore.

2. Van Hellsing: Ultimate

This is quite an interesting anime that has been adapted from the manga series of the same name written by Kouta Hirano. There are also speculations that the anime is very much based on the real person, Dr Abraham Van Helsing. The anime deals with the secret organization of Hellsing, who fight off the supernatural forces that attack the humans on earth. However, the head of the organization has a vampire at her disposal, named Alucard and his servant Seras Victoria who are against their own tribes.

Van Hellsing
Van Hellsing

They help the Hellsing organization in fighting off all sorts of supernatural elements like monsters, cursed spirits, and even vampires. They would even fight off anyone who thinks bad of the organization. The anime is filled with gory scenes, especially when we find the supernatural elements killing and ripping off human bodies in seconds.

1. Blood-C

Blood C is one of those anime series that will quench your gore-thirst. Filled with nefarious and gut-wrenching scenes, this series can promise you some of the most unexpected twists. Blood C is the story of Saya Kisaragi, a quiet schoolgirl that turns into a ruthless demon slayer by night. She wields her father’s traditional sword and quite openly slices her opponents to pieces.


Blood-C is the second installation of the Blood franchise following the equally violent Blood+ of 2006. Saya is also known to be a shrine maiden. She battles foes that are after her life and must uncover ugly truths about herself and her village.

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