Here we are sharing everything we managed to scoop concerning the stealth shooter game. Firstly, Hitman 3 freelancer mode is delayed. We will break it down for you further down this article, and after reading it, you will understand why. Secondly, we are unpacking what’s in store for gamers for the Spring updates, missions, and items.

The next patch for Hitman 3 was previously scheduled for April but will be published on May 24, so players will have to wait a little longer for new content. On the good side, the v3.110 update will introduce ray tracing capabilities to the game’s Windows PC edition and new content such as a contract and unlockable weapon in the Elusive Target Arcade mode.

Hitman 3's Freelancer Mode Is Delayed
No freelancer mode yet, but new maps, missions and guns!

Hitman 3’s Roadmap Updates

For spring, there are a variety of themed contracts and unlocks, as is customary. The Yellow Rabbit Suit clothing and the Ducky Gun weapon are examples of this. On May 24, there will also be a Duck Hunt challenge. This content was supposed to be released in April, hence the Easter motif. Two Elusive Targets are also back. From May 6 to May 13, players can take on The Fugitive, and from May 13 to May 23, they can take on The Bookkeeper. From May 27 through June 6, you’ll have another chance to knock down The Iconoclast. Make a point of completing these objectives if you haven’t already.

There will be three Featured Contracts in May, which is more than usual. Space Conflict will be released on May 5, followed by Food Fight on May 12, and Rubber Duck on May 19. On May 24, Hitman 3 will receive a new patch. It’s called Patch 3.110, and it adds ray tracing to the PC, which was previously only available on the PS5. The developers should give more information about the patch at its release.

Ambrose Island

Finally, IO Interactive gave a sneak peek at the new map added to the game in July. It’s named Ambrose Island, which adds to the World of Assassination plot. The missions will take place before the events of Hitman 3 and will fill in several plot holes from the primary campaign. The image in the post is a moody shot of the nighttime map. It’s bound to be a fantastic position to bring a sniper with a massive antenna in the background.

Hitman 3s Freelancer Mode
Still from Hitman 3’s gameplay

Hitman 3 Patch Release Date

The patch, which was initially scheduled for April 2022, was pushed back to May. More specifically, the patch will be released on May 24 worldwide. Despite these delays, the game is phenomenal. And the sales prove it. Moreover, Hitman’s downloads broke every single record in the history of IO. And just because of that, the company is taking the sheer arrogance of delaying the Freelancer mode and not delivering on their promise.

Will the wait be worth it? According to the developers, the Freelancer mode will be involving and expansive. Additionally, they claim that it will take gamers to a whole new level of gameplay, unlike anything they’ve seen in the past years, even for the franchise reboot. As for how this will cater to the player’s demands and will it fulfill their expectations, we’ll just have to wait and see. As we all know, the gaming public is a very demanding one. And if they don’t like a title, they simply pick up another game.

Hitman 3 Trailer

Hitman 3 Freelancer Mode Is Delayed To May 2022

The Freelancer mode in Hitman 3 has been postponed and will now be available in the “second half of 2022.” The delay was verified in a recent update outlining the Year 2 content roadmap. According to IO Interactive, the mode is “very expansive and involving.” The developer thinks it will be “as close to [its] aspirations as possible by delaying the mode.”

In January, we last learned about the Freelancer option when IO Interactive revealed its Hitman 3 intentions for the remainder of 2022. The new mode will have a roguelike element in which players can take down criminal groups. It’s a popular mode. So much so that IO Interactive has been rigorously testing it to ensure that it is ready for release. While the delay of Freelancer is upsetting, it is encouraging to see the devs keep working hard on Hitman 3. And that’s all the information we have for Hitman 3 here at Otakukart. Thanks for reading our article, and please go back to our home page to check out what else is new in gaming and entertainment.

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