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The Boys Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date: Will Soldier Boy Help The Boys?

The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 Recap
The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 Recap - Soldier Boy

Excited for The Boys Season 3 Episode 5? Because I am, and I can’t wait to see the next episode. The thing that happened in Episode 4 and how it ended just hypes up Episode 5. Homelander is now on the top of the food chain (Vought), and now no one can control him, it will be interesting to see what he does next. Soldier boy is free and has some new powers, will he join forces with Homelander or will he fight against him? After Kimiko was attacked by Soldier boy, her healing powers weren’t working, so will she die? Hughie also took V24 in Episode 4, what side effects will he face?

What’s up with A-Train, whose side is he on, or is he just looking for himself? As Butcher said, MM was there to hold the group together, but now he is having second thoughts. So will The Boys disband? There are lots and lots of questions in our minds after watching Episode 4 (really a lot), and it also has set Season 3 in a great direction. Therefore there are a lot of expectations from the next episode, and also, it has to answer a lot of questions. Let’s discuss Episode 5 a bit more.

Episode 4 Recap

Before diving into The Boys Season 3 Episode 5, let’s quickly do a recap of the previous Episode. As Episode 4 starts, Starlight tells Supersonic that she has a plan to kill Homelander, but for that, they need more sups by their side. At The Seven meeting, A-Train proposes his idea to Homelander of representing black people and gaining their support. But Deep butts in which leads to Homelander rejecting the proposal.

Homelander Warns Starlight

The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 – Homelander Warns Starlight

A train gets angry against Homelander and Deep, so Supersonic thinks it would be a good idea to bring A-Train into their team against Homelander, so Supersonic tell him about their plan. But A train tells Homelander about their plan to gain his trust. Homelander then kills Supersonic and shows his dead body to Starlight, warning her if she tries to do anything then Hughie will be next.

Victoria Neumann was going to give a speech against Homelander but instead speaks against Stan Edger, telling all his secrets. Homelander had threatened her with killing her daughter and also gives her compound V, which she injected into her daughter. The Boys fly to Russia to find the weapon that killed Soldier Boy. Butcher takes V24 again, this time, Hughie also takes it. They enter the Russian base, but instead of finding the weapon, they find Soldier Boy, who then attacks Kimiko and goes away. Now we will discuss when will Episode 5 of The Boys Season 3 will release and what will happen in it.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date & Preview

The Boys Season 3 Episode 5 will release on 17 June 2022 on Amazon Prime. Episode 5 is titled “The Last Time To Look On This World Of Lies”. Episode 4 was definitely one of the best episodes, and it has laid out the way for the entire season 3. Soldier boy is free now, but whose side will he take? He likes to be a leader, so I don’t he will join Homelander because if you work with Homelander, you’re basically working under him. Then again, he won’t join or help The Boys either, because Butcher killed one of his teammates also, MM has a killing grudge against Soldier Boy. So Soldier Boy would maybe reform Payback and go against both sides.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 5

The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 – Ending

Hughie seemed a lot happy after feeling the power of V24, so he got addicted to it. Homelander killed Supersonic to show Starlight her place, but now she will be more motivated to kill Homelander. Deep will continue to lick Homelander’s a**. There is tension between The Boys, and Kimiko is also severely injured, but I don’t think they would disband because of that, it’s not the time, they still have to stop Homelander. We’ll just have to wait for next week to see what happens.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 5 Release Time & Where To Watch

Episode 5 of The Boys Season 3 will air at 12 am Pacific Standard Time on Amazon Prime. The Boys will be accessible only on Amazon Prime. In the United States, an Amazon Prime subscription costs $14.99 / month or $139 / year, and $7.49 / month for students. Alternatively, you can pay $8.99 / month for an Amazon Prime Video membership instead of receiving Amazon Prime with all the perks. If you live in the United Kingdom, Amazon Prime costs £7.99 / month or £79 / year. For £5.99, you can get an Amazon Prime Video membership if you don’t want the extra perks.

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