Love in a Loop Episode 13 and 14 Release Date: Let’s Get Stuck

Love in a Loop episode 13 and 14
Love in a Loop

The Chinese entertainment industry is probably one of the most active ones. The country keeps giving us unique and fresh content in dramas almost every month. The latest entry is “Love in a Loop”. With almost 30-40 minutes long episodes, it is a binge-watch-worthy show. The show started airing on 1 May 2022, and 12 episodes are already out for you to watch. The drama still has 12 more episodes left. You will find all the streaming details you need in this article. Love in a loop will now release its 13 and 14 episodes.

The drama belongs to the romantic comedy and fantasy genre. It’s something that you probably haven’t come across yet. If you are in the mood to watch something lighthearted, which won’t take up a lot of your time, “Love In a Loop” is best for you. The duration of the episodes which are 30 minutes long is not burdensome to watch. With 10 episodes already out, the remaining 12 will drop soon too, and this is your chance to catch up with the show before it ends on 18th May 2022. In this article, I will tell you the airing time and date of episodes 13 and 14 of Love in a loop. Along with this, I will also share the streaming details for the show. Read ahead for the details.

What is Love In a Loop about?

Having watched the last 12 episodes the entire plot has become much clearer since the first one. Love In a Loop revolves around the narcissistic director of Lazy Foods, Bai Zhenxiang. His character is detestable to his employees. He has no filter between his brain and mouth, hence he often ends up saying mean things to his subordinates. Meanwhile, we have our female lead, Lu Luduo, who is a meek employee who gets entangled with him through what we might call as fate. Because of Director Bai’s abominable nature, his employees can’t help but curse him all the time. Every time he gets cursed by someone, he dies.

What he doesn’t know is every time he dies, his employee Lu Luduo goes through a time loop. Bai Zhenxiang dies, and immediately Luduo goes into a time warp, and the day is repeated for her. The plot might sound mind-boggling, but trust me, the show is a delight to watch. Zhang Yaqin’s portrayal of Luduo is loveable, while Bai Ke as Zhenxiang can be quite irritating at times for his stubbornness.

Ep 13 and 14 of love in a loop
Cast of Love in a Loop

Love in a Loop Episode 13 and 14 preview

After every episode ends, we don’t get a definite preview like other shows. Instead, we get cute drawings that hint at what would be shown in the next episodes. The show until now has focussed on Lu Luduo’s struggle of going through the time loop again and again. It has become quite a troublesome thing for Luduo, since she always has to watch what she’s saying, and what others perceive of her boss too. Anyone that curses Zhengxiang, ends up with him getting killed. The drama is really bumbling in that sense, but it’s difficult to stop watching once you’ve begun.

EP 13 and 14 of Love in a Loop
Still from Love in a Loop cr:iQIYI

Release date of Episode 13 and 14 of Love in a Loop

I bet all the watchers who are keeping up with the show can’t wait for the new episode to drop already. Episode 13 and 14 of Love in a Loop come out on 9th May 2022. I am as curious as you all to find out how this time loop thing will get resolved. But the more burning question is, “Why Lu Luduo?” “Why is the only one going through all this unasked trouble?” “Is there a connection that goes way back in time?”. All these will get answered in the upcoming episodes, as show has already reached its middle point.

Where to watch Love in a Loop’s 13 and 14 episode

Episodes 13 and 14 of Love in a Loop will be available on websites like Tencent and iQIYI. In India, we can use iQIYI for streaming. iQIYI requires a subscription which will make you a VIP member, and you’d have access to 2 episodes every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. All regular users can still watch the show too, but it would mean that only one episode every day of the week. International fans may note down the timings for the release of episodes. If you are in the US, it’s 7:30 am, 12:30 pm in the UK, 5 pm in India, 9:30 pm in Australia and 7:30 am in Canada.

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