The Last Kiss Ending Explained: The Painful Kiss

The Last Kiss Ending Explained
The Last Kiss Ending Explained

Today, we cover a good, old romantic movie featuring Zach Braff from the beginning of the century. Here, we shall explain the ending to The Last Kiss. This film is a beautiful story about young love, and how even when life pulls you apart, true love will always find a way to bring you back together. Zach and Jenna’s story is one that will stay with you long after the credits have rolled.

This movie premiered in September 2006 at the Toronto Film Festival. Secondly, it was directed by Tony Goldwyn out of a script by Academy-Award winner Paul Haggis. It’s a remake of Gabriele Muccino’s’ L’Ultimo Bacio and features Jacinda Barrett, Zach Braff, Casey Affleck, and Rachel Bilson. Now, without further ado, let’s look at this movie’s plot!

The Last Kiss Ending Explained
Zach Braff as Michael

The Last Kiss Plot

Jenna, Michael’s live-in girlfriend, appears to have the ideal relationship. Firstly, Jenna is expecting a child, and her parents are urging the couple to marry, but Jenna believes that Michael’s professional obligations and her dissertation work make marriage an improper moment. Unbeknownst to anyone, the actual reason is that Michael feels confined and afraid. Michael has second thoughts about Jenna, despite her being a perfect companion.

Michael meets Kim by chance at a wedding and confides in her about his relationship. Kim becomes seductive as he suspects he is about to break up with Jenna. While Michael is captivated by Kim’s youth, openness, and vitality, he refuses to be seduced. Kim tells Michael where she goes to school and when and where she generally hangs out.

Michael Goes Out

Michael eventually tracks her down at the Memorial Union but informs her that he was only in town for a client meeting. Kim detects Michael’s love interest and asks him to a party while Michael drives her home. Michael says yes. Later, Michael fabricates an excuse to be away from Jenna on the night of the party back at the office. If Jenna calls, he asks Chris, a friend, and coworker, to cover for him. Michael denies there is another woman in his life and states that he will “be with an old college pal.”

Following the party with Kim, who makes Michael “feel ten years younger,” the two kiss multiple times before Kim invites Michael to her room for the night. However, his guilt about cheating on Jenna triumphs over temptation, and he refuses. Unfortunately for Michael, their mutual friend Izzy’s father passes away that night. Jenna knows Michael had not been with Chris, as he stated. She approaches Chris, but he refuses to answer her inquiries, fueling Jenna’s concerns that Michael has gone missing.

Jenna & Michael Have a Fight

Jenna confronts Michael when he returns home that night. Michael initially claims he was out with Kim but later admits he has seen another lady. Jenna is too outraged to believe him when he says he didn’t sleep with her and the outing was pointless, and she pushes him out of the house, threatening him with a chef’s knife.

Michael receives a call from Kim when alone, depressed, and desperate. Kim apologizes for being pushy earlier and invites him to come over for a chat. They slept together right away as Michael tried to leave without waking Kim the following day, but he realized he had left his keys behind before he got out the door. Kim demands to know why he didn’t say goodbye when he returned. Michael tells her that he didn’t want to wake her up since he needed to get to work early. After Michael promises to call her, Kim pulls the lost keys from her pocket and returns them.

The Last Kiss Trailer:

The Last Kiss Ending Explained

When Michael arrives at Jenna’s parents’ house, Jenna’s father, Stephen, delivers a stern sermon on commitment and adulthood and suggestions on how to win Jenna’s forgiveness. Stephen encourages Michael to be truthful and never to give up. Michael enters Jenna’s room, armed with his knowledge. Michael claims to have been telling the truth at the moment, but after Stephen’s guidance, he admits to returning later that night. Despite Michael’s assurances that he was honest, Jenna becomes enraged and distraught, storming out of the home and returning to their apartment.

Michael pursues her and discovers that he is barred out. He waits on the front porch until Jenna agrees to speak with him. Michael remains at the front door day and night, rain or shine, with many neighbors taking notice and even offering him refreshments. Stephen even drives by in his automobile, drawing his attention to Michael.

The Last Kiss Ending Explained
Zach Braff in The Last Kiss

Saying Good-Bye

A proud smile appears as he drives away, indicating that Michael has heeded his advice. She gradually gives in, tossing out a blanket on a cold night and then dropping off a meal the next day. Jenna breaks her silence and talks to Michael through the door on what would have been his third night on the porch. She compares the agonizing “final love kiss” to her grandma’s death. She claims it was a painful kiss, and she laments about mourning the end of a romantic engagement as if it were the end of someone’s life. Jenna unlocks the door later that evening, and Michael enters.

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